Texas Wesleyan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Yes freshman year will be a bit challenging but not impossible, you must keep this in mind. It will take a while to get used to this new environment, but after doing so, you should be fine. Now the problem I experienced was becoming too relaxed. I didn’t worry as much as I needed to. I thought, well this assignment isn’t due for another month, why bother doing it now? Do not make this mistake! Go ahead and do it. You probably have nothing else to do anyways. This professor has given you the chance to finish this assignment before you become consumed with work from your other courses. This is your opportunity to get ahead. I made a mistake when I chose to wait. When it came time to do my assignment, I had about three others to worry about. This whole entire situation could have been avoided if I would have taken advantage of the opportunity I was given. Your freshman year will be full of new experiences, and new challenges. Don’t worry, just take a deep breathe think things out, but don’t stress yourself. Your freshman year will be an amazing year!


That every test and quiz MATTERS! To take more college courses so I would enter college with more hours.


Don't wait to prepare, even if you change your plans a hundred times, you are still getting closer to knowing what you want to do with your life.


I would go back and tell myself to get into college sooner. I was a high school dropout. By the time I was a "senior" I had moved halfway across the country and was in school for a cosmetology degree. I would tell myself that college is MUCH more difficult being a mother. I wouldn't let anything come between me and my schooling. I would remind myself of the dreams and aspirations I have. Some advice I would give myself would be to make sure to keep up with all of my school work. Keep my GPA up and make sure that I am taking the correct classes. I would also let myself know not to take classes at particular schools-as they are very expensive and not worth the amount of tuition. Mainly, I would tell myself to get it together and get back in school.


I would tell myself to listen to my mother. My mother consently tried to get me to take duel credit classes, but I would always push back and say no. I would also tell myself to take class way more serious. There have been times in college that I have been hurt because I did not take my high school experiance seriously. An example would be not having a good study habbit in place. In high school I did not study like I should have, and because of that I did not have a good study habbit when I came to college. I would also go back and tell myself to belive in myself. I think that most of the reasons I did't do good in high school sometimes is because I did't belive I could do so. I think most important think I would tell myself is to set goals. Because with out goals going though college and even life is hard.


Going back in time to when i was a senior in high school, i would first tell myself to concentrate ONLY on school and not so much on what was going on around me. My senior year in high school was the year of rebellion for me and i believe i could have done better than what i did. I graduated with a 3.49 and missed my goal to be in the above 3.5 club. It still bothers me top this day and if i could go back, that is the major thing i would change.


If it were possible for me to travel back in time and visit my high school self I would give myself advise. While attending high school I did not know much of the possibilities that were available at hand; having the knowledge I know now I would help myself progress in high school. If time travel were possible, I would assist myself by making sure I took the right classes and joined the right groups ahead of time. I remember finding out about Business Professionals of America (B.P.A.) and about the Accounting Club my senior year and not quite knowing what was going on or how things worked. If I could go back in time I would inform myself of these groups and join my freshman year to give myself a chance to do better. I would also help myself join the right classes that would help me expand my knowledge because knowledge is the most important asset a person can have.


I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships and don't get involved in a sorority just yet. They're great girls, yes, but there's too much drama going on and you will really need to focus on those biology and chemistry courses. Take time to get to know more people and attend as many study groups as you are invited to. Don't be afraid of your professors and ask for help, trust me, you'll need it on your first semester. The library's third floor is the perfect place to study, but turn your phone off. That's the most important advice, don't get distracted by the "aweosmeness" of what college life looks like, there's more to it than fraternities, sororities, and friends for life, you have a goal, achieve it, and the rest will follow.




