Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about TWU was my mentors. Many of the professional staff at the school (teachers and program coordiators) helped shape me and guide me for my next step after graduation. They helped me through difficult times and were always there to give me adivice or just be a listening ear. Each of my mentors helped me see the pros and cons to multiple life decisions and contsantly encouraged me to reach whatever dream I was seeking. I would not have made it to graduate school without their help.


The smaller classes offered at Texas Woman's University is by far their most favorable factor. By having an average student-faculty ratio of 22:1, I am able to have a more hands on experience in the classroom. I acquire a better understanding of the material being taught through the allowance of questions to be asked during lectures. Furthermore, my ability to form a familiar relationship with my professors makes the classroom environment more comfortable. Establishing an applicable foundation of information is important since I want to be successful; therefore, I find these small classes to be very beneficial.


It is a very competitive school to get into. This means that everyone that is there has worked hard to be where they are and will work hard to get where they want to be.


It's the same education you would receive elsewhere, but much less frustrating to deal with, more user friendly and safer feeling.


The best things on campus are the students. Everyone is very friendly, and they are always more than willing to help. Students help one another not only in class, but out of class as well. There is a great amount of facility to just talk to the person right next you, and ask for help or advice. Students like to work together and learn together.


The best thing about TWU is that classes are small and more personal. I grew up in Austin and always heard horror stories about the 500 person class at UT, and never wanted to experience that. Also, TWU truly cares about its students. Programs, such as the Honors program that I am in, support students not only in their accademic growth, but social and personal growth as well. In addition, TWU is very generous with scholarships, so many students are able to get through their undergrad program without a dollar of debit in loans.


The class size, the classes are small enough that you get to know your professors and improves the learning environment.


The best thing about Texas Woman's University is all the extra help avaliable to students


TWU is unique because of all the female students. Being a girl, I always feel very welcomed with all the other girls around. Anyone is open to help others out and its a very special feeling of being accepted at this school.


I haven't attended the college yet which is why my answers to all the questions were not applicable or neutral or just randomly picked. I 've heard great things about the University and I look forward to going there but I do not have any first hand experience of that college.


I think the students are the school are racially diverse. Moreover, the school is very accepting toward diverse cultures.


The best thing about my school is the fact that it's mostly women related. The women that attend this school feel empowered to know that we run the school and we are the ones coming first as opposed to the male dominant world we live in.


The fact that the classes are small and you get alot of one on one with the teachers. Also, you really get to know your fellow students and gain many friends.


The best thing about Texas Woman's University is its campus. The size is small - its tucked into a neighborhood in Denton - and there is adequate parking for commuting students. The facilities are far superior to other colleges I've attended, and the diverse student body feels accepted and supported by the staff. Because of the small campus, TWU students get to know each other, often waving and saying hello to one another between classes. I have never felt more at home at a 4-year University.


Texas Woman's University openly accepts individuals for who they are and strive to help all their students achieve whatever goals they desire. There is musch space at TWU, but the classes are easily accessible and within walking distance from many homes, restaurants and stores. My teachers have always provided a strict yet friendly atmosphere and have been supportive in helping in my success.


It's small; everyone knows everyone. You become comfortable with the people that are constantly surrounding you.


I am going to start attending Texas Woman's University in the Spring semester of 2010 and I believe the best aspect of this school is the size and location. I chose this school based on word of mouth from Co Workers and Professors and heard many positive comments and I was hooked immediately.


The education I receive at Texas Woman's University is the best thing about my school. TWU and the professors provide many opportunities to be successful each class. The professors' are easy to approach and talk to. One can really tell that they are for you, and want you to succeed in their class. TWU also offers help labs and tutors to give you extra help, and a different way of learning a subject from someone else. I would recommend TWU to anyone. I enjoy going to my classes and knowing im getting a great education.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the small classrooms. I enjoy the one-on-one time that is available to all of the students who ask, want or need it. I enjoy my professors knowing each of their students by name so there is some type of feeling of importance and care for the progress and work that each student is putting into the course. The small class rooms also allow students to ask more questions rather than a professor simply just distributing information and the students having to dissect it and figure it all out.


Location and prestige


It's a comfortable environment. People are the school to learn and get their degree. It's not a party school or anything of that nature so you know the students here are level-headed.


I attend the Houston campus, so I get to study in the Texas Medical Center which allows a lot of experience with a variety of hospitals and nurses.


it's awesome! small campus with small classes so we're pretty close here.


My school was very open friendly. lol


The two biggest reasons that I chose TWU is because the campus is quite small, it takes about 15 minutes at the most, to get from one end of campus to the next. Also, the campus is really pretty the landscapers do a really nice job of maintaining it.


Texas Women's University has many resources open to the students whether it is plenty of internet access or student services like free HIV testing which I think is important.


My school is considered one of the best nursing schools in the country. I think that's great since that's my major. It really makes me feel like I chose the right school and that I will have an easier time finding a job once I graduate.


The greatest thing about Texas Woman's University is definitely the professors in the music therapy department. Although I have had a lot of frustration from the administration, my professors within my major have made it all worthwhile. Sometimes the classes are very difficult, but the professors are always willing to wait after class to help me out, and they always make sure that the students in their classes have all the tools they need to succeed. In my opinion, they go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their students learn the material.


The size, its somewhat small and so the classroom environment is more intimate than most. This enables students to really become comfortable with their peers and instructors.