Texas Christian University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


This place is A SCAM!!!! Do NOT go there. It's built around luring students in with a falsifying website and promotionals which make it better than it is. You go there, your GPA could possibly drop PURPOSEFULLY, which they are doing to falsely in-flate their rankings (why have they climbed up so quickly?), with bad teachers, textbooks which don't match with schoolwork, pop quizes w/o adequate lecturing.. and did I mention, their financial department uses MANUAL machines to count your finances? They will ONLY refund you in $20 bills, instead of $100s, so I think they ripped off $100 from the $1000 I was supposed to get by counting it wrong. Then they say they have no $100s, then they make it EXTREMELY difficult to get back your refunds, from say, a scholarship, by only giving you $100 PER DAY. THEN their bookSTORE seems larger than their library, which is only 3 stories. THEN their Spanish "book" is $157 for like some skinny thing which doesn't even follow the class, and they don't use it really or give out homework (there's no homework in ANY of their classes, btw, just POP quizes and Q&As where you learn WRONG answers from other stuents)... then one prof actually SCARED one student and like every day asked if they thought they were scared. They DON"T want to give you your money, but TAKE everything you have for lousy curriculum, horrible professors who don't even teach, horrible textbooks (or lack of them in some classes - then the prof will tell you to write terms down and learn them, but doesn't even explain them or give textbooks which define them).. students there have LOW GPAS there, ON PURPOSE, to falsely in-flate their rankings.. then let me tell you a secret, if you go to their counseling office, WATCH OUT. Only an insider could tell you this, you could get sent to a mental hospital. Odd? It is, I was told honor students, perfectionists ect had been sent to a place for a min of 7 days, and not allowed on campus/go to class unless they do it, then they go back to class, can't keep up, then eventually go home. Their GPAs are TANKED, PURPOSEFULLY. Scary nightmare? You bet it is. Especially if you go there on their GPA scholarships, which are the only scholarships they offer (no fin need ones), so you cannot afford it anymore. Then that sinks into a financial hole anymore. I've been to other universities/colleges before, the textbooks, materials are the same or even better, the place is a scam, and really, be careful, especially about your GPA and that counseling center, and also the financial services department. It's a lie.. also, there's almost no club activities on campus, although their website claims there are 140 clubs, their GK almost disbanded for 4 years, e.g., and there is no Associate Students or any class elections. Also, there's really no system to help students' GPAs with tutoring, resource centers, ect. They claim at orientation there is some, but there really isn't, and they want you to pay for it. It's all a business and a little scary considering how people get scammed. Watch out for that place.


The best thing about TCU is the sense of community you feel as soon as you step on campus. For me, I knew TCU was home the first time I stepped on campus. One thing I would change about TCU is the emphasis placed on Greek life, but not the pride that members of fraternity and sorority life have. TCU is the perfect size; nothing is too far away that you can't walk there in ten minutes and it's the perfect size for getting to know many people on campus during your stay. For me, people react with a sense of awe and amazement when I tell them I go to TCU. It's obviously no Harvard or Yale, but attending TCU is a prestigious and honorable thing and it's a big deal to tell people you attend TCU. I love that Fort Worth is more than just the university. You will never run out of things to do. The school's administration is one of my favorite aspects of the school. Chancellor Boschini is one of the nicest people I've met, and the rest of the staff is personable and friendly, as well as easy to approach. The most recent controversy on campus is obviously the drug bust, but this controversy brought us together as a campus and the situation was handled in the best way possible. There is so much school pride; we are essentially a family of horned frogs. There is so much unity, whether it be at the tailgates before the baseball game, sitting in the audience of the dance concert, or cheering on Casey Pachall as he throws the game-winning touchdown versus Boise State. The most unusual thing about TCU is probably the fact that there is really no division between any two groups. Seniors are friends with freshman, football players are friends with band kids, frat guys are friends with non-affiliated members. One experience I will never forget is my very first TCU football game. Walking into Amon G. Carter Stadium and seeing the sea of purple fans, all united to cheer for the same cause was one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life. We are horned frogs, we are family. We love TCU. The most frequent student complaint would be the constant construction or the lack of parking. Obviously, there's not much to complain about at TCU. My overall opinion of TCU is that it is such a fine institution. I am so proud to attend school here. I can't say it's perfect for everyone, but there are so many reasons to love it and I don't see how you can't find at least one thing you adore.