I would have advised myself to go to college now.Instead of waiting till I was 44 to go. Because education is certainly an essential key to a better life


First of all college is not high school. You learn quickly that you have a ton of freedom, however there is a price. You are not going to have teachers who remind you that assignments are due, that reading the book is required to pass a test or if you miss a test you earned a zero. It is all on you now. Scheduling everything will be your biggest challenge. Join student government and other organizations because they will pay off like nothing else. Find the gym and make time in your schedule to exercise several times per week. Use the iPhone applications and textbook websites. They have saved me several times. Rent, trade or borrow books. Visit career services to help you revamp your resume. Even if you’re not looking for a job, some scholarship applications and graduate programs require one. Get to know your professors. Someday their advice will kick in and you will need to thank them. Professors might just provide a stunning recommendation letter if they know you. Now, go see that high school counselor that keeps bugging you to drop by her office for scholarship applications. You can never have enough money for college.


i would read my books for classes and study notes every day. i used to hate to read my book, but the majority of what the professors test you over is in the books not the notes. i have to read alot of chapters for different subjects. I would also not skip a day of reading or studying, because you never know when you going to have a quiz. I believe being one step a head will definetly improve your grades and lower your stress level.


If I could travel through time and speak to the 17-year-old high school senior, I would let her know life gets better. I would let the 17-year-old Melissa know life will not always be made up of people tormenting her for her faults and differences. I would let her know that once she reaches college she will know what it is like to have friends and be accepted; she just needs to hang in there. Life will improve. I would also warn her about her mother’s death when Melissa is 24 and I would also warn her about her homelessness when Melissa is 25 to 28 years old. I will let Melissa know those may seem like the hardest times in her life; it may seem like she will never be able to overcome either of those situations but if she can remain strong, she will have a better life.


I would have said to stay at a community college for the first two years to figure out what you wanted to do and not jump into the deep end by going to a big school with a lot of people. I would try and convince myself to go where the money was instead of attending my "dream school" that turned out to be a complete flop. I would tell myself that family is important and that I should embrace it because you never know how much time you have left with them. I would tell myself that prestige doesn't mean quality and that private doesn't mean bad. I would let myself know that failure is relative and that just because you are smart doesn't always garuntee success. I would encourage myself to apply for scholarships and establish good connections with powerful and successful people. But most importantly I would tell myself to follow my heart because thinking about everything becomes overwhelming and what really matters is that you are happy where you are no matter the circumstances or the place that you are in. If you are not happy, then find what does make you happy.


I would stress the importance of a degree that would be helpful. At the time I just picked Theater Arts and had fun. I did not realize what options were available and what degree would ave helped me in teh future.


“What have I gotten out of my college experience?” Confidence. That’s immediately what pops into my mind. Sure, I’ve gained enough knowledge, practical skills, and officer positions in extra-curriculars to make for one heck of a CV—not to mention friends and mentors I will treasure for a lifetime—but it is combined that these have had the most affect on my life, contributing to a stronger belief in myself that I was lacking in high school. Before college, I never felt like I was much of anything special. Maybe this is because I was home schooled and never had many chances to compare myself to other students to evaluate my progress, or maybe it is because being the youngest sibling to four amazing sisters I spent too much time comparing myself. Or maybe just being a teenage girl is enough of a reason, in and of its self. Whatever the cause, I know that the solution was all the opportunities my school provided for me to prove myself. The value of my attending college hasn’t been of the monetary kind (yet—hopefully, yet), but something I can continually bank on throughout my life: self worth.


I have learned that people really don't care about the same things they did in high shcool. This person is dating that person does n't matter in college. I think that the drama free environment is amazing for those who are really focused on their studies and are wanting to finish their education in a timely manner. I learned that you really need to study to get the grades and respect from the teachers that you are looking for.


The lessons I learned in college go beyond the subjects, I learned patience from my Organic Chem professor who allowed me to sit in his office day after day until I understood stoichiometry. I learned competition with a fellow student for grades was not only good for he and I, but also for the rest of the class bringing them up in performance. I learned time management and to never take the small things for granted, celebrate victories no matter how small and always make time for the people you care about.


I have gotten great examples of how I should be a teacher. They have been ggod and bad. I have leaned to listen to all my students and to make sure that I react to their needs. I have also learned that I must keep in touch with my future students when they leave my classroom. The teachers at texas Wesleyan pratice what they preach and make sure that the teachers they put out into the world are fit to do their jobs.


