Texas Tech University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and provide myself with some advice about Texas Tech University, it would be to be patient and enjoy my undergraduate career. I sped to quickly through my undergrad that I felt stressed and pressured many semsters. It also led me to become less active in social events. I spent countless hours studying when I could have taken a breath and admire my surroundings. I got so far I didn't even realize the end was approaching rapidly.


The advice I would give myself if I were in high school would be that time management and writing down deadlines/due dates are essential to success in college. Someone could be the smartest person in the world, but if they don't know when things are due or don't make time to get these things accomplished, they won't find any success in the college world or after college.


My first response would be to make sure you study and go to class. Those are two things I find extremely important, but looking back on the things I have learned, the most important one, I believe, is to enjoy your time. Looking back on my college years, there are so many things that came and went too fast than I would of liked. I was fortunate enough to be able to play football for Texas Tech. Those are memories I will forever hold close to my heart. I will have many longtime relationships with the guys I met through football and will always be one of my most favorite memories. But even after football, are the times that has really made college the time of my life. The late nights, whether be studying or hanging out, will be something I always have memories of, the good and the bad. So that's what I would tell my high school self, don't let these years fly by. I would give anything to be able to go back. Don't focus on tomorrow, live in the moment and enjoy these moments that only come in your college days.


Knowing what I now know about college, if I were to go back in time and talk to myself in high school I would undoubtedly stress the concept of keeping an open mind. I realized that one very quickly learns about who they are and what they want to be in the first year of college. From the social to the academic realms of college, many opportunities arise that you never see coming and it is in those instances that one learns something about where they want to go in life. As a sophomore, I am still not absolutely certain as to what I want to do with my college degree, but I know that I still have over two years to take advantage of all the opportunities presented to me to help guide me. One more thing I would less myself is to find scholarships. I would advise my younger self and all other high school students to put down the TV remote and start hunting down as many scholarship applications as possible; the monetary cost of college adds up very quickly.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school, I would tell myself that slacking off should be over during the summer before freshman year; the minute you become a freshman in college all the dynamics changed. You become your own boss and you set the pace of how quickly and efficently things run in your life. If you want to go to graduate school it starts with the first semester in college. With all that freedom comes a huge responsibility that you shouldn't overlook. Your actions have a domino effect and since you are older than eighteen, mommy and daddy aren't going to help you when things get rough. You need to focus completely on doing well acedemically because you do not want all the loans you taken out to go to waste. Being away from the adult figures in your life doesn't mean you can go party and forget about school. School is your number one priority and never forget that.


The transition is going to be harder than you expect. It is completely different from the high school environment that you were so sheltered in. Don't take everything so seriously during your last couple years of high school - that is a time for memories that you will remember forever. You may not stay in touch with all of your friends, but the ones that you do, they'll be by your side forever, along with your college friends who will be there for you for life. You are going to fall in love with your university and be amazed by all of the wonderful opportunities that it is capable of providing. You may question some things about yourself, about the entire world, but you will figure everything out in due time, and you will feel more secure than ever. Texas Tech is the BEST place for you to be. You are going to flourish into a person that is prepared for anything and everything that this world could possibly throw at you and more. You made the right choice.


Knowing what I know now, the advise I would give to myself would be simple. First, I would warn myself that there will be plenty of activities to do on campus and while thats good to get involved in, remember that school and grades come first. Never leave homework that can be done today for tomorrow. Furthermore, school will get pretty hectic at times, so it is important to take breaks when possible to relax. Nobody works well when they're delusional. Second, never be afraid to make new friends. Everyone that starts college is new to the experience so don't be afraid to branch out and make new friends. Even the slightest gesture can be the difference between a lifelong friendship and just someone you had a class with. Lastly and most importantly, your 4 years here will be some of the greatest 4 years of your life, but they may also be the fastest 4 years of your life so be sure to slow down and take it all in. As Ferris Beuller once put it, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it."


If I could tell anything to my high school self, it would be to take your time and enjoy your college experience. There is enough time to do everything you want; there is no need to stress and rush through college. Take the time to find an internship. Take the time to study abroad. Join a club and find friends to hang out. Studies are important, but don't forget to enjoy yourself.