I like it. But I wish it was a bit bigger. And that there were Greek houses. TCU has a great reputation academically, and each year athletics become more and more popular.



I love this school! The best thing is that everyone is so nice and the campus is extremely beautiful. It's the perfect size because classes aren't too big- even directors of programs and chancellor are accessible and recognize students! People usually think about our football team when I say I go to TCU, but they also know that it's a great university! This isn't really a college town, but there is so much stuff to do still! Downtown Fort Worth is close and so is West 7th St. And Dallas is only a 30 minute drive. There is awesome school pride! People are always wearing purple.


I'm absolutely head-over-heels in love with TCU. I wouldn't go to school anywhere else if you paid me to. There's always something going on, professors are fantastic, and Fort Worth is a great town. TCU has a big school feel to it, but at the same time you can't walk to class without seeing someone you know. People are usually very impressed when I tell them I attend TCU. The school pride is very high (especially around football season).


I have been extremely blessed to attend TCU. The best thing about TCU is the people and interaction you have with professors. The size of TCU is very beneficial to learning environments and has a great student - professor ratio (14-1). This allows for one on one time with my professors who are some of the top professors in their field in the nation. Every since becoming a Horned Frog the administration and financial aid department have been very supportive of my needs and has found every possible way to help me finish my degree at TCU.


I have been extremely blessed to attend TCU. The best thing about TCU is the people and interaction you have with professors. The size of TCU is very beneficial to learning environments and has a great student - professor ratio (14-1). This allows for one on one time with my professors who are some of the top professors in their field in the nation. Every since becoming a Horned Frog the administration and financial aid department have been very supportive of my needs and has found every possible way to help me finish my degree at TCU.


The best thing about TCU: the people. Where else can you go and you are guaranteed to see at least 10 people you know when walking to class but also getting the opportunity to make more friends? People’s reaction to finding out I go to TCU: How about them frogs?!? School pride: Like you have never seen. FROG NATION ? Experience I will always remember: Getting to have lunch with the Chancellor…twice


First of all, I don't fall under the TCU stereotypes, which means I'm not white, not rich and not a part of a sorority, and I'm non-religious. I'm at TCU on scholarship and I love my experience so far. TCU size is small enough so the professor would know your name, so you can come by their offices chat chit, and receive personal advices. It's big enough so you meet new people everyday and don't have to worry about the whole school gossiping behind your back. TCU cares about the community. Check out our flashmob video to support the breast cancer foundation, with 1500 people dancing in the 105-degree summer day. We have LEAPS, a day that the whole campus would go out to the Fort Worth area and do community services. There are countless opportunities to give back to the community. Additionally, TCU always has things going on everyday. Yes, every SINGLE day - I mean it. You DO NOT have to be a part of a greek organization to make friends. The school pride is huge, on game day everyone wear purple and we get discounts at restaurants off campus if we wear purple on Friday. I found my place at TCU, and I hope you can too!


First of all, I don't fall under the TCU stereotypes, which means I'm not white, not rich and not a part of a sorority, and I'm non-religious. I'm at TCU on scholarship and I love my experience so far. TCU size is small enough so the professor would know your name, so you can come by their offices chat chit, and receive personal advices. It's big enough so you meet new people everyday and don't have to worry about the whole school gossiping behind your back. TCU cares about the community. Check out our flashmob video to support the breast cancer foundation, with 1500 people dancing in the 105-degree summer day. We have LEAPS, a day that the whole campus would go out to the Fort Worth area and do community services. There are countless opportunities to give back to the community. Additionally, TCU always has things going on everyday. Yes, every SINGLE day - I mean it. You DO NOT have to be a part of a greek organization to make friends. The school pride is huge, on game day everyone wear purple and we get discounts at restaurants off campus if we wear purple on Friday.


Overall, TCU is a good school, but a horrible place to live. Unless you're in a fraternity or sorority, don't expect to make a lot of close friends here. Unless you're white and have some money, don't expect to find very many people like you around campus. That said, I've been amazed by the way that the staff in my college have always been there to help me.