I would advise myself to stick with it, no matter what. In today?s world, having a college education is an invaluable asset. After graduating high school, it may seem like you have all the time in the world to go to school; however, before you know it, you get married and begin a family. Unfortunately, this often means dropping out of school before completing your degree. It is important to realize how important expanding your education is. College not only teaches you academics, it also teaches you valuable life lessons. This is a time to expand your intellectual knowledge, develop lifelong friendships, and build coping skills that will assist you for the rest of your life. It is also imperative to work hard and take the education you are receiving seriously. Although it may not always be apparent, the information acquired during college will be invaluable throughout your life.


If I went back in time I would tell myself to take some college courses in high school to get some college credits and knowledge of how hard some of the courses are. I would work on better study habits., high school homework and test where easier than college homework and test are. I would also prepare myself for leaving home and missing my family.


If I were able to travel back in time to my high school senior year, I would tell her to trust and believe in herself that she holds the key to unlocking the right furture. I would tell her to relax and remain calm during the hectic times of all her peers being frantic about thier college choices. I would tell her to go for what she knows she could do and attain in her life by choosing the right track. I would tell her to not be afraid of showing her full potential and don't just pick a college from a billboard on the train because it says call today yet she doesnt know why she is calling. I would tell her that the feeling that she has in the pit of her stomach at that very moment is normal and rushing into adulthood choosing the career everyone says she should do isnt really what she wants. I would ask her do you really want to go for something that doesnt fufil her interest. Then I would explain to her the mistake you will make if you don't truly reach for your goals.


Unlike high school studying is a major part of college. I would have informed myself in high school to make sure and study harder and get my head in the books so to speak. Studying has become a major part of college life and is essential to becoming a successful college student. I would also tell my old self to make sure that I could adequately clean my room because I've slowly foudn out that roommates can be extremely disgusting. Its also important to realize that your professors are not out to get you as is the common misconception. All of my professors have been extremely helpful and always been there whenever I needed to talk to them no matter if it was in person or via email. I would want to make sure that my old self knows that college isnt a scary thing but is something that can be conquered with hard work and perseverence.


The poet in me would tell myself the great words of Maya Angelou "I've learned that making a "living", is not the same as making a "life". I had my oldest son in high school and having someone there to push me would have made the difference in my career path. I thought I needed a quick fix, so I went to medical assisting school. Though I am grateful for my background, I wish someone would have said, live your dream. You have a passion, go for it. Life is not easy no matter what your situation is but you can achieve success if you focus and apply yourself. Just as the transition into mother hood was tough, this transition into college will be another battle, but a battle that can be won. Do not let fear guide you. Dont think you will fail if you have'nt given it a try. Have faith in yourself. You are awesome, and you will be successful.


If I had the opportunity to return back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would definitely tell myself not to waste time completing college. I would instruct myself on establishing a timeline or setting some goals that would help me to stay focused. I would also tell myself not to attend college right after high school but to take a break and enjoy the summer! I would also counsel myself on what type of career field I would be interested in working for the rest of my life and to have a back up plan if the first career choice did not work out to my expectations. It is very important that young people understand that having a plan and setting simple goals are easier than not having a plan at all.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself several things. I would advise myself to learn stronger study skills, because when I got to college, I never knew had to study, which really effected my grades. I would also tell myself to use my time wisely; you can party after you study. The most important piece of advice that I would tell myself would be that peer pressure is harder to turn down that it sounds. When you are in the moment of something you know is wrong, but all your "friends" are doing it, it is hard to say no. If those people are your true friends, they will still accept you if you say no.


First I would tell myself to actually put some thought into where I want to go. To not wait until the last minute and be stuck in a school you dread going to everyday. Make a list of the best five schools you could think of and actually visit the campus and not rely on a second party to tell you how amazing or horrible a school is. I would tell myself now and wished I would have stressed it to myself back in my senior year to have pride in not only your school but yourself as well.


