Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


There are a very limited number of males at the school, so when I talk to my friends about the school I often try to persuade my male friends to attend by talking about all the female students at school. This usually excites them, and perhaps they don't consider this university as their first school of choice, but it is a great school with amazing programs so I use the fact that it is a predominately female school to my advantage in hopes of getting them to consider the university.


I say that it is rated second best in the United States when it comes to there nursing program and it is a smalller campus.


The beautiful campus and the different things we are presented to do.


The small class size and the accessibility of professors


I would brag about the illustrious campus. It is very appealing to the eye and very well kept. Everyone is friendly and willing to help in any way possible. Students are proactive and supportive of one another. The faculty and staff members are very accommodating.


I tell my friends that my classes are very interactive and my instructors make learning fun. I also like to mention that everyone I attend school with is mature, easy to get along with, and just as interested in learning as I am. I do not feel distracted as I have in junoir college, where younger students go to figure out their path. TWU is well established and makes me feel at home. I have never enjoyed school as much as I have here. There are many like myself to form connections with.


I am actually a very big bragger, so when somebody asks me where i go to school and I say Texas Women's, I am proud to say it. We are a little school, but at the same time we have a lot of things to be proud of. Our dance department is ranked in the top 5 dance schools in America, we have one of the best nursing schools, and your kines department rules! Just because we are a smaller university than most, does not mean we are an underminded school. Go Pioneers!


I love the small feel of the campus, It's very personal and easy to connect with other. I also have had great oppurtunites to become involved and work on and off campus.


I tell them that it is well known for the Nursing Program and getting into the program is very competitive and cut throat. I brag about this because that is what the University is well known for. Nursing is not my area of study but it is nice to tell others what T.W.U is recognised for.


The people I meet are nice and understanding which can make a school very enjoyable.


I brag about three things equally when I tell my friends about my school. I brag about the friendly atmosphere of the campus. Everyone is willing to help anyone. "Thank yous" and "you're welcomes" fill the campus air. It is a nice thing to be surrounded by so many friendly people. I also brag about the beautiful town of Denton, which is small and quaint but near the exciting and fun Dallas, and is filled with so many friendly people who are all around the same age. I also brag about the intelligent and helpful professors.


I brag that my school is one of the best schools in Denton although it is rather small. With it being a school with majority of women attending, I believe that it is a great school if you want to get your education on the right track. You don't have any time to mess up with your studies because it's not a bad environment, and you really don't have a chance to get side tracked unless you make it that way.


When I brag about Texas Woman's Univeristy, it is usually to say that my degree program is nationally ranked and is the highest ranked in Texas (physical therapy). I also brag that my school offers a fast-track Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree in a total of 6 years (my degree plan). I brag that being a Kinesiology major here is challenging but incredibly fun at the same time. My classes are very small and the professors in my upper-level classes really care about my personal success. Our football team is also undefeated ;-)


I brag about mostly how it is an accredited four year university. And how there is always something to get involved it around campus. I love my school and its entire environment.


The location is great


Texas Woman's University has a very high-quality, highly ranked nursing program. I am doing very well to be an Honor's student nursing major at this school. It is well-known as a big accomplishment to graduate as an RN from TWU.


The Creativity, Friendliness, and Diversity of the students that attend here.


I brag about the great education I am receiving. My teachers are great educators and I am learning a lot. My classes are challenging but my teachers are very helpful and want everyone to succeed. I also brag about the class sizes being just right. My friends at bigger schools have some classes that are 500 people and they are struggling. I really enjoy the smaller classes where the teacher actually knows who I am and feel I do better because of it.


I tell people that TWU is a great school. The class sizes are just right, and all the professors are nice and encouraging.


I tell my friends how much I have learned about patient care in Nursing school and how well prepared I will be when I enter the workforce. I also tell them how hard the work is and how much time it takes out of my life.


The small size and ability to walk to all buildings on campus. Also the friendlyness of all the people (faculty and students) on campus.


The classes are big but not too big and the area is very nice. I love my drive to school, it actually relaxes me. The proffessors here actually do whatever they can to help the students succeed.