The College of Idaho Top Questions

What kind of person should attend The College of Idaho?


People who enjoy interacting with classmates during class discussions and group projects will thrive at this school, where semester-long group projects are a keystone for the majority of classes and enthusiastic participation in in-class discussion is strongly encouraged. At The College of Idaho, you need to be an excellent time-manager in order to fit rigorous coursework, late-night hangout sessions with friends, and involvement with clubs and college-sponsored events into your busy schedule. Professors here are approachable, but you need to be invested enough in your education to seek them out when you need help.


Most students are not just looking at four years of college; they are looking towards an employable career. College is an experience that the student cultivates. At the College of Idaho, sudents ask questions and strive for answers; they find outlets and balance, and will make the most out of any situation. Potential students can combine with the efforts of a college to produce an asset to the world. I want to work towards community.I want to be able to help students like myself – driven, tenacious, and filled with potential. These students belong to the Coyote community.


A person that wants to belong to a community, and likes small class sizes and a more personal college learning experience.


All types of people are accepted at The College of Idaho. We have a very diverse group of students ranging from students from different countries, to students from across the United State and students from the same town. The College of Idao represents students that are interested in art and theatre, teaching, medical fields, business, and health fields as well as many more.


Someone who is looking for a tight-knit community. Caldwell is a pretty small town, but there is a lot of stuff to do, and we have clubs and programs that are always scheduling events. If you are looking for small classes, personal professors, friendly people, and close friends, this is a great school for you. I was really surprised when I got here that everyone, guys and girls, professors and staff, will wait and hold the door for you. I think that is something that sort of defines our college-- it's really personal.