Life as a high school senior. Time management is pretty difficult with applying for colleges & scholarships, preparing HOSA meetings, and studying for IB exams, huh? Well, my advice is to set your priorities! Yes, life is about living to the fullest and enjoying everything that life has to offer. But limits need to be reenforced! From my college experience, I?ve learned that students are given a great deal of freedom to choose what they want to do and when to do them. Therefore, it?s easy to become lazy or even the opposite- super involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. The most important reason for attending school is to get an education! So the top priority before all else is academics. Throughout the past year, I?ve been on a roller coaster ride trying to figure out the best studying techniques where I could best retain taught information. From starting with chapter reviews & writing side notes to rewriting and working countless problems repetitively, I?ve done it all. Although some methods worked, a lot of them didn?t. Therefore, I must say to simply focus on school and never give up! You can do it!


The advice that I would give myself is very clear and simple which would be learn how to manage your time. I found that the key to college is time management and if you are capable of during this not only will you succeed in school but in life as well.


Go to school now and don't put it off. It's hard to get back into school once you take off and it gets harder to receive scholarships and financial aid as you get older so you end up having to take out more loans or pay out of pocket. Even if you're not completely sure what career you want in life, go ahead and get into a community college and at least take some basic courses because they'll be required no matter what major you decide to take. Take some time with your counsellor and discover what you love to do and then go for it. Make sure it's what YOU love and don't do anything anyone else wants you to do. A great Confucious quote to live by: "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."


If I could go back to my senior year, the one and only thing I would tell myself is to wait. My senior in high school was supposed to be my greatest year. I made the varsity cheerleading squad and I was captain of the Track Team. Instead I started the school year off 6 months pregnant with my son, his father nowhere in sight. I transferred high school because; I was too embarrassed to face my friends and teachers. It is hard being a single mother and having 2 kids. I have to divide my time being a mother first, a full-time employee and a full-time student. If i would have waited, I would have been able to dive head first in the college experience by living on campus, maybe joining a sorority, and the opportunity to enjoy all classes. I have been given the opportunity to go back to school. I would like to be able to enjoy that, by not worrying about the cost of school. Please consider me for this scholarship. As a High School Senior I did not think about the things I did and what the consequences would be.


I would advice myself to pay attention in class. If I did not get to know all my class materials in class, and if your having trouble in class ask the teacher. The most important thing I would try to advie myself is to move schools. The high school that I was going to did not help on going to college. As soon as I got to college I was confused with the material they were teaching. I was also schocked that the freshmans in college knew this material the teachers were teaching college. I knew my high school teacher did not teach me good enough and so I think I would of changed school for that fact.


You need to learn how to be organized. Between work, classes, homework, and social life, everything is about timing. You have to use every minute wisely. This helps prevent procastination. If you plan out your day and know what your should do at every hour and actually do it, it helps greatly. You are responsible for everything yourself now. Only you can make yourself succeed.


As a senior in high school, I had a general idea of what was in store for me when I arrived in college. For me so far in college, it's not attending classes and making the grades thats the issue, it's knowing that I could have gone to a better school that dwells on me everyday. Wesleyan to me was just a 3rd choice of schools, and I ended up going to it because the other two I really wanted to go to (University of Texas at Austin and Texas Christian University) were just out of my current price range, even thought they accepted me and offered me partial scholarships. I had a very good high school resume and was top of my class so I could have ended up with a much better outcome, and it annoys me that I just ended up settling for an average school rather than an exceptional university because of financial constraints. So if I could go back and tell myself to apply for more scholarships other than just the ones the school offers, I may be a student at a more recognized university and I would be enjoying myself much more.


If I had the opportunity to talk to myself again as a high school senior, I would express the extreme amount of responsibility that comes along with being a college student. It is vital that you maintain a relationship with your school counselors in order to keep on track with your degree plans. Each semester it is the students responsibility to make sure they have registered and are taking the proper courses in addition to setting a class schedule that allows time for study and extracurricular activities. Being a student-athlete this is extremely important. I spend many hours in practice and on the road, therefore my schedule is very full allowing little time for social activities. This can be very demanding, however I would express that for all the time and effort you put into a higher education the return will be much greater.