I rarely waste my time writing any reviews, but I feel that TCU didn't get the credits it deserve. I have been on many different campuses that are ranked way higher than TCU (SMU,UT, Baylor for examples). All of them are overally ranked higher than TCU (that's why I no longer rely on US News rankings. Well, yes, those schools may have best, Nobel-winning professors on their staff, but also don't forget that they either have classes with 300+ students (where you have a good chance to go out of a packed lecture hall every 5 minutes just to breath) or they literally possess no school pride. I have never seen anything like that at TCU. Everything I wish is offered here. Library opens 24/5 for me to pull all nighters. Hungry at 3 a.m.? There's a food court inside the library with decent dinner food. Want music or movie for entertainment? Free movies (pretty new) EVERY weekend, occasional concerts (like Lady Antebellum!!!), and TCU Symphony Orchestra. Want school pride? You're not on Earth if you didn't hear about TCU Football!!! If you just want to take a walk, the campus is surely beautiful enough to offer you picturesque view. For those of you who like travel (like I do), I am going to Nicaragua in the next Spring break, and possibly England for a semester after that on TCU Study Abroad program. People here make it so easy for you to go out and travel around. Like I said, everything I wish college could offer me IS offered here, and I really doubt that ANY other colleges can give you something BETTER than this.


TCU is the perfect size. It is large enough to where it is considered a big school, but small enough to where you feel like you know everyone. Fort Worth is a great college town; there are a lot of alumnae who support the school and enjoy visiting with the students there. Professors are genuine and care about your education. People are great as long as you accept them for who they truly are. The golden rule always applies: "treat others how you would like to be treated." This goes a long way, whether it is with classmates, professors, peers, or just friends!


I think the size of TCU is just right. Because it's a private school, they keep the numbers pretty small, so you feel like you actually matter on campus as opposed to some of the bigger state schools where you are just a number. I also feel like I get more attention in the classroom since class sizes are a lot smaller. I get a really good reaction from most people when I tell them I go to TCU. It really is a prestigious university that is very selective, and I feel like you get your money's worth. There are a lot of fun things to do around campus, and Fort Worth is really cool too. Dallas isn't far away either, and there are endless possibilities for fun there. TCU's administration is, for the most part, really helpful. You can pretty much get help with anything you need very quickly. One of the most frequent student complaints I hear about is the parking situation. It's pretty rough, but you get used to it.


just flat out awesome


My experience at TCU has been exceptional, and while I know I am prepared to enter the "real world" in a year, I do not want to leave TCU. It is a truly wonderful university and has made so many opportunities available for me. The campus size is perfect - a little over 7,000 students - so people know you and you have an opportunity to get involved and make a name for yourself. I honestly don't think I would change a single thing about TCU (well, parking is always an issue at any school, but TCU is already working to improve it). Fort Worth gives you the college town feel - it's small, intimate, and there is a big support from the locals - but it also has the draw of downtown. Sundance Square, which is downtown, has restaurants, shops, clubs, theaters, and just about anything else you can imagine. TCU is extremely connected to its community and this relationship is evident throughout campus and town. There is a ton of school pride on campus - how many other schools have the mighty Horned Frog as their mascot? Football game days are the highlight of everyone's fall semester as the entire campus (and town) shows up in their purple. It is a very unique school and we take pride in that fact.


TCU is just the right size to get noticed in a positive way. The environment is good because it is located so close to downtown Fort Worth yet far enough away to not feel hectic. The campus is lovely and the classes are worthwhile. The Fort Worth community is ridiculously loyal to this college and alumni love to keep involved. This is an easy campus to fit in to and TCU is always looking to improve itself to better suit its students.


centralized campus...when on campus off feel life your in the middle of all the action. the school is full of pride, its colors are shown all through out campus. however the only negative i had this past year was the dining plan...the food itself was terrible


Perfect size, good recognition from potential employers, great campus and location, amazing place


TCU has really been almost the perfect fit for me. There could be more students on campus, and it would be nice to see new people in all of my classes each semester, but the familiarity is somewhat comforting as well. There is a lot to do in Fort Worth and Dallas is a short drive away. i wish TCU had more school pride, tho. Football season only seems to be exciting when we are doing well; and when we're not, attendance to games are low and people don't care too much. There are a lot of genuine and caring people at TCU, but i'd have to say there are equally as many people that only think about themselves.


