Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We don't really have traditions, so I'd have to say the Little Chapel in the Woods, where they have marriage ceremonies.


My school is best known for our Nursing Program.


My school, Texas Woman's University, is best known as one of the first women's colleges. TWU is famous for women's rights and even some of our faculty (granted it was a long time ago) had helped passed Title IX. My college is very old and is well known to North Texans everywhere for our pride in women's (and minority's) rights.


Anything within the health profession. When I was telling people I'm Pre-Physical Therapy the first thing they'd ask is if I was going to Texas Woman's.


Its nursing program.


the nursing program


My school is best known for its amazing recognized undergraduate status. It has an amazing nursing program that prepares you for the real thing out there.


As to my knowladge the school is best known for nursing and for the arts.


Texas Women's University is known for their excelling academic status and also for their prestige recognition in the preparation in Healthcare professions, which are one of the main reasons that I choose it. Coming into a school that would prepare me academically to get at the level needed for the Dental Hygiene program really showed importance, and I think that the environment of sucess greatly influenced my choice.


My school is best known for being one a liberal womens college and for being an accredited university.


My school is best known for nursing and dental hygiene program.


Texas Woman's University is best known for its nursing program. The nursing program is one of the oldest in the United States in addition to being one of the largest nursing programs in the country. This program offers a lot of flexibility in that you may be eligible to take the "fast track" nursing program and finish much earlier than most students.


Nursing program. If you are interested in nursing, kniesiology, occupational therapy, and/or physical therapy we are an excellent school. We also have a great Health Services/Adminiatration program that you can combine with an MBA.


Above being a all woman's school in its upbringing. It is commonly known for its elite Nursing program. Very competitive. Forces individuals to be the BEST they can be.


Our Nursing school is one of the best in the country. Also, our master's programs are the best.


TWU is mostley known for their nursing and physical therapy programs.


Texas Woman's University is best known for their highly competative undergraduate nursing program, amazing gymnastics team, and graduate psychology program.


Texas Women University is best known for it's friendly atmosphere. It is a great place to get an education and friends that will last a lifetime.


My school is best known for its nursing program and being a woman's university.