Texas Southern University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very social, respectful, and helping.


My classmates were outgoing, encouraging, and great influences, but not ony those three things, but they were also very athlete; they played basketball with me and trained with everyday no matter what time of the day it was they were right there standing by my side at all times.


You have people who are not afraid to say whats on their, good for classroom discussions.


My classmates who are part of the Social Work department are supportive among eachother as well as eager to gain knowledge and experience from our professors, advisors, and internships in order to prepare for our upcomig careers.


my classmates at Texas Southern University are dedicated and responsible. They are responsible for there actions and for others also.


My classmate are just as determined as i am, which helps me to stay focused.


Many of my classmates are great and some are not. Some don't come to learn.


Outgoing and funny!


My classmates are some time not in attendance, but the ones who do attend class reguarly are highly focused.


Many of my fellow classmates here at TSU act as though were still in high school. Many are very immature, and believe in this saying, "Cheaters always prosper." Others are very eager to learn what is being taught by the professor, and helpful if another student did not comprehend what was going on in class. Overall my classmates are either in two groups those that will help you move forward and create study groups to insure everybody in the group understands the topics in the class, and the other are grouped with their saying, "Cheaters will always prosper."


My classmates are positively transformed with great motivation.


My classmates that I encountered were very freindly and eager to learn. Many of them had great study habits and always wanted to form study groups so that we all could get through that diffcult class.


My classmates are very helpful.


My classmates are mature and focused on graduation.


My classmates are different but we all are the same.


Some of my classmates are very interested in their education they study and are engaged, others just dont care they would rather just socialize and leave class or not come at all.