Texas Wesleyan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I love my school and I love the fact that professors know you so well here. However, that comes with a pitfall too. They know you so well; they know what you are capable of. This is not a school to slide easily through. I wish there was a football team, but we do have soccer, volleyball, basketball and tennis. I also know that the area surrounding the school is not that great, but development is in progress and I hope to see new shops and restaurants around near the campus soon.


Wesleyan is a private university so the expense is pretty steep compared to other schools in the area.


The neighborhood surrounding the school is pretty rough. It can be scary driving to the school ut once on campus it is safe.


The area that it is located in is a really bad part of fort worth, which was a really big turn off when looking at the campus and could really effect those choosing schools.


The location from first glance it looks a little ruff, but once you get to the school you realize it is not so ruff.


The security program which is at my school is relatively non existent. The school is located in a somewhat bad part of town and occasionally there are things that are going on which are of concern to the student body. Yet despite our surroundings we still arent able to change the security around the campus. The lack of security at our campus not only impacts the student body but also the surrounding community.


The worst thing about my college is that there is no school spirit or anything that brings the students together. There is not an intermural sports program or anything that would cause the students to want to hang out on campus.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the location. Not only is it in a run down part of Fort Worth it is also too close to home. I had a dream of being on my own, time for myself time so that I could learn and experience life for myself instead of it being handed to me by my parents.


Security is terrible. The worst part is that it is a great need due to the location of the school, and teh system is lacking terribly. I never feel safe at night.


The worst thing about Wesleyan is there is absolutely no school spirit. Hardly anyone goes to sporting events, mainly because we don't have a football team. I'm sure nobody knows our fight song and there aren't a lot of people on campus at most times. It is definitely not as lively of a campus as most other Universities.


In my opinion, the worst thing about my school is the expensive tuition. It was already expensive to begin with, and due to the condition of the economy, it has raised to currently being around $10,000 per semester, excluding books, which for me usually cost around $800. I also don't like it the amounf of money given back at the end of the semester for books, it's usually not even close to being half, and sometimes most of the books aren't even sold back.