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The one unique thing tat TCU, is the impact it's had on me. It's a home away from home and its helped me find out who I am and who I want to be. I transferred from another univeristy and I didn't feel challenged, I didn't feel any growth, now don't get me wrong I did have a good experience but I needed to figure out my life on my own, and TCU helped me with that. It helped me find me voice, and helped me find the path I wanted to take.


The small school size, it is not a big school but there is enough people so there is diversity with the feel of a smalll school. The professors care about the students and it is a one on one learning experience. There are tons of ways to get involved on cammpus and become a better leader through the leadership program. It is a christian school so the religious presecene is nice as well.


TCU really engages their students. It fosters a community that continually grows. TCU offers many programs and events on a weekly basis that are fun and provide a break from studies. It also has this great sense of school pride as evidenced by their facilities, staff, and even cafeteria workers.


TCU is not a major STEM research center. We do plenty of interesting and important research, but the professors are given a nice blending of this with their teaching. This approach allows the professors to hone their teaching craft, but also continue to prosper in their area of expertise. Another benefit is the potential of undergraduate research, since professors are more geared toward research/teaching balance, they are more willing to guide students in their research endeavors.


TCU has a strong sense of community starting off from the first day you get here. I personally knew no one coming into TCU and through programs with TCU and the campus life I made friends instantly. TCU also has a wonderful professor to student ratio. The classes are smaller and the professor has more time to give to students. This is exteremly helpful if you are having trouble in a class and need extra time to meet with the professor.


Sure, TCU has a gorgeous campus, and has a decent reputation, but make sure you consider more before coming here. Like just about every other college, it has its pitfalls, both academically and socially. I've had an about average mix of great professors, good ones, blah ones, and terrible ones. RateMyProfessors can be extremely helpful in sorting out the worst ones. Housing on campus is terrible, and parking is horrible for both residents and commuters. I truly wish I had not been forced to live on campus for my first two years.


It is small, beautiful, and everyone sincerely cares about you.


My school has all ther perks that a large school would, with small school community feeling. I am able to walk across campus and see people I know everyday, yet still see people I have never met. My school has a fierce sense of school pride; we love our athletic teams. There are so many opportunities present on campus. We have random programs like bouncy houses, sushi night, Lady Antebellum concert, and so much more. I chose TCU for their unique athletic training program that allows you to begin the program as a freshman.


We are a small community tied very closely together by support for our school and love for Texas. We are also the only school with the mascot "The Horned Frog" and that gives us a unique bond as well. Our school is large enough to be very successful, but small enough to make everyone feel right at home. TCU has lots of money to spend, but seems to spend it in the right places.


The small class size and individual attention from faculty and staff.


I think TCU is unique in that it has a small campus feeling but it's located in the middle of a major Texas city. So it offers the best of both worlds.... you don't feel overwhelmed like you might at a UCLA or UT by a school that just feels gigantic. But on the other hand, you're not stuck on a really small town campus where there might not be much else to do.


Texas Christian University has a feeling of comfort that you would find at home. The campus is located within the city so whenever a major event happens on campus the entire city is there supporting us. The mayor goes as far as dedicating days as "Go Purple" days and even dying the river purple in support of the school's achievements. All in all, TCU has the support you find within a family, which is what the city of Fort Worth is.


Being a transfer student, TCU is so deeply focused on the student's success and knowing the students on a personal basis. Students are not merely a face in the crowd at TCU.


The friendliness and social scene, always fun things to do!


We focus a lot on keeping buildings state of the art, especially dorms. Sometimes it feels more like a resort than a college campus.


We are the HORNED FROGS!


I really like the sorority/fraternity life here and the gym is really nice with a pool. The size is what sold me to come to TCU, it's the perfect size.


I like how it was not too small and not too large. I was from the city, and I liked that I wasn't too far from home. I felt comfortable even though I was attending a new school because the city was the same.


TCU is small enough that you know most of the people on campus. The professors have small classes so they really get to know their students personally and tend to work with them when it comes to grades on assignments and tests. The school spirit is also very high, everyone is proud to say that they attend TCU.


the student-staff ratio. very small classes. good relationships with professors. students can actually make a difference.


