Texas Tech University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Texas Tech is the size of the campus, you will usually have to plan your classes according to their location. For example, you have 10 min inbetween classes, and if your classes are on separate sides of the campus, its virtually impossible to get to class on time, even taking the buses.


All of the alcohol - but that is most public universities. It is harder to be social if you don't want alcohol involved, but it is still very possible. There are many clubs on campus that don't involve alcohol. It just feels like a large portion of the population drinks.


I think the worst thing is the financial aid just because there are so many students, like me, struggling way more than they should.


The alcohol and drug use in the social scenes. Especially during sporting events, specifically football games.


The worst thing about my school is its location. I legitimately don’t have a negative thing to say about Texas Tech as an institution other than its proximity to nothing but farmland once you drive out of the city limits of Lubbock. That said, Lubbock is truly a college town. The few hundred thousand locals support Tech’s students to the point that there is such a wonderful sense of community that although it is secluded, it really feels like home, although it might not be the big city that many students are accustomed to.


At Texas Tech, I would have to say one of the worst problems would be the problem with alcohol-related deaths. I feel as if some students turn to alcohol under the impression that there are few things to do in Lubbock, when actually it's not that way at all. I wish I could help out those students making bad decisons to prevent horrible and unncessary deaths from becoming something that is normally here in Lubbock.


It's hard to say what the worst part of my school is when I love my university. I would have to say that it is located in a small city. Somethimes being in a small city is hard when you want to do something other than go to a movie or eat. I also like the small city though because it makes it easy to get around and learn where I am.


The thing I would consider to be the worst thing about Texas Tech are the elevators in my dorm hall. They are extremely slow.


I came from an extremely diverse high school where, as a caucasian, I was almost a minority. I greatly enjoyed having diverse friend groups with people from all over the world. At my university, the diversity is still there, but it is obvious that there is a majority of caucasians. I was unsure if I would enjoy my social life at first, but I easily made friends and look forward to the steady increase of international students and a greater diversification at the university.


Such a large campus.


The worst thing about Texas Tech is that the campus police are overly zealous about their jobs. I once got a $70 ticket for riding my bike the wrong direction on campus, and have been stopped for going 2 miles over the 20 mph speed limit.


I would have to say the worst thing about this campus is the distance between some of the buildings. Sometimes you only have ten minutes to get across the campus, and without a bike that can sometimes be very difficult. Other than that the campus is a great campus and the staff is of great help in everyway.


The lower level classes do include unserious or lazy students which is frustrating for the professor and others; and of course our party school reputation.


The absolute, worst thing about Texas Tech University is the distance away from home! I live in Cypress, Texas so if I want to go home I either have to pay for a flight (which is more than I can afford) or drive 9 hours!


The worst thing about my school I would have to say is the lack of one-on-one help. If you need help setting up/doing things you cannot rely on someone to do it for you, you basically have to get it done on your own.


The travel time it takes to get Texas Tech is the worst thing about the school.


When it rains, it floods. Be prepared.


The worst thing about Texas Tech University is that the weather can be unpredictable. There seems to be no definite hot or cold month. Some of the days in Lubbock will be eighty-five degrees and the next day can be thirty degrees with a chance of snow.


The worst thing about my school is probably the location for the sheer fact that college is a place where many young adults gather, and Lubbock has little to offer in regards to entertainment.


The worst thing about Texas Tech is the dorm that I live in. Chitwood is the name and it needs some major renovating. Everything is falling apart and breaking along with water pipes constantly either busting or acting up. It smells terrible from water damage and from being old in general. If I have to pay as much as everyone else then I should get a place that is equal to other dorms.


The worst thing about my school would be the dorm life. My dorm isn't the nicest place to live but the staff does their best to accommodate everyone's needs.


I really dont have a bad thing to say about texas tech but if i did it would be the food


They claim to give all these scholarships out equally to those that need them. They give out few and to the same people who dont really need them.


There are approximately 42,000 students at my school, which means the campus and class sizes are quite large. This makes navigating between classes difficult, as well as dealing with large lecture classes. However, such a large and diverse population also brings about many opportunities to network - a favorable advantage not offered at smaller institutions.


The campus is very seperated. It takes a long time to get from class to class. The weather is horrible so having to walk really far during a snow storm can cause students to not attend class that day.


