Texas Wesleyan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I feel like all types of people should attend this school. Texas Wesleyan isn't for a specific "type" of person. I, myself am a person of "many hats" so to speak. I am a mother, student, employee, girlfriend, daughter, etc. I don't allow any of those things keep me from attending school and ultimately acheiving my dreams. Everyone should see college as a place to learn, not just in your studies, but about yourself as well. I know I have found myself in college.


Someone who wants a small personal place to be that feels like family.


The typical Wesleyan student is an athelete from a city in the DFW area. The student should know what area of academics they would like to study. If the student is not very strong in mathematics, they should take college Algebra at a community college, because the math department is very challenging. The student should not expect to party very much.


Anyone that's serious about doing something great with their life. I chose this school because of the pre-K to 6th grade education program. Those are the most vital years in a young child's life. It's important to have a teacher that understands this and makes the child interested in learning so they too can do something great with their life. TWU is the place to prepare those teachers for this.


Any kind of person should atten Texas Wesleyan. I honestly love the school. I think that the classes are great the teachers are awsome and try to help you out with any problems you have from school. Any person should ytry this school because everyone is so friendly and welcomed.


Someone who likes small campuses and small classes.


You should always visist first and meet some people to make sure the fit is right. People who like smaller campuses, greek life isn't their main focus and if an education major they should strongly consider this school. Greek life is okay but not what you see on TV. It is a small campus so it is different. Education is rated #1 in the state for this school so Education Majors should come and consider the programs available.


A person who is very determined and hard-working, someone who is strong emotionally, someone who wants to make the community a better place, someone who has an open mind, and someone who is willing to work.


The person who attends this school should be someone who places a priority on learning in a small campus, small classroom situation with a somewhat conservitive atmosphere.