Texas Wesleyan University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The lack of dining service quality and unsafeness


I wish I had knows that sometimes staying in the dorms is a better option than commuting, you get to interact with classmates, be more involved, and attend study groups at all hours.


The financial info at first was not as clear. I had to ask a lot of questions how to get started on loans and what to do.


The student advising here at the campus is something that I wish i would have known about before becoming a freshman at a university. Its important to pick the right courses and make sure that your adviser knows what they are doing and helps you to pick the correct courses. Otherwise you may end up with the wrong classes and you then thats an even longer process to drop them, and then pick up other classes. And by that time you may actually be behind in the classes so its good to get it done the first time.


I research lots of information about the school, so I was prepared when I went through the enrollment process.


I wished that I had learned more about my subjects in high school. I did not get to learn much when i was in high school. High school was so easy for me. As soon as I graduated from high school I knew that I wanted to attend a college, so I enrolled. Once I was in college it was hard for me to keep up with everything that was going on in my college classses because I did not learn what we were learining in college from high school.


The one distinct thing I remember before attending this school is that everyone praised how "approachable" the teachers are. However, most of the teachers are impossible to get ahold of or are not willing to meet with you to discuss topics in the class. Texas Wesleyan is an OK school if you just want to get your education and not be bothered, but if you want to live the college experience; and go to sporting events, have school spirit, fratertity/sorority parties, etc, then Wesleyan is not for you.