First off, hard work pays off always! If you don't put in any work it will show and teachers will not cover for you. This school cost way to much for you and your family to bust your butts and not pass class so work hard. Beware that every teacher will not have English as a first language but don't be afraid, try hard and study hard. Besides your grades, you have to have serious self control because the influence is heavy. Do not catch yourself falling into the crowd or else you will fail right along with them. That means if homework is due Monday, don't party all weekend and scramble to do it last minuet Sunday. Also about partying, don't think it's the thing do do every weekend or every night, and don't drink just because everybody else is. If you're drug free, don't be ashamed let it show and be proud. Most importantly, stay true to yourself and always push towards your goal even when it looks impossible.


I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships. I also would tell myself to look into the different majors offered at my University. Texas Tech doesn't get many recruiters talking about social work and addiction studies, and that is the field I ended up in. However, I first began studying Interior Design. I would have saved myself a semester's worth of classes. I would have also told myself to get a job during my first semester. It has benefitted me very well to have a job while going to school. Talking more to the professors, too. I would have consulted professors and advisors in the career field I picked.


The advice I would give myself is, "GET READY!". College is not easy, but when you are prepared and well rounded, you have your priorities striaghted. It never gets any easiers, but it doesnt get harder either.


Study for both the ACT and SAT scores. Take ap classes to know how college classes are like and to get credits out of the way. If you take college-level courses, you'll be prepared and you will also be one step closer to your dream job. Another advice is to get good grades and keep consistent grades, and that means that even though you're a senior, DO NOT SLACK OFF. Last but not least, enjoy your parents back at home and the last year of high school because time flies, and you can't depend on them forever.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to let go. Let go of your insecurities, let go of your "friends", let go of your child mentality, let go of the guy who acted like the smartest kid alive; just let go because you're about to receive something greater. Once you enter college, high school seems like gum under the table. Everything that was said and happened in high school means nothing. In college you will meet people that have the same mindset and desire to be someone in life. You will spend hours with complete strangers, and come out of the classroom as best friends. You can express yourself and not feel judged because there is such diversity here. Some classes will be hard and challenging, but girl they're going to make you be able to do what you love in the future. No one tries to be superior over you, because you are all in the same boat really. The best is yet to come! One more thing; on the first day of school, your class is on the third floor. You're welcome.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to have the confidence to follow my dreams and formulate a plan to achieve them. Like many others, I made the mistake of thinking I had all the time in the world, that life would just work itself out. I took the safe route because it was easier and failed to truly evaluate myself because I was afraid of failing in the future. I've learned now that failures are building blocks and learning experiences. I've learned that I do have the natural abilities to achieve my dreams. I'm returning to school to earn my MBA when I should have made that a goal from my senior year in high school. If I could talk to that kid again, I'd tell him to never fear failure, to rely on his natural abilities, and to realize that things going wrong from time to time is simply a part of life. He shouldn't fear it. He should plan for success regardless of the obstacles and never give up until he achieves it.


Should I happen to be able to give myself advice as a high school senior, I’d tell myself to be bold and take more chances. At age 26 I have finally come out of my introverted shell after learning to love myself and really embrace my personality, quirks and all. I would tell myself to speak up more in class, work harder in group assignments to bond with classmates, get to know my professors, and let myself be vulnerable and open to making new friends. Most college students are recent high school graduates and knowing that we are all having the same doubts, fears, and anxieties, I would let myself know the importance of making solid friends with which I have shared interests and values. I’d tell myself to stick to my beliefs and gut feelings and know that staying true to who we inherently are is important during college when we are exposed to so many new things at once. I’d tell myself to study more, rest, take care of my body and mind, but also continue to have fun because the memories I have of my time at Texas Tech are some of the best


Apply to the University of Texas at Austin. Do not miss the deadline and watch all of your frineds get accepted while you just put it off and attend Tech because you are an automatic admit. Take more AP classes because you are smart and you could have ranked higher.


I know you have big expectation for life in college, but don't work it up to be this great utopia were all of your problems no longer exist. It will be better than high school. I'll give it that, but it won't be perfect. Don't worry. Everything will get a little easier. It'll still be hard for you to talk to people, but you'll make progress. The hardest part of class will still be prioritizing, but you will learn. It will still be hard for you to except help when you're struggling, but you will meet some amazing people whom you will feel comfortable with enough to ask for that help. Yes, the underlying problems will still be there, but college will have this amazing effect on you. It won't make your problems go away. It will help you face those problems in a new way and it will help you grow into someone you never knew you were capable of being. Go out there with more reasonable expectations on how difficult it will be, but don't forget how worth it that struggle will be when you begin to grow.