Class size. Some classes were way too large to learn effectively. Large lecture halls do not encourage asking questions or expressing opinions.


The worst thing about my university would have to be their focus on growth. Texas Tech is a major institution and recently passed its previous record for students in attendance. Yet, instead of directly focusing on the student body, the administration is vigorously working to raise its status and join the prestigious tier one grouping. While this is an excellent goal for the school, one should not try and obtain such recognition for the sake of prestige. I feel that the greatest fault of the administration is that students have become a close second.


The worst thing about this school would be that it's rather difficult to be involved in anything unless you're in a sorority or fraternity, or if you don't have a large amount of free time. There is not a wide range of clubs or activities, and for those that are more diverse, it is difficult to get involved in them, due to lack of information on the school or organization's website. I would advise new students to try to get involved in activities as soon as possible, because it's harder the longer you wait.


I really love Texas Tech but sometimes I wish it was smaller and a little more personable. Also, in some classes you will have a foreign professer. This can make things really difficult if you can not understand them clearly.


I love everything about Texas Tech University! The only thing i wish they would work on are the dorms. They are nice but could use some updates to make living there a little bit eaiser.


The worst thing about my school I would have to say would be the lack of healthy food choices. As a college student, I understand the need for fast food, but as a health major I find the need for healthy food to be a greater one. As a society, we cannot start making smart food choices until we are presented with the opportunity to do so.


The food on campus does not cater to a wide range of diets (i.e. gluten-free or vegetariansim). Also, there are not options for vegetables at the , majority of the places to eat. And, for as long as you live on campus you have to have a dining plan, even if you live in an on campus apartment.


nothing. Profesors want student to succed. be focus on your work but also have fun.


The english program at my school is my least favorite part of the school because the assignments are submitted online before we show up to the next class. Also our assignments are not graded by our professors but are graded by anyone in the english department. This makes it difficult to know what our grader is looking for and this makes it difficult to make an A on an assignment.


The worst thing about Texas Tech University would have to be the distance. At times I wish I could be with my family but, unfortunately they are in Dallas and that is six hours away. Although, the experience in having to depend upon yourself is a unique opportunity to mature as a person.


Being that I am a frehman here on campus, I don not consider any negetive things at Texas Tech University. Texas Tech has always tried to ensure that they provide the studnts with every opportunty to succeed.


I do not consider my school to be wrong at all. I love my school. Texas Tech University has a beautiful campus, a variety of interesting classes, and wonderful teachers.


The lighting at night is defiantly the worst. part of my school. You can go minutes walking in what seems to be complete darkness. Coming from someone who has taken a night class on Campus, it feels unsafe on the desolate edges of campus,. To top it off there isn't a running bus system that comes frequent enough for anybody to want to use.


Although Texas Tech does a great job of helping students out to meet their individual needs and issues; most of the time it takes quite sometime to receive a response and I have had to make several attempts in order to get a response or the right help I needed.


The only thing that slightly annoys me is the parking situation. It is a VERY small problem and not even a problem at that. I think this school is excellent.


The location would probably be the worst thing about my school. It's an extremely small town with absolutely nothing exciting to do.


The worst thing about my school is that Lubbock, Texas is so far from any other major town. This encourages the student body to stay in town durring the weekends, which is good, but makes it difficult to visit home.


The worst hing about school here is the town has very little entertainment.


Dormitories. Small, out dated, bathrooms not well kept. Overpriced. Dorm food isn't diverse, and the healther options are more expensive. Elevators sometimes brake down.


Depending on the major you are in the administrative staff can be very difficult to deal with. It is hard to really have a relationship with them in order to really work on your major. Often you feel as though they really don't care about your success and just want to get the appointment over with. They also won't meet with you whenever you don't have an appointment at the regulated advising time.


Very cold and windy.


It is far from any large urban area, even though there are plentiful flights in and out of Lubbock.


I think the housing application process has a little room for improvement. I had a really hard time getting a place to live my freshman year, the year that it counted the most. It seemed as if all the dorms were occupied with previous residents and there was hardly any room for new residents. I'd open more spaces and/or start the registration process earlier.


The parking isnt so great, just be sure to learn the bus route


The worst thing can sometimes be the students that can get out of control. Questioning enrollment matters, the pranks that can sometimes go too far. Such as messing with the public bathrooms. Discipline is in the middle.