The best thing about TCU is that the professors truly care (for the most part). I mean you'll always come a cross a rotten apple in the bunch. But, all of my professors are there to serve me, the student. The student to teacher ratio is phenomenal, without which I could not get to know my professors, and they could not get to know me. I would change the tuition prices. I understand that with the small class sizes it comes with a larger sum of money necessary to support the college, but I feel like the money that we spend to achieve the degree, is spent in the wrong places. It's hard to believe that the thousands of dollars my parents pay for me to attend such a prestigious university, are only spent academically, as I believe they should be. They can take their alumni donors to do whatever else they find necessary to the university. My school, as previously mentioned, is just the right size. The student to teacher ratio is very high and it allows for teachers to get to know their students. People usually are pretty impressed when I tell them I go to TCU, which I don't think is necessary. It's a school just like all the rest. Um..I would not say I spend all of my time in one place. I study all over the board when it comes to school. I sleep in different places. I eat in different places. There are so many options with TCU. Hah. More like "what college town" The biggest recent controversy is the change in dining plan. People just aren't used to it. It's going to be fine. It is unfortunate that we cannot take food to go. That's a little ridiculous. I'm always on the go and that's going to severely frustrate my schedule planning. I understand we as Americans need to slow down and move to a more family-oriented environment. But hell, I have two jobs and go to school full time and am expected to be an active member of my family. And you want me to sit down and eat each of my meals in one place? Please. There is not a TON of school pride. Thank God. We do not go to A&M or UT for a reason. I like the small town nestling TCU school pride. Just right. Not too much. And, not too little.


The best thing about TCU is that the university does not push religion on you. There are no required chapel services or more than one required religious class, but the great thing is that IF you seek out a relationship with God you will find people to help foster your desire. There is a very strong spiritual side of TCU students, but you have to desire to be a part of it-it won't be pushed on you. Also, the class sizes are wonderful. Faculty are great at helping students. The size is just right. You can walk around campus and know some friends, but you will never know everyone so its just the right level of familiarity. Fort Worth loves TCU and is very supportive of the college. There is not a whole lot of TCU pride, but its good enough to have a fun experience at football, basketball, and baseball games. The most frequent student complaints are about the food-which is being fixed, and the construction-which will be done. I also hear frequent complaints from those not involved in Greek like that TCU is too focused on Greeks and that the Greek system excludes those not involved.


TCU is a small campus, which is great because you get to meet a lot of new people. There are a lot of changes going on around campus: the new student union, new dorms and other ways the administration has decided to give our campus a face-lift. If you find where you fit in and get involved early on as a freshmen you will love attending TCU.


when i tell people i go here, they almost laugh at how expensive it is because i am here to get an education degree-- which gives me back very little money. one thing i would change would be the cost! for the most part, i like the size. but sometimes i wish i went to a bigger school to i could meet and date more people. i feel school pride is just right. there are a variety of students with school pride-- some LOTS of pride, and some just enough. most of my time is spent in my apartment on campus... i rarely go to the library to study- but most students use the library to study.


has an excellent business program. the campus is centralized. its awesome. the greek system is the primary form of social life. i love it


TCU is a great school. It is a perfect size, the campus is gorgeous and the professors really care about you and your success. I may bitch about how ridiculous the students can be, but TCU will truly provide you with a fabulous education. Fort Worth is a really chill hang out place and it's not too far from Dallas, which is way better. If you're expecting to come to a school with loads of team pride, you are seriously mistaken. We have very talented athletes and a lot of number 1 teams, but TCU students are not "rah rah TCU" at all. Students always complain about parking, but I have never had a problem with it. If you want an education that will really push you, TCU is the place to go.


the best thing about tcu is the professor to student ration. i would change rush to the spring semester so the incoming freshmen can learn about the greek throughout the first semester and get ahold of how college is run/study habits, etc. People joke that I'm a rich snob when they find out I attended TCU. I spent most of my time in the student center. definately a college town but it has so much to do! there is a TON of purple pride!!!!!!!!!! we bleed it. most frequent student complaints is that the tuition KEEPS going up!!


