The College of Idaho Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We are known for having well-rounded students that work hard and also excel in non-academic activities such as track, baseball, volleyball, and basketball.


Our school is known for our rich diversity and close bonds we all share. We all work extremely harding duirng the academdic week but still find time to support all our fellow Yotes, whether it's on the basketball court or baseball field. We all come from different backgrounds, ways of live, and family situtations but from close ties that go on past the class room. Our school has a strong education focus with professors who love what they teach. The school offers many research opportunities and internships.


Academics and professors


The College of Idaho is best known for giving its students a close knit, tightly run liberal arts education that allow them to flourish in the future.


The College of Idaho is probably best known for its rigorous academics and the quality of students it produces. As graduates, we are prepared to fully participate in our jobs and our communities. We have spent the last four years learning to succinctly state our views and this skill combined with our academic knowledge makes us uniquely talented at communicating in work and academic fields. The College of Idaho is known for fostering long-lasting relationships among students and faculty and for developing strong-minded, intelligent graduates who think about not only themselves, but the environment and their community.


A supportive faculty and small class sizes. With recent student growth, measures are being taken to reduce the number of students currently over-filling the classes.


Well, we have a great debate team, they just won a really big "meet". The volleyball team has like, a 42 home-game winning streak. The professors are all well known in their respective fields, and the class sizes are great... I would say that we are not very well known for any one thing in particular, actually, our college is not really very well known at all, but when you get here, that's when you can see all the great things about this school.