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Where is the best place to get work done on campus?

The best place to get work done on campus would definitely be the library. I know that may seem pretty obvious but there are so many resources and so much helpful equipment and personnel that a lot of people don't know about. First of all every student receives a certain amount of free prints and copies on each floor of the library. Most people who utilize the free prints think it only applies to the main floor but once you run out of free prints there you can go down into the ATLC lab to print. (*tip-if you've run out of all of your free prints in the library and you really can't afford to pay the .05 per sheet, then some of the individual buildings have computer labs where their students can print for free such as the Mac lab in the mass communication building). Another great thing about the library is the large monitors they have set up with multiple lap top plug-ins for students working on group projects. Some of these areas are blocked off by large seating and privacy walls, which provide groups with a focused and quiet place to work. Also, depending on the way you like to study, different areas of the library can provide you with total silence or slight background noise. The library entrance features large windows that look out onto the free speech area of campus. One section of the area has a small coffee shop where you can buy sandwiches and drinks and eat your lunch or you can sit in one of the large chairs filling the rest of the main entrance. Many students prefer sitting in these large cushioned chairs when they study and many of them can be seen with their hoods pulled over their faces, sleeping.

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The library really is the best place to work, especially now that it's open 24 hours a day 5 days a week. There are different levels based on what you plan on studying. The floor level is good for quick printing or group projects because there are a lot of computers, an express dining hall, and a lot of areas for group work. The basement is good for group or individual studying because there are a lot of big tables and cubicles, and everyone stays pretty quiet. The upper levels are the best for those who need a quiet environment because everyone does their best to stay silent and there are a lot of very small study rooms which are perfect for one person studying for exams. The student union building is also a good place to get homework done because there are a lot of study rooms available, as well as many open conference rooms where students will often get together to work on group projects or to study as groups.

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