TCU is not what I was expecting. I think I was expecting something more focused on faith and finding our place in the world and with God, but it certainly isn't that. The only religious aspect of TCU is that you are required to take three hours of religion classes (aka ONE semester class). So, if I could change one thing about TCU, well at least the first thing on my list would be to make it more Christian, to go along with its' name. I like the size of TCU because it feels a lot different and bigger than high school but you still have the opportunity to approach your professors and get to know them a little bit, which is always a good thing! I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm room or in my sorority house. Most of the time when I tell people that I go to TCU, they react by saying "That is such a great school, etc." The reaction is mostly positive. There isn't a lot of school pride, at least for a college in Texas where school pride is a big deal. I think the biggest controversy and complaint from most studets lately is the new meal plan for next year, it's completely ridiculous. The administration is very money hungry and will do almost anything to get money out of you. One good thing about TCU is that it's close to downtown Fort Worth and the historic Stock Yards, which can be a lot of fun.


TCU has a great size. It is small enough to have individual attention but is large enough to compete with big state schools in sports and other arenas. On campus I spend most of my time in the music building but I also spend large amounts of time in the rec and in the library. The administration does mostly a good job. They seem to be very focused on TCU in the future. There has been almost constant construction on campus and many programs have been made for new students. It seems like the administration does not really care about the students that are here now. I will always remember TCU football beating OU. The most frequent student complaint is about the raising tuition. Baylor has a tuition lock program that we should definitely look into.


Fort Worth is a great place to live....its a college town but theres also so much more here if you want to escape that scene....there is the stockyards, downtown, and the art district! Not to mention your 30 minutes away from the big city of dallas and the campus is small and a perfect size!


horrible parking situation. always under construction. large greek community.


TCU is an awesom place to be. The student body is full of people who do really care about social issues. Sometimes they care too much. It seems like every week we have some social justince awareness event which is awesome but it looses it's effectiveness after the 6th week in a row. The college is growing a ton! We just finished building 4 new dorms, a new student center, and renovating 2 buildings. One will stay a dorm, the other will house offices for University Ministries and fraternity things.


TCU is the friendliest university; everyone is helpful. The mission statement (to educate ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community) is pushed in every class and activity. I think this is the best part of TCU. The events on campus are awesome...especially the lectures. The free food after major university events is awesome. Another awesome part about TCU is how many students study abroad. TCU really pushes study abroad and has many opportunities for students. They are phenomenal! Living on campus and the meal plan are ridiculously expensive. It is much cheaper to live off campus, but the University won't let you for the first two years. The construction sucks. Parking is horrible. Tuition goes up about 8% every year (expect to pay 32% more your senior year than you did as a freshman) and scholarships don't increase.


Love TCU. I love the small school environment and the campus is beautiful. One thing I would change are the boys. Not cute especially considering there are so many pretty girls


I'd have to say that I spend the majority of my time while on the TCU campus at the library; it has a wide variety of research resources and a very large computer workstation area accessible to the student population. It is my primary location to sit and complete my studies, as the atmosphere is very conducive to concentrating on school work.


The Christmas Tree Lighting is the best!!


The best thing about TCU would be the professors--after 1 year i've only had 1 professor who i couldn't stand as a teacher, all the professors try really hard to give the best learning experience possible The major crisis this year was the new food plan and the changes came as a surprise that no one wanted and even though it's a change and doesn't seem to meet all the requirements of the students, the residential services people really did try


TCU is thought of as a really great school to many. It is an exciting place to go. It is a cozy college with a prestigious feel. The professors are awesome! Everything is taught in a manner that ignites curiousity and involvment among all. There's just enought to do around campus to give it that college town feel (i.e. you can walk pretty much anywhere you need to go); however, the city of Fort Worth as a whole can also provide a comforting feeling much like home while offering a diverse range of activities and sights.


The size is great, being close to Fort Worth is awesome. The entire community is really supportive of TCU and a large percentage of TCU alumni remain in Fort Worth. Besides football the school lacks spirit. The library is a fun place to study with friends and the campus is absolutely beautiful.