Dear High School me, Do me a favor and please, please, please get involved with a church and bible study as soon as you get to campus. I'd say that would be the best way to make friends that will be there for you through everything. Get to know your roommate, your professor, the people that live around you and if you can, the president of the University. Study! I realize you could get away with not studying in high school, but college is a completely different story. It will literally destroy you to not study. Make sure you go to football, baseball, volleyball and basketball games. The school spirit is overwhelming and you will love it so much more than you ever thought you could love anything. If you could carry anything from high school, be it the lack of interest in crazy partying. You will make the best friends drinking orange juice at midnight playing Apples to Apples and watching your favorite movies over and over. And lastly, remember, you (should) only get one at college, make sure you don't regret a single day of it.


Tips that I have been told through out high school in preparation for college include, "make a schedule for yourself", "apply for scholarships", and "I hope you like Ramen noodles.", but no one ever mentioned one thing to me that I wish they had, "It's all only temporary." Those few words apply for everything you do and everything done to you. Since being pushed out of my bubble I have experienced more highs and lows then before. When the bad days come and I just want to go home, or just want to call it quits I remind myself, "it's only temporary." The pain, the worry, the longing of home is only temporary, things won't stay in that sad state. This also goes the other way around though, those days where you feel like your at the top of the world only last a short time. Enjoy it while you are up there, enjoy it while you can because it's only temporary, then its back to normal. The world is always changing and because of that we must always change, so enjoy what you have now and ignore the downs because it's all only temporary.


Sarah, right now you are stressed out of your mind. There are a lot of choices you have to make on your own about where you want to take your education, and seeing as you are the first to go to college and the most ambitious of your friends, what you choose is very important to your future. This is all true without saying. Although you have reason to be stressed, you should look within yourself and think about what you want instead of what everybody else thinks is best for you. You know that your talent and motivation will carry you anywhere you want to go. Texas is a very far way from where you grew up, but it's going to be an adventure. Risk is necessary for greater things to happen in life and you deserve that. Break out of your shell and go for what /you/ want. Crazy as it may seem at first, it is a common known fact that fortune favors the brave and the bold.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to not worry about what everyone else wants you to be or how much money you will make. I would say follow what you believe you want to do. When telling myself that, it would help me realize that I would eventually become a profesoor. I would also tell myself to take advantage of all the resources Texas Tech has to offer. Texas Tech has plenty of resources to make it to where it is possible for every student to succeed, but it's up to the student to succeed.


Think. Your grades will make a difference. YOur involement will make a difference. Keep information it is important. YOur are great, always remember that. YOu can make a difference.


If I could go back in time to my senior year of high school I would definitely study way more. I did not study at all my senior year and became very lazy, dropping my GPA as well as my class rank. Thankfully I still got into the school I wanted to attend, however it would be a jumping off point. Not studying in high school was a downfall of mine because in college you have to study if you want to do well and I have very weak studying skills and stratagies. I would also have taken more notes which is a must in college. I have a history lecture class as well as a psychology class where all they do is talk. They have powerpoints going on behind them but the professors use those as guidlines for them to follow while lecturing about the topic of that day. The last thing I would have done is read the material given to me. In high school you can just guess, but in college they want well writen, educated answers.


First, go to ACC or any other community college first to get the cores done first. That way you won't have so much debt. Then go to UT instead of Texas Tech. Do more scholarships. maybe be more socially active, or join a club or two. There's really not much else. Just so you know I am not in any extracurriculars because I have to work in order to pay my rent and other tuition fees. last semester I had to work two jobs, and go to school in order to keep up with my bills.