As a freshman high school student, I felt that I had plenty of time to know which college I would like to go to and didn't have to make my choice any time soon. But time flew by and it came around time to pick and a college to venture off too, but I had yet to choose a college to attend. Well, I pannicked, I didn't know what to do, where to go or what to think and I was stuck just focusing on colleges that were around my area. So trust me when I say that all parents and students need to seriously plan ahead before time slips away from you and you would have to choose a college that you aren't happy with but is good to go to for the time being. I had all my high school time to think and know what college I wanted to attend. I waited too long, and I really do regret that.


I think everyone should visit colleges. You may think you know what school is best for you but you should always visit and find the place that best fits. Even if that school is not a known school and is small, if it is the best fit for you then you should go. Meet the people, the professors and the staff. Ask as many questions as you possibly can. Even visit and sit in on a class for the major you may want and see what it is like. Every school is different just like we are all different. Take the time to explore and find a place you feel that fits with you and makes you feel like home. Don't settle for a school because it is popular or because your friends go there. Everyone has a place that is good for them. Take the time to really look and discover what is out there for you. College will be some of the best moments of your life. Get out there, be yourself and enjoy every moment of it because once you graduate you will reflect on all that you have gained educationally, personally, physically and emotionally.


Parents need to let their children decide for themselves where to go. Students need to pick where they can see themselves progressing the most and can make the most of their future.


Parents-let your children pick which college they think is best for them. Your pressure on them to attend a university you want them to attend will only make their stay at that certain university stressful. Students-pick the school in which you can see yourself progressing towards a bright future. Make sure the school has the appropiate programs offered you wish to major in.


Parents-Do not pressure your kids into your almamater or the university you wish you would have attended when you were their age; let them make their own decisions. You have had your college experience, let them have theirs. Students-Pick the college you feel the most comfortable at., because after all, it will be your new "home" for the next four years. Be sure it's a place where you can see yourself excelling, being social, and doing better for yourself. Take into consideration that they have what you need in order to make you future goals come true. Make sure the university offers the appropiate programs you need, and be sure you know the university help you reach whatever it is you need.


There are several factors to look at when searching for a college, the first piece of advice to look at is class size. Class size determines the effectiveness of learning for some students. Professor's creditials are secondly also very important for their knowledge will be used to create intellect in your child. Also adequate involment with programs and activities to get involved with outside of school work can help broaden a persons mental acuity and help the student explore other avenues of interests. It's also vital to check out finanicial resources the school has to offer. Emergencies do arise and education then may be haulted if not enough funds were allocated in the beginning of the year. Most importantly checking degrees offered at particular university. It makes perfect sense when choosing a school to see if they even have your degree of interest.


Make sure that the student actually wants to attend the college. Some times parent are the ones who wants the student to attend a certain college. This can develop problems. Usually the student wants to transfer a year or so later. Sometimes credits do not transfer over; then the student has to make up for the credits lost.


College is a huge deal. I have been to four different colleges and I finally decided that Texas Wesleyan is the best choice for me. Never let anyone decide for you because you will never be happy if you do, trust me! Parents I know that money can be an issue but there are so many loans and scholarships out there so your child can get the best education that they deserve. I strongly advise getting involved with campus life and living on campus because you make so many lifetime friends and have so many memories.


The need for college is a 'no-brainer'. Picking the right college is a tougher proposition. My advice regarding this would be to start early (in your sophomore or junior year of High School) by getting information from and about different colleges and talking to graduates who are already attending college. Find out what the colleges offer, what you can major in and what the general philosophy of the college is (conservative, liberal, smaller college or bigger university, small town or big city, etc.). Look for a college that fits your personality. A bit of investigative research about specific colleges will help you to find a short list of colleges that give you a positive feeling that you would fit in at the college. Once you have this short list, try to visit these colleges. Visits during the school year are good, but visits in the summer are also profitable. Information is a key to making a wise choice. Once the college is chosen and you've graduated from high school there is only one way to succeed - hard work! Remember, your main goal is to get a good education and it is something you have to work at.