Texas Tech University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Honestly, for this being my first year in college, I find nothing frustrating about it. Everything is well at Texas Tech University. The teachers are very knowledgable and love what they do. The work given is strictly made to prepare us for the career we are studying for. Texas Tech University was actually the last college on my list, but I am so glad I decided to attend.


The line at the financial aid office.


There are somethimes times during college that seems to be overwhelming, where you just have to much to do. Then there are overbearings calms which sometimes come directly after tests. These throw you off your groove and make the overwhelming parts more annoying. I wish it was my constant.


The most frustrating thing would have to be the weather and location because the weather is extremely unpredictable and there is not much to do in Lubbock.


Texas Tech's Chemistry department makes Chemistry much harder than it needs to be, and the engineering buildings are run down.


I would have to say the most frustrating thing about Texas Tech is that they do not have wifi in the dorms. You have to use an ethernet cable. I'm not sure if it's like that in all schools, but it's hard if you want to study with a friend or do a group project because of lack of wifi in rooms.


The most frustrating thing about my school was the lack of course counseling available. For the entire electrical engineering department we had one lady that would help you pick your classes, and she was terrible.


The most frustrating thing at Tech is the lack of good food.


There's a definite pressure to conform from the city to their standards without regard to your own background or cares. However, there are groups on campus focused on cultural diversity, religious diversity, etc. When you go off campus to live - an option after your first year, though many people stay on for convenience - it's best if you have a firm sense of yourself before venturing to live on your own in some parts of the town.


The only frustrating thing about my school would have to be the size simply because of the time it takes to get from class to class, while this is frustrating at time i feel that it greatly helps relieves the stress of the student body because you do not feel like your space is cluttered by towaring buildings to provide a stressful mood.


The most frustrating thing about Texas Tech is not every class is required to use the online system blackboard. Those classes that do use it I find the class to be much more efficient in returning grades and responding to any student questions.


I was a non-traditional student and Texas Tech University doesn't work very well with students if they are non-traditional (i.e.-working full-time to support a family while going to school). Evening classes are not readily available, especially when looking for upper-level classes. I eventually had to quit my job and live off student loans to support my family while I completed my degree.


In general, housing costs and books is very expensive and it is hard on us students, but I would say the most frustrating thing about my college is the high costs of dining because it is an everyday experience for me. You no longer have home cooked meals from mother. It is certainly a transition from low priced, high school meals. Saving a a quater here or there is what you have to do in order to really save up in the college world because it eventually adds up even though it doesn't seem like much.


The most frustrationg thing about Texas Tech University is the distance between buildings. As an undergrad you take class all over campus, having a campus of nearly 60,000 students we need more space, classrooms, as well as teachers which leads to having your classes all over campus. Luckly we have a bus system, fee is included in tuition, that can drive you around and it makes it easier to get to all your classes.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the immense size of the University. I came from a small high school with less than one hundred graduating students to around 30,000 students. The immense size of classes is intimidating. It is frustrating to be intimidated by the professor and other students in the classroom. It is frustrating to not be able to have one-on-one talks with the professor and student over the material covered in the classroom. It is easy to fall in the cracks so to speak at a large university.


Dealing with the financial aid office. They are completely incompetent and/or lazy. They will say anything to keep you away.


The fact that there are so many group projects in each class. I think working in groups can be usefull, but not in every class. Most of the time group projects are a pain and one person ends up doing the majority of the work.


I would say the massive class sizes. You cannot learn properly in a class the size of my entire high school population, which was around 300. You can guarentee that any work that is turned in is not read, but only looked over to make sure that you were in class when it was taken up.


Probably the most frustrating thing about Texas Tech University is the cost of tuition. It is one of the priciest schools in Texas, and it is hard as a middle class student to afford schooling without having to take out student loans and extra money to pay for it. I think that the quality of teaching and the amount I am learning here is worth every penny, but there could always be more help with financial aid and scholarships to help pay for the cost.


Texas Tech is located in Lubbock which is not a big city. Lubbock has a population of just over 200 thousand people. Thus, there is not much to do outside the learning environment. Buffalo springs lake is the main centre of attraction. It is a place where you can hike, bike and camp. But that is all there is in Lubbock, there is, no amusement parks, or art museums. In addition, since there is nothing much to do outside class, most students engage in binge drinking and sexual activities. Therefore, one can only fit in outside school if he drinks.


The advising and the class options. This semester I was advised early for the Spring semester. Turns out half of those classes are not even being taught or are only taught once and wont fit in my schedule. That would have been nice to know before hand, but the advisors know about as much as the students do.


Parking sometimes is a problem.


The most frustrating thing about Texas Tech University is surviving the wind. The school is awesome and the people are friendly. Lubbock is a wonderful place to go to college there is nothing wrong with the school except getting there in the weather! The wind and the cold are definitely my main complaint-- I couldn't ask for a better school.


Having professors in vital subjects that can't speak English.


The most frustrating thing about Texas Tech is that there are too many Frats and sororoties. People get so consumed in them and believe the only thing to do is party. They all have similar attitudes that dont seem very friendly or intelligent. Those social clubs seem like they take away from a person's personality because it seems like they all act the same.


very close minded


spread out campus


Lack of diversity, open-mindedness, and people being eco-friendly.


The buildings are spread out instead of being more together.


The finacial aid department. Most of the time it is run by students who dont care about your needs and whom would rather you be gone than help you. The advisors for my degree have a problem taking time to talk with you. They are rush rush and seldom tell you what you need to know.


The red tape to actually take care of business is sometimes difficult, and dealing with student employees is a real pain, because they're often unfriendly and not knowledgeable.


It can feel overwhelming your first few days here, but it goes away. There are so many clubs, organizations, and activites to join into that you will find your niche and meet some really cool people that will end up being your friends for life.


There is a lack of diversity. Also, there is very little appreciation of the arts. Lubbock is ridiculously closed-minded.


Not always being able ot get into the exact class that you want.


I hate how some of the dorms are modeled. Community bathrooms are disgusting.


That the teachers say they are willing to help but usually don't. Their office hours don't accomodate everybody. Also most of the math teachers are foreign so it's VERY difficult to understand them and next to impossible to make a descent grade. Some teachers don't know what they're talking about half the time they get confused which then confuses the class. Another thing is the sorority/fraternity organizations they just frustrate me because they think they're better than everone and expect others who aren't in one to bow down to them.


The most frustrating thing so far is the price of school in general. It is so expensive to attend college that it makes it difficult for me.


The most frustrating thing at Texas Tech that I have encountered are the teachers that are difficult to understand. By difficult to understand, I am referring to their thick accents and not-so-fluent English. Although these teachers are rare, we all have at least one or two of them in our time here. It is a little frustrating to undergo, but it makes us more tolerant to many different people, which will help us greatly in our careers. This is especially important now, with the United States being the "melting pot."


The most Frustrating thing about Texas Tech is it ability to provide help in school for thouse who need it.


the most frustrating thing about my school is not always finding a parking space.


That most scholarships are based on financial need just because my parents make some money does not mean that I can finance school easily.