High School Emily, Stop spending all that money on food and entertainment!!! Stick some of your paychecks into that savings account if you want a chance to study abroad in Japan because prices are HIGH! Keep up the awesome study ethic because you're right on track for college courses, but try to branch out to new people because while it seems like you have to 'fit in' in high school, college is the complete opposite. Your friends are chosen based on the type of person you are and there is no reason to mold yourself to other people's expectations because your college friends will accept you for YOU! Give up on those friends that don't agree with your morals because they will only bring you and your spirits down. Also, go find some books to bring with you to college because the selection at the library mainly consists of research books and the town is lacking in public libraries... The greatest treasures you will stumble across at Tech are good people and good books (though the latter is harder to come across). Sincerely, College Emily


I would say, go to Texas Tehc, work really hard to get A's and look for every possible way to get scholarships and financial aid. Save up money, don't eat out as much as you do, and work out more!


Do not try to take early classes, even if you consider yourself a morning person, you will regret it. Try to find classes that are small and find more ways to speak to your professor. In order for you to study, you need to practice using the material, open your textbook and workour example problems, don't just do your homework, it will not be enough to learn the material from your classes otherwise. Apply for as many scholarships as you can and do your best to keep your GPA high. Also, save any extra money instead of spending it.


Dear young one, I know you think that now is the time to go off and conquer the world, and you are right. However, the scene will unroll very differntly than you are expecting. 1. You know nothing. I know you think you know everything and that your mentors, teachers, and parents are old fashioned and boring. Be humble. Take advantage of the learned wisdom and advice of your elders. They have been there, done that, and learned. This is an oppurtunity to learn from their mistakes, bypass them for yourself, and gain momentum is the very large world. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. 2. The more you learn, you realize the less you know. But don't dispair, this is a good thing! It makes you hungry to learn and no one knows everything! How boring would it be if we did. Not knowing is not something to hide or be ashamed of, embrace taking the chance to admit you don't know and learn from those who do. For things that are still unknowns (and there are alot), embrace the oppurtunity to discover. 3. Times flies, embrace everyone and each person's uniqueness.


If I could go back and give myself advice about college, I would simply tell myself not to worry so much and to take the risks I always wanted to take. As I've gone through several years of my professional career as a teacher and I've seen a lot of people take the "safe road" only to fail. If they can still fail taking the safer path, then why not risk failing doing something you love with as much passion and effort as you've got. In the long run, you're going to do fine. However, just imagine what you could do if you just throw everything you've got at becoming the best teacher you can be. Imagine the impact you'll make for the kids. It's worth the risk to take the road less traveled, to be that shining beacon, and to be an example for others to follow. You're a leader in ways you haven't even begun to imagine. You just can't see around the corner yet. Remember, your goal was to "save the world". Now it's time to stand up and do it.


I’ve always enjoyed the thought of talking to myself in my own head so this will be in that format. “Jackie if you could think of some of the more entertaining things to do at college what would you think of? Well I remember going to Europe being some of the best experiences of my life. I would apply the moment I could to go back there. Maybe even go see the family. I do recall that being fun, and as a side note some of the more annoying classes at Tech are taught in a better format in the study abroad program. Don’t miss out on opportunities like I did. If I remember correctly the teachers in high school where often quite unreachable this is really not the case in college. Some of them are really entertaining people. One who you’ll mean in sophomore spring semester or if you had studied abroad earlier, the freshman year, he is by far the nicest Teacher you’ll ever have. Make sure to meet him before your future failure self-did. I think finally don’t be shy. Throw yourself out there it’s fun.”


Change your study methods as soon as possible, it will change your life and make college that much easier. Also, go to every class regardless of how easy it is because it promotes discipline and that is key to succeeding in college.


If i could go back in time i would go back and tell myself not to get pregnant, because life with a child is not easy. Also i would of told myself to enter in college prep coarses that they were offering. I would of told myself to keep my GPA up so i could of gotten into a good college instead of going to community college first. I would of also told myself everything i missed because of not going to college immediately and how hard life is now with out the proper education. I would definitely tell myself to go to college dont get destracted to prepare for long night of studying and keep my grades up. To live on campus and get all the math and science courses out of the way first and for most. Finally i must go to TexasTech University.


Emily chill out, everything is going to be more than okay. Do not forget to sign up for Texas Tech Foundation camp, you are going to meet some of your best friends there. Your roommate is not going to be crazy. I know that you're scared but you are going to do great. Breaking out of the small town cage is going to allow you to start becoming the young woman you are suposed to be. Take a deep breath and don't look back!


