Texas A & M International University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Texas A&M Internation University was not my first choice for post graduation, but I am sure glad that I did come here. TAMIU is fun, challenging, and just an all around awesome school. My only regret is not knowing all of this before attending. Had I had know all the amazing opportunities that would have been presented to me before my first day, I definitely would not have entered the school year with such a terrible attitude. Needless to say, my thoughts about the school quickly changed to more positive ones.


I got the sufficiant information.


I wish i would've known the amount of dedication it takes to keep my grades up.


Before I entered Texas A&M International University, I did not have a minor, along with my Political Science major, to my Bachelor's Degree. During the end of my first semester, I acquired a Dance minor to my education; however, it did complicate things for my education future, degree, and classes. If there was one thing I wish I had known before I entered the University is what minor I wanted for my college education. I believe it would have not complicated my education if I had chosen the minor beforehand.


I dont really wish to have known more than what I already knew about the school. So far, my experience has been well over all. The school does have a a couple of things that seem pointless to me like mandatory mentor meeting which, in my opinion, just stress the student out more for being forced to attend. I'm not really in need of a mentor, and if I do ever need one, i'll find myself a counselor to help me get out of whatever trouble I'm in. Other than that, i'm good.


Now that I am looking back I wish I knew that commitment is not the only thing you need in order to achieve your goals in college. As a student you need to open your mind to learning and learn from the mistakes done, and not blame yourself or others. I never knew that it would take a lot in order to get good grades, make friends and keep everything in balance.


I wish I had realized that the city in which the school is located, Laredo,TX isn't that much different than my own hometown, Eagle Pass, TX. I don't expect to experience the same things as I had hoped, compared to what I could have experienced say I had moved to Austin or Dallas, or maybe even out of state. I did choose Texas A&M International University because it was the best choice for me financially, but If I had known this information, I could have given the University of Texas second thoughts, afterall, I was accepted.


i wish i would have known the expectations from professors for students to read and prepare before class.