Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Enjoy high school and do not be so eager to grow up because life gets really complicated on your own. I know it’s hard trying to decide where you are going to go to school but go with your gut instinct. Choosing to go where your family is was/is a great decision because you will need that kind of support. It is great that you are taking all those AP courses because it will prepare you for college, but know it will be a lot harder than you ever expected. Just like high school flew by so will college so immerse yourself in everything you can, because before you know the real world will hit you. Work hard because you actually have to try really hard and study more than you would think. Be good and nice to your parents because they are your biggest support system and you will need them more than ever. Overall enjoy this time be dedicated make good grades and keep working hard like you already are, but take time to sit back and have fun, because you are about to be on a bumpy crazy, fun, and scary ride known as college!


I am currently in the traditional BSN program and my experiences at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing, and at Texas Tech University have changed my life. I am learning how to care for patients and give back to the community. Nursing school is extreamely difficult and trying at times; however, I have learned to handle the hard times in a productive way. Eventually, when I become an RN, I will have to juggle many tasks at once, and I know that at certain points I am going to feel overwhelmed. School has helped me to learn how to deal with these overwhelming experiences, and how to handle an emergency situation. The human body is an extordinary thing and there is much to be learned about how to care for an individual; without school I would not be able to go into this profession or give my life to the community as I desire to do. I would like to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain this summer to further broaden my education experience and to become a more cultured nurse. This scholarship would allow me to advance my education in Sevilla.


Now I have much to deal with science. I can develop a nice and new approaches of scientific proposals; I can write , review scientific papers. In a lab , I can use several techniques to answer scientific questions, make analysis and report scientific data. I can understand any sort of research approaches to apply in a laboratory where I work or going to work.


My college experience has taught me to be more responsible and how to effectively manage my time. It has been very valuable for me to attend TTUHSC because I know I have become a better person and I will be improving my quality of life with what I am learning. Not onlly will I improve my quality of life but I also hope to improve my future clients' quality of life with the education and degree I will be receiving from TTUHSC.


Learn the basics of Algebra, Science and Economics because college will buld on what you already know. If you do not have the understanding before college, it will be harder than necessary. Ask questions and take advantages of free tutoring whenever possible.


Considering that I am now married to a police officer, the mother of a three year old daughter, and still on track with my education, I would tell myself how proud I am of my accomplishments. I would comment on how well my prior education and background, faith, family support, and integrity have served me. I can say that I am grateful for my experinces, how they have shaped me as a person, made me stonger, smarter, and more well-rounded. I would tell myself to trust my instincts, always stay sweet, and remain true to myself. I am extremely proud of who that senior became, I hope that in the following years I can continue to be resourseful, work with whatever life throws at me, and always keep a positive attitude.


I would tell myself to figure out what I wanted to do before entering college. It is very hard to get out of college in four years if you do not begin the path in the first year of college.