Congratulations! You’re a senior in high school, and you are about to embark on a journey like nothing you’ve experienced before. You don’t remember much from when you were a toddler, but if you could, you would remember being able to explore the world around you, discover new sights, sounds, smells, and textures. But your parents were always close by to watch over you, or to pick you up when you fell. College is a bit like that. You’ll be free to explore, discovering so many new things about the world and yourself, but you’ll never be alone in doing so. Your parents won’t be there to watch over you and stop you from making mistakes, but they’ll always be there for whatever you may need. So, that being said: don’t be afraid! You have so much to offer the world, and so much to discover. Don’t hesitate to get out there and learn and experience all you can, because the next few years will fly by before you know it, and you’ll never get them back.


If given the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now, I would first advise myself to always choose to persevere. In life we constantly face obstacles which can become discouraging. When such situations present, choose to persevere and overcome no matter how difficult the situation may seem. I would also advise myself to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself, work diligently, and strive for consistency and excellence in all I do. Hard work will always pay off. Finally, I would strongly encourage myself to take advantage of every opportunity to serve others. Often times we fail to realize the impact our words and actions have on the lives of others. By constantly displaying empathy through service to others, we are given the opportunity to not only profit from our blessings, but allowing these talents and blessing to pass through us and onto someone else. This here is what life is all about. Yes, it’s nice to attain success and enjoy to fruits of our labor; but to whom much is given, much is required in return. Good things should never stop at you; always strive to pay it forward.


Alec, Fill out the scholarship applications for Texas A&M, and rush for fraternities in the fall. Spring rush sucks and you need an organization to have fun with.


Prioritize you homework schedule, use a large calendar with lots of color to catch your attention. Enjoy the little things. Go to tutoring because the teachers already have your money and some will only help you so much. Apply for scholarships all the time because mom and dad can't afford to send you, your brother and your sister to college at the same time.


"DO NOT GO TO COMMUNITY COLLEGE! Go straight to a University!"


I would tell myself to get out of my bubble. Make friends and be uncomfortable every now and then. Be who you are at all times! Stay focused but not too focused. Still have fun as well! Dont work to much because you should have time for friends and school.


I would study more in High School. It was always easy for me to make B's without much effort. If I would have worked a little harder, I could have recieved a schoalrship. I would have quit football before it became king in my life. I gave football more time than anything else in my life all through High School. I loved High School and absolutely, enloyed my hometown friends. But looking back I would have spent more time studying and working to build my college funds. I am broke, hungry, and my truck is always on empty! Wished I would have saved money all through High School for college. I wished I would have taken cal. 1, my senior year instead of stat.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would definitely had told myself to keep going to college and not make the mistake of finishing my degree in secretarial science. No matter how bad it seemed, there was always a bright side to everything. I definitely would have told myself to get help in the academic department and hire a tutor to help get through some of the tougher classes. I should have taken a class on organization and study habits. This would have been a valuable lesson in how to study the right way for classes and a great way for me to get to my goal of getting my degree. I know what it takes and hard work is it!! Just get on the right track and make your dreams come true.


Take tuition into consideration. Apply to more in-state public target and reach schools instead of expensive safety schools. If it's a safety school, apply for their honors college. Take more double credit-courses or AP tests, especially for English. Have college applications ready well in advance, SAT scores and transicipts take time to arrive. It feels awful that you might have missed on your dream college because you didn't meet deadlines. People almost always end up staying wherever they start, so don't plan on transferring later. Use holiday breaks and vacations to apply for scholarship. Try to stand out in a specific class and then ask for a recommendation letter.


I would tell myself that going to college is a good idea. Originally I wasn't interested in going to college but I can't imagine where I would be if I hadn't. I have discovered myself in multiple different ways. I have changed my major a couple times and finally found something that I can stick with, that I can see myself doing for the rest of my life, where I fit. I have made many life long friends and found someone that I could see myself marrying one day. Although, paying for college is sometimes hard, eventually you find ways to get around that. School isn't the worst thing in the world. College is different from highschool, trust me. You change, people change, and you are an adult and can make your own choices. College is its own kind of freedom, you don't have to jump directly into the work force and adulthood. Sometimes, baby steps are the best way to approach things. My life would have been very different if I didn't go to college, to Texas Tech and I am so happy that I made this decision.