The Best thing about TCU is it's small size. I applied all over the nation, because I wanted to get away from home. I didn't care if the campus was a building or a city, as long as it had lacrosse and Graphic Design. When I came to visit, the size was perfect, the teachers I met(even ones that weren't on the scheduled tour) were really nice. I knew I belonged here. The small size has it's pros and cons. The most obvious is EVERYONE is a true Horned Frog. I came from Longhorn Country, so seeing a campus with just as much pride in its colors as UT was awesome. You can buy anything from T-shirts to TCU trailer hitch covers. Another piece of TCU greatness is Send Home. Yes most TCU student are spoiled rich kids, and I like to think I'm one of them. Send Home is simple, swipe your ID at the cash register, it goes on a bill, at the end of the month, the total price is sent home for your parents to pay. This applies to everything in the bookstore (books, clothes, school supplies, gift cards, video games, etc.), club sports dues, parking fines, everything that isn't on the meal card. Now for the Cons. I love lacrosse, and I will play until the day I die. When looking at schools, I wanted to go to a school with a great lacrosse team. TCU is not one of those. Three reasons. 1. TCU lacrosse is not NCAA, so we don't attract the best players 2. It is new around campus, so until this past season, many students didn't know it existed 3. TCU is a small school (Yes it is the best thing about TCU, but with everything good, there is a negative opposite), so even if every student knew about the lacrosse team, we don't have enough players to have try-outs and take it as seriously as we need to in order to beat top national teams. I know, because I literally just got back from the MCLA (Mens Collegiate Lacrosse Association, TCU is in the Lone Star Alliance Conference) championship quarterfinals, and these teams are from big schools, which means that attract top players from across the nation, are able to hold tryouts to have a big team full of great players, and they are able to take the game seriously without the risk of loosing players. One of the largest problems on campus is parking. I know plenty of campuses around the US have this problem, but ours is irrational. They just knocked down the main parking lot that could hold over a hundred cars to build four new dorms. This means more students, less parking. Another problem, depending on where you live, decides where you can park. For instance, if you live off campus, you can only park by the academic buildings, and in a parking lot right by the rec center. If you live on main campus, there is a small parking lot by the basketball stadium and a tiny one by the rec center. If you are like me, and live in the Greek (which is a 20 minute walk from all the classes), you can only park in the Greek. Problem 3, parking fines are outrageous. The minimum is $50, and you don't get towed, they just keep giving you more and more. some are $100. TCU is literally taking away parking, specifically because it forces students to park in spaces they don't have a permit for (greek in main campus, commuter in Greek, etc.). TCU has a savings of over $1 Billion dollars, and they can't afford to build a couple parking structures? As you may know, Fort worth is called Cow Town. If you go to the Stockyards, that is a fair statement, but the rest of the city is a dump. It's no Bronx, but it could use a broom. I think because UT and A&M are so dominant colleges, those are really the only schools I see stuff for. So is Fort worth a college town? Yes. For TCU, not so much? The Greek. If you have seen the show on ABC family, turn the houses into dorm style, and you have a pretty accurate view on greek life at TCU. Each Fraternity and Sorority has a different story, from the snobby SAE's to the Drama Queen Sigma Phi Epsilon's, or the "overly charismatic" DG's (If you know what I mean) to the top shelf Chi O's. TCU student's may only be 40% greek, but if you aren't greek, everyone knows, because it is so powerful on campus. An experience I will always remember is pledgeship for my fraternity. I won't go into detail, but it was tough. I learned a lot about life, how to handle any situation, and I met great people along the way. I won't forget it, and I hope my future son's pledgeship is as memorable as mine.


TCU is an all around great school! You have the comfort of a smaller community but, you are only 30 minutes away from Dallas. The area around TCU is quite wealthy so it makes the campus alot safer. Most of my time spent on campus is on the academic side of campus, however I do spend a good amount of time and the Main. I feel that TCU's administration adheres to the wishes of it's students while still maintaining a sense of legitimacy. Tons of school pride!!! PURPLE all the way baby! Most frequent student complaints would probably be parking, but it is usually due to laziness rather than lack of spaces.


TCU is the perfect size. The campus is beautiful and you can get just about anywhere in 10 minutes. The class sizes are just right, and many of the professors know your name and take the time to get to know you. You often see people you know just walking anywhere on campus, but its big enough to where you'll never even be anywhere near knowing everyone. The one thing I would change is parking, because there is not enough of it. I would want them to add a parking garage. When I tell people I go to TCU, most adults say "good school!" or seem impressed. Few people seem to have a negative opinion of it. The most frequent student complaints are about parking and the meal plan. There is a lot of pride on our campus... on game days, all you see is purple everywhere!


I love TCU, except the tuituon is really expensive. I spend most of my time on campus or at friends places nearby. It's in a good location. Close enough to Dallas if you crave the city life, but Fort Worth is a big city with a small town feel. There's not as much school pride as I wish. Many people join sororities or fraternities. Tailgating is huge.