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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I am not necessarily sure if my high school self would listen to my adult self. I would, however, tell myself to solf down and figure things out. There is no need to jump into things and impulsively decide what to do. Figure out what you like and what your interested in and go from there. Another thing I would tell myself is: athletics will only take you so far. It is nice to participate in sports while you are in school, but for most people a life in professional sports is not likely. So, figure out what you are interested in and passionate about and see if it is the right fit. Talk to individuals in the field and get their take on things. Go to places and ask questions to professionals. It is important to have a game plan, otherwise you will still be searching for the right fit in your thirties!


College has provided me with opportunity, and it is my gateway to the adult working world. College challenges me and it forces me to recognize that hard work, good habits, and a strong desire to accomplish my goals are essential to success. I firmly believe that it is providing me with the tools that I need to be useful in the real world. College informs me. College guides me. College instills in me the responsibility to balance my work and the rest of my life. College inspires me. College makes me think, wonder, and hope. It has provided me with a roadmap to drive through life. If there is one thing that I know will always be with me, it is an appreciation for the drive. Thank you college.


When i was in high school, i was not the best student who had the best gpa or won extreme awards , when i started college i realized that i could change the status of my education and make it better for my self. My college experience has been greatly rewarding, i have learned many things, that I did not get a chance to learn from when i was in highschool. College really opened up my eyes and made me realize that regardless of how my highschool education was, i still can go to college and get a real deserving experience and make it right . I can gladly say that my college experience , has been valuable to attend because, i got a second chance at making the right choices regarding my education. I can honestly say that i've had a chance to earn a high gpa and now I 'm able to go to any university of my choice to continue on with my education. My college experience has not only been rewarding but also a long beautiful journey of new unfolding things, it has been a great ride and i can say that i'am proud of my self.


I am now an expert at staining pottery and I wax lyrical about childhood experiences in 5-paragraph-form essays. Radians and vectors for velocity are a breeze to my brain, and I can easily ace a trig exam in fifty minutes. From Shakespeare to Poe I can dissect, restate, and evaluate in an organized fashion. With my Canon, I capture only perfect angles of light. I can fluently greet you and tell you my name in Spanish, Russian, English, and French. I have a collection of memorable quotes from Lenin, Lincoln, and Luther, and I recite chemistry formulas while I drive. I have a 4.0 GPA and a 1790 SAT Score. I volunteer at blood banks, homeless shelters, and daycares. I am a zealous over-achiever and go-getter, a cream-of-the-crop applicant. I dream for change, for a wake-up call, and for world peace. And most surprisingly, I see that what stands as a barrier between myself and that which I aspire to be, isn?t the size of my dreams or my level of persistence. It is in fact, money, which in contradiction to what scientists say, does make the world go round.


I have learned so much and grown a lot as a person. college has helped me get where I want in life and made me a better person! it helped me become a couselor and help others, like I have dreamed over since I was a little girl.