I would tell myself to start applying for scholarships as a high school junior instead of last minute. I would also tell myself to focus more on my classes because college classes are no joke, this is our future we're talking about! I would say that I shouldn't be so nervous because colleges offer so many resources to help new students coming in from high school so the transition is a smooth one. I would give myself a heads up that going to college offers more personal freedom compared to the structure of high school but with that comes a lot of time management and personal responsibility. The final thing I would tell myself is to network with other students and to keep close ties with your professors during and even beyond the semester. They are very much willing to help driven and curious students. Oh and I would tell myself that study abroad is totally worth it and to disregard the price and apply for the experience!


Attend the school you are passionate about. No matter what anyone says or tells you to go, go where your heart tells you. After being here for almost a whole semester now i have learned this lesson. College is important but make sure to go where YOU want to.


College is what you make it, make it simple: Apply for scholarships! That day you spent applying for scholarships will definetely pay off more than you think! Apply for as many as you can whether you think you'll recieve them or not. Ask questions! If you're not sure how financial aid works take all the time you need to as as many questions as you need. If you're confused in class, ask. Even if it may be the most simple question, YOUR grades are in jeopardy. Strive to make a high GPA from the get go! It is a struggle to raise your GPA. If it starts low, you will work your but off to get it up so you might as well work your hardest from the start. GO TO CLASS!!! Going to class gives you the maximum opportunity to succeed. You can take notes, listen and ask questions. Make friends! You're not the only one who is nervous, everyone is in a new place and everyone could use a friend. Last but not least, call home, your parents miss you. Take a deep breath, don't be afraid, everything will be all right!


Hey you! yeah you, your just about to venture off in a whole other world of responsibility and maturity. You know your traveling 800 miles away, your not necessarily going to be close to your family, so above everything else, spend some time with them and thank them for the sacrifices for getting you where you will soon be heading. So much of your time will be spent vigourously studying and constantly working on projects, especially since you'll be doing hands-on architectural projects. So from now on appreciate and value your family for what and who they are because they give you nothing but unconditional love. You know the value of a dollar but now its time to comprehend on what budgeting is, welcome to a real responsible beginning. One more piece of advice I will give you, the same drive and passion that you have for achieving your dream, let that be your silver lining and light for the stress thats about to come. You will find yourself an even stronger character and individual and you will have thanked your family for raising you to be the determined and humble person you will soon become. Fly High.


Senior year at my high school was one of the best years of my life. Surrounded by good friends, a supportive family, and a nurturing community, I was living the 18 year old dream. Little did I know that attending college would change everything for me. Yes, I still can go home to my friends, family, and community, but the level of complete independence I got my freshman year at Texas Tech was an unparralled novelty for me. Classes could be skipped, sleeping in was a choice, and I could go anywhere for any amount of time and be accountable to only myself. If I could go back to my senior year, I would tell myself to make more time to study. Although my grades were decent, I allowed myself to be distracted from the real purpose of going to college: getting an education! I could have gotten all A's that first year if I would have studied more and went out with friends less. I would tell myself to have fun, join organizations related to my major, and to take school seriously.


If I were to go back and give myself advice about college I would have to say "go in with an open mind", I would say that because college isn't what you percieve on television. Coming out of high school a lot of students including myself think that they know what they are getting into, but they don't realize that it is a lot of hard work and a lot of fun. For me it was hard to transition from in high school where I had no other choice but to get up, go to cross country practice then go to school, come home and have to do my homework because I had no other time to do it. In college though I have all this time and you have to use self control to get your work done which has been the hardest thing, but once you understand that college is great!


If I were to go back to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to sweat the small things and to try harder in my Advance Placement classes. I am a worrier and I tend to worry about anything and everything. In high school I always worried about how I looked (as a typical high schooler would) and whether people liked me or not. I wish I could tell myself now that those people do not matter anymore and you will not see them after you graduate anyway, plus they will not help you acheive your degree so why fret? I wish I could have worked just that little bit harder so that I could have gotten credit for my Advanced Placement classes in college because having to take College Algebra again was painful, as easy as it was, I already knew everything and I wanted to learn new things. I have changed so much in only a year from graduating high school and I am happy to say that the change is for the better.