Texas Tech University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The beautiful archeticture.


The school spirit. Everyone feels like a family and that we belong to something greater than ourselves.


The best thing about Texas Tech University was the sense of community. Everything on campus was easily accessible and I had many of the same students in my upper level classes. This made making friends, socializing, and navigating college life easier. If I needed help with an assignment, it was easy to find someone who understood and was willing to help. If I needed a night out on the town, there were always friends and classmates around willing to join. In both social life and school life, the community of Texas Tech made the experience rewarding.


The best thing about my school is the rescours it offers to its students. Texas Tech offers help and advice in any subject a college student might need assistance in, such as financial aid, classes, tutoring, resumes, etc. If one has a question, there is someone to help.


The absolute best part about being a Red Raider is the school spirit. It doesn't matter if you're on campus, at the mall, in a random neighborhood, or even the surround cities, everyone, and I mean everyone, LOVES Texas Tech. We rally together as a large family through all the good times and the bad and it's abslutely the best thing about living here and attending Texas Tech. And if you go out almost anywhere in Texas, you'll find other Tech-sans that love Tech just as much as you do.


I think the best thing about Texas Tech is the diversity amongst the students. There is such a diversity that ranges from ethnic diversity to intrest diversity. Compared to the colleges from my home area, I can now meet people who come from around the world just to study at this University. The amount of dialects I can here in one day is amazing. Places as diverse as this are what I think make the world adapt and change. This is why i think diversity is the best part of Texas Tech


I like the professors. For the most part I have had very intelligent and capable professors who have been available, and supportive. The facilities are are extremely satisfactory. The libraries are comprehensive. There are many digital sources to choose from which make learning and doing assignments much easier. People are also very friendly.


The pride!


Texas Tech is the Best school for your money and you have great opportunities as well. You have your regula 4 year programs then you have graduate school all on the same campus. The cost is cheaper than most and we rank first when it comes to passing the Bar exams as well as we have big corpate companies constantly giving us money for more research or for more scholarship opportunites. However, if you do attend Texas Tech University you must buckle down because the grades are not free.


The best thing about Texas Tech is the ability for students to receive a quality education. The instructors and facilities are truly top-notch, and if students are willing to work hard, the knowledge and experience they can get from their education is invaluable. I majored in human sciences, and the courses I took helped open my mind to many new concepts, while also preparing me for a career in my field. Not only are the professors passionate about the courses they teach, but they also genuinely care about students and go above and beyond to help them succeed.


This University strives to stimulate growth and character in each student. Everyone (Administration, faculty, alumni, and students) takes so much pride in the University and the things that it represents. The school’s motto is “Strive for Honor” and everyone works together in order to provide a conducive environment to do just that. What I love most are the character and various personality types associated with the University. Everyone is so friendly and supportive working together to help those lacking or lagging behind establish a solid foundation, maximizes their potential, and go on to positively impact the lives of others.


If you take the right oppertunities, Texas Tech has the ability to feel like home-like a family-very quickly. It is a very comforting, helpful, and accepting atmosphere. You will make lifelong friends and truly discover yourself and who you are. There are many different paths offered and many oppertunities to succeed. The campus has everything you need right there, its accessible and easy to get around.


The best thing about Tech would be that we are the most friendlist people so the proffesors are so dedicated to what they do and want to see all their students succeed!


The beautiful architecture is the best thing about my school, Texas Tech University. The buildings and campus are gorgeous, which is so inspiring for an Interior Design major/Architecture minor student. Walking around campus, taking in the scenery, makes me want to be there and motivates me to succeed.


The diversity of the school allows people to meet people from all over the world.


The people and the education here are amazing. The proffessors are really helpful and want their students to succeed. The students are kind and work hard to earn a good grade. Tech offers all kinds of help and tutoring services for students that are struggling. They want their students to do well and achieve their goals.




The Unique thing about the campus is the Spanish Renaissance theme, how large the campus is and how easy it is to get around, the buses are always running so you could always get on one if you don't feel like walking to or from class.


Tech is like the melting pot of cultures. I have never met so many people from different countries! Last semester, I was friends with a classmate who was from the Dominican Republic. My friend Derron is good friends with a few people from Brazil. I had a girl in my major from Taiwan. It is so awesome to be able to hear their stories and help them adapt to life in Lubbock!