The friendliness and feeling like you belong.


TCU has small classroom sizes so it is extremley personal. Additionally, it's business school has been ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the best business school in the state of Texas, and something like number 19 in the top 50 nationally. The fraternity and sorority life here on campus is a blast as well.


TCU offers a multitude of social clubs, fraternities, and organizations that allow you to network and really grow with people on campus. I would strongly encourage you to get involved on campus because it could get very lonely otherwise.


TCU has been a great place for me, becuase I have felt like I am more than a number. I get to form a unique relationship with each of my professors where I know they will be there for me if I need anything. This has led me to achieve great success both academically and in my future profession. I can't imagine being anywhere else, because TCU has given me the college expereince I wanted for myself and want for my future children.


TCU is located within a lively metropolis with several opportunities for jobs during and post-college. TCU additionally advocates student independence and not forcing certain views upon everyone.


its size




I had to start all over. I didn't have any friends when i came here, i had to meet new ones. If I would have went to a different school I would have been with all my friends. I like the new start.


The people are so incredibley nice and the professors really care about their students. Most of them give out the cell phone numbers so they can be reached at all times. The chancellor is so amazing and loves to know his students on a personal level.


TCU is an amazing opportunity for any student because of the small class sizes, friendly nature, beuatiful campus, amazing career center, and professors that really do care about you as an individual. The campus has had a lot of new construction that has transformed the campus into an almost idealic setting. TCU is unique in that it is a small private university with all the offerings of a huge state school, including top ranked athletic programs.


I think I've said everything I needed to - TCU is an exceptional school and I cannot imagine my college experience without it!


Sigma Phi Epsilon is the worst fraternity ever and only a true loser would join it.


Sometimes I feel uncomfortable around campus because I'm not a skinny, cookie cutter, sorority girl like most of the girls on campus. It does get overwhelming with so many girls in one place and so many of them are very judgmental. I've learned to look to my close friends when I feel insecure, but even then you need to have a strong sense of self so you don't get pulled in.


construction is annoying


I have thought about transferring a lot throughout my freshman year, but I have decided to stay because of the academic programs, some of them have really good reputations and are held in high esteem.


I love TCU. I would get rid of fratty steriotype if I could and i would encourage more of the small town crowd to come to the school becaues they would love Fort Worth. The city is awesom, its as diverse as i have ever seen. There is the Stock Yards, The uptown living with a awesom downtown. There is open pastures, lakes, wildlife, and tons more around. And you dont even have to go to Dallas to do any of it!


TCU creates phenomenal people. My best experiences have been the things that I went after (study abroad, Leadership Center activities, Model United Nations). Sometimes I am frustrated when I feel that most TCU students are shallow. Then, I remember that, by the time they graduate, we are "ready to change the world." Sometimes I am frustrated with how the University seems to always be getting money out of us and out of it's property without considering the students (tearing down a parking lot for an oil well).


if youre looking for a small school that is absolutely beautiful, TCU is perfect. Students are smart and driven towards success. Perfect balance of social and academic. Coming from out of state it was easy to make it home, especially joining a sorority. Being a part of a sorority at TCU has made my experience what it is. i recommend for all incoming freshmen to join a fraternity or sorority


All in all I would have to say that if you are having any doubts come check out campus for a day. Attend a class, talk to some students. I don't think you can do those things without realizing what a wonderful institution TCU is. I have loved it since my first day and am proud to say I go there.


If a student is looking for diversity and the chance to explore themselves and the world TCU is not the place for them. TCU is for students looking for other students who look and act just like them and for those who have or want to act like they have a lot of money. I love the academics at TCU but I hate the social side. I know a lot of people but no one has taken the time to get to know me as a person. Just the brand name bag I carry.


If TCU lacrosse is more popular than some of the NCAA sports there, TCU needs to rethink who they give money to.


TCU is a great school! I would encourage any potential student to come visit the campus because alot of what makes TCU is in the interactions between its students and buildings and faculty!!!


I love TCU! I feel like it gives students a well-rounded education and provides a lot of options for activities and fun. It's located in a great city and is just the right size to prevent getting lost and becoming just another student. Go Frogs!