Texas Southern University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that ths school would be such a joke! Sorry for my lack of words but this school is a nightmare I actually attend college to learn and become a better person I attend college because I would like a better career, but at this school it saddens me that I can not go here to do that. The teachers are horrible and sadly the students aren't any better


one thing I wish I would have known before enrolling at my school is that the school is very slow when it comes to finanical aid problems.


I wish I had known that there were several scolarships and grants I could tap into in order for the program to have notbeen as stressful asit was.


I wish I had known that the cafeteria food was horrible, and the selection is so scarce you literally only have about six things to choose from to eat. Also i wish I had of known that if you want anything figured out whether it be a question or problem solved you better get on it two weeks ahead of time because it seems like nobody knows anything when it comes to the administration.


I wish I had known about this schools great location. Texas Southern University is located minutes away from fun activities in the houston metroplex. Such as the Galleria mall and many restaurants thourghout the thriving downtown area.


I am a returning student to this university. I decided to return to school after a thirty-five year hiatus. I wish I had stayed in the loop of how different today's youth seem to view the world on the fast track, taking everything on the level of right here, right now attitude. I was not prepared for some of the insensitivity that I have witnessed concerning humanitarian issues, and the degree of the lack of morality that seems to emanate in the minds those that are unfocused on the work at hand.


How much work i was going to ge tmyself.


I wish I would have known that I was not going to like my major, and change it, because my school is good for the pharmacy program, which is what I started with as my major.


How to become a resident of the state before entering the college


I came well aware and prepared for everything, so nothing.


I had pretty much knew everything about the campus with research and some of my family are amluni.