The best thing about Texas Tech is its relaxed environment and the quality of the education here is excellent.


The Spanish-Renaissance architecture is one you won’t find on other campuses. This architecture is unique to Texas Tech and it makes for a beautiful campus. Each building on campus looks very similar. Every building is going to have the tan bricks with red roofs. The reason for this choice of incorporating Spanish influences to Texas Tech is very much due to the climate. Spain has a similar climate to that of West Texas. Hence the Spanish influences that are prevalent all across campus. For starters, the school colors are scarlet and black. The yearbook is called La Ventana and the yearbook is named the Daily Toreador. At each football game, the masked rider, whom is very similar to Zorro, makes his way across the field on his majestic stallion. These things complete Texas Tech Spanish-Renaissance theme. Texas Tech is also one of the few universities to have a medical school and law school all on the same campus.


As far as traditions, the one I'm most familiar with is Carol of the Lights at Christmas time. Christmas is my favorite holiday (besides my birthday), so I definitely had to check this one out. A good bunch of the organizations, sororities, and fraternities prep for this event. It's always held in the Science Quad and this past year, 2011, McDonald's bags with tea light candles lined every sidewalk around the Science Quad. It looked really cool. And it made me laugh a little. Good 'ole Mickey D's! The band played, the choir sang, and it's said that about 20,000 people attend the event. That includes students and residents from nearby cities. The whole square was packed. But everyone had coffee or cocoa and was all dressed up. Gathering around with friends and everyone makes it feel like such a connection between a family! It's great! Something I have noticed about Texas Tech that is not so common at other universities I've visited is the cleanliness. Tech is very clean. The restrooms can get a little gross sometimes, but it's expected with toilets and showers (in the same area). And yes, I find that the tables in the Student Union Building need some help sometimes, but it's not disastrous. If I have to, I just clean it up myself. Overall though, the buildings are in very good shape. The architecture is just amazing! Old Spanish, mixed with modern looks: so fascinating to look at! That is one of my favorite parts about the Texas Tech University.


The Texas Tech campus is beautiful with its large Spanish-style architecture and lush trees and greenery. It is primarily a walking campus which gives students the chance to enjoy all of amazing fountains and public art. Texas Tech has one of the best public art collections in the country with wooden horse sculptures by Heather Jansch and bronze portrait sculptures by Glenna Goodacre. There is something interesting and inspiring around every corner. One of my favorite pieces on campus is the fountain at memorial circle. It is the center piece at the entrance to the campus and encircles the school's flag poles. As you make your way to the fountain you hear the water rushing down the small concrete steps carved into the side but once you step inside the circle, it is silent. The effect is just so cool and it has you cutting through the fountain every time you are walking on that side of campus. Another great thing about Tech being a walking campus is that it takes advantage of the great weather we have almost 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the entire year. There are numerous places to sit outside, many of which are hidden beneath low hanging trees or shrouded by large shrubbery. I always ate outside anytime I ate on campus just because the weather and the scenery was too nice to be sitting inside.


The best thing about Texas Tech is all of the resources available. Texas Tech staff and faculty wants you to succeed just as much as you do, and the multiple resources they offer are simply the key to success.


The best thing about my school would have to be the calm environment everything is placed in, being a school in west texas there arnt many big cities nearby to cause a commotion and disrupt studies. Things like this are what make texas tech stick out to people, because regardless of who you are the student body is large enough that you will find the place and friends best suited for you.


It has a high ratio for graduation and the administration cares about you as a person.


You may be in the middle of no where but it is a good place too study. Social life is in full effect still.


The big campus but small city. Everyone is so nice and willing to do anything for you.


The best thing about Texas Tech University is being engaged in the active environment of learning and the strive for excellence by the university as a whole. As a student at Texas Tech, I have picked up great study habits and have worked very hard to earn my education. This has all been possible because of the great professors and all of the accessible help and the great people here who are friendly and easy to talk to.


I think the best thing about Texas Tech is the school spirit. No matter what game it is, or who's winning, our fans are there 'til the end, supporting the team. There is a great sense of pride in being a Red Raider, and the student body is like a very large, inviting family.


