Texas Christian University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The opportunities! No matter what you study, opportunities to excel are incredible. I had one friend leave school for a year to work an internship with NASA, and now she's on the permanent staff there. Another traveled to South America to spend half a year doing environmental research. A third is currently reporting on the political situation while living in Washinton D.C. as an extension of a job she got through TCU. And I'm working at Walt Disney World, with a Master's program in my field lined up for this coming fall!


it is treating me better the second time than it did the first time.


Our amazing football team and our professors who are willing to work to help you succeed.


The sense of community and student fellowship on campus serves to foster close relationships among students and professors. The rigor of academics expands the students' realm of knowledge and provides them with a myriad of experiences. The benfits of highly motivated and engaging professors proves superior at TCU. My porfessors make themselves available to reinforce the material through office hours and additional study sessions. They serve as mentors and strong role models for their students and their areas of experise. Each of my professors at TCU has helped me to refine my career path to meet my dreams.


The thing that I brag about the most when telling friends about Texas Christian University is the student to teacher ratio. For every one teacher there are fourteen students. I love the fact that the teacher knows you, and you aren't just another face to them. I think that it helps learning the material better because you aren't as afraid to ask questions in front of a smaller class either.


I tell my friends that TCU is more than a school, it is a community of students and teachers working together. There's never someone not willing to help. The campus is beautiful, and in an amazing city. The school always has activities and programs to participate in so there's never a dull moment.


TCU is the most beautiful campus I have seen. The buildings have all recently been remodeled and there are always flowers everywhere. The classes are intimate, so I do not feel hesitation to ask questions or befriend my classmates. The professors are all very compassionate about their students and what they do. I have always received warm welcomes at any function - the students here are very friendly and are always willing to lend a helping hand if you need it.


I always tell them that it has one of the best Athletic Training programs in the country and one of the best football teams.


How much the professors actually help students.


Our football team, how nice our buildings are, and the restaurants around campus that we hang out at.


I tell my guy friends that we ranked in Playboy's hottest college students list...haha And that the ratio is like 7 girls to every guy.


Pretty Campus, campus is not to huge, the new dorms are nice, and theschool is in an awesome city!


Nothing any more. We have too much construction going on.


I tell them mostly about the incredible professors that we have here. Our teachers are very intelligent and stimulating. Most of them actually wrote the textbooks that are used in the classrooms.


Everyone that attends TCU is so friendly and so sweet. I have met the best people there.- my friends, professors and faculty especially.


For a private school, our facilities (academic buildings, dorms, dining areas, etc.) are some of the nicest that I've ever seen. A lot of money and quality work was put into making sure students were able to get from place to place in a timely manner and have a great educational experience. I mean, we're paying for it, so it's nice to know that money is going somewhere useful.


TCU is in a great area, has a lot of great facilities and programs, and has great resources for students.


My Christian sorority, our brother fraternity, my boyfriend, my friends, the fact that our team is better than any of theirs, and how our business and nursing programs are so good.


All the new people i have met. The football team and how I know a lot of the football players. The environment here, how it is quiet and how nice most of the people here are. The scenery isnt bad, either.


The social life. The atmosphere, environment and people. The campus offers a lot of activities and is somewhat small, tight-knit community.


How beautiful the campus is and how caring our professors are. Because of the small class sizes, the professors get to know you extremely well and really care about your future.


The business school has prepared me to go out in the business world and wow my employers. With the help of the campus career center, I already have had two internships and am working on my third. I literally have had to do group projects in every one of my classes so I know that I am ready to work with just about anyone when I graduate.