Texas A & M International University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Texas A&M International University (the main reason why I decided to attend this university) was its affordability. When I was deciding which university to go to, I took into consideration the amount of money it would take me to complete my education, because I am dependent on a single parent, who is also caring for two other children (one of them being autistic). Therefore, I decided to attend this university since it offers affordable classes and provides a substantial amount of financial aid to students.


TAMIU is very friendly in the scence that the classrooms are small, so everyone can get along easily.


What i consider to be the best thing about my school is there are many opportunites to be apart of student organizations. TAMIU is a major regional educational institution of choice in the State's fastest-growing demographic area.


I consider this school like one of the best that i saw , another thing is that have soocer program i like soccer and i want to play there because i am interested in this program for that i want to attend. it will reach me more the level of soccer, this school is my life because i depend my future and with this school i hope to acomplish. i will be freshman next year and i hope and they accept me to reach my goal and my family will be proud of me also i 've proud of my self.


The fact that our school is very small and close knit is the best thing about my school. The small classrooms provide the students with a better chance at a relationship with the professors.


My mentors are the best because theyy make me concentrate in school. Also all the professors make me understand in a very easy way.


The best thing about my school, is its diversity. Since it is an international school, there are students from all around the world, and it is really great to see different people with different cultures other than my own.


The professors really care about the education of their students. They go the extra distance to teach their students.


Small classes and not full auditorioums which actually allow students to meet their peers and teachers, and viceversa.


The best thing about my school was my professors. They were well educated , extremely prepared, and definintely challenging. My major was Spanish so therefore most of my professors were from different Latin American countries. They always seemed to bring such uniqueness and spontaniousness within their lectures, that never once did the environment feel monotonous . I would always look forward to going in my classes and not knowing what to expect , in a good way. My professors will always be remembered in my heart, and I knwo that I have used their notes in my career.


The best thing about Texas A&M International University is that there are all source of help. They can help you with your homework, tutors everything is in the university there no need to go somewhere else for help.


The best thing in the university that I can recall is that the professors are there for the student, since the first day of class the professor explains that. It is really important for the professor to emphasize that he or she is available for the student. Especially in the syllabus, the professor explains. Also, it is important to point out, some professors do their best they can for the student to succeed in the course.


Texas A&M International University has excellent tutoring centers. The university has sufficient tutors in the various school subjects that provide services to those in need. Students of all ages seek help and the appropriate, adequate, and sufficient help in provided. The student leaving the tutoring center is most likely to leave with a better understanding of the subject.


The most pleasing aspect about the school for me is the fact that it is neither too small or too big. I am used to a small town, and wanted to go to a college which allowed a relationship with your professors, and the other students as well. It also very peaceful and not cluttered.


The classes, the sports, the rec center, the teachers, the tutoring is great! the library acces!


The best thing about TAMIU is how open the professors are to ideas. I am an English major so there is not right or wrong, except in an acedemic paper and with grammar. The professors bring the campus to life with color, ideas, and words. They are the biggest asset to the campus. But, the scenary is gorgeous as well. We have live animals running around campus all the time.