The best thing about my school is its IFC and Panhellenic Greek system, specifically the Chi Omegas!


For the most part, their academics were of a high standard. Most classes I took challenged my thinking and did a great job at teaching the curriculum.


The best thing about my school would have to be the falculty and professor. because ultimately my attendence at the university is to learn and obtain a degree for my field of study and the teachers do a great job upholding thier end of the contract, to teach and help students. even for classes as large and three hundred students all students have access to office hours and one on one very helpful interactions with their professors. There are also great advicers who makes sure the right classes are taken, and that students are on the right track for success.


Everybody can find a friend, as you get older it is harder to make friends. As children, we just naturally approache people close to our age in a room full of adults and became friends. Now days that is sometimes seen as creepy and unwanted. It is hard to go through college, or even just a month without a friend. There are many activites and events to find friends here.


The absolute best thing about Texas Tech University are all the available programs, each student can find exactly what they are looking for. From fraternaties and sororities to just a club, everyone has a place to fit in. Also everyone on campus is really friendly and they are always willing to help you around as well as find the best program for you.


the whole campus


The best thing about my school is that I can be a free person. I can wear what I want without being riticuled because I'm not the only peroson who is not dressed to impressed. Since there is not effort to compete in fashion I focus more on my studies than what everyone is wearing or expects me to wear. Everyone dresses for either the weather or just to be comfortable. I love that about my school. You have no outside pressure to look a certain way.


The best quality of our school is the students. Everyone is nice and helpful. If you ever have a question you will not be ignored and instead be pointed in the right direction and motivation.


The professors really care about their students and the entire university feels like home.


The best thing about Texas Tech University is the community. There are many opportunities to start relationships with fellow students who have the same interests as yourself. These opportunities include recreational sport teams, hundreds of different clubs and organization groups, and special campus events. With any of these activities students have the chance to introduce themselves to new people and become involved with different groups of people. Community is important for unity as well as for learning. Community creates an enjoyable environment and it is the best thing about Texas Tech.


At Texas Tech, we have so much school spirit. I love doing activities involving all of the students. The professors that I've had are all nice and are willing to work with their students also. Its a great first year experience. Everyone is so welcoming and nice. Also, if you're ever struggling in class, there are other students that are willing to work with you and also theres tutoring available, so its very convenient.


The best thing about Texas Tech University is the genuine pride and spirit in the school from not only the students but the community as well. Sporting events and many other University Sponsored events are always full of fans and people that want to be there and cheer on the team or support the University in whatever it is doing. It is an amazing feeling to see how much the alumi support and return to the University to give back and raiser the quality of life and education at Texas Tech University.


The best thing about Texas Tech University is that you are not a number. My teachers all know who I am. They encouraged me to ask questions, inside and outside of class. Most of my classes this semester were small and even in the larger classes the teacher can always meet with you individually or correspond with you through email. There was never one moment during this semester that I felt like I couldn't voice a question or concern I had to my teachers.


The fact that there are study lounges in almost every building. It gives students a place to relax and study or sleep if they so choose.


I would say the best part is the Animal Science Dept. that I am in. They are great people who actually care! I love all of my classes in this department I have switch my major to tanimal science from another department and I love it. Other departments just can't compete with how friendly they are and how much they want to help you to do well!


My favorite thing about Texas Tech is how helpful the professors are with schoolwork. I think this is extremely important, especially because it's really hard to learn when the teacher is just reading off of powerpoint. It's great when they have office hourse and tutoring when they can help you with anything you don't understand in class.


The feel of the campus has to be the most comfortable part of this school. Everything is located close together. Classrooms are close together making it easy to walk around campus. The dormitories are close to keep friends together even though they live in different buildings. The recreational center is accessable to every student and other residents in the area. Also the football stadium in undergoing an expansion to hold more students to allow more of our proud Texas Tech fans to cheer loud for their Red Raider football team.


The best thing about Texas Tech University is its campus and the surroundings. The people are extremely nice, the professors are alwas willing to help, and the scenery of it all is so beautiful with abstract statues and ancient buildings.


The engineering program is strenuous, but makes me feel like I am learning valuable things.


The size of the campus allows for many different programs and encourages exercise.