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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Visit as many schools as you can, and choose the one you like the most. Money should come as a secondary issue, because financial aid IS available. Be sure that the goals of the school are in line with your own. I attend a liberal arts college, and that works great for me, but some people prefer the specialization of a university. It's all about where you feel you will do good work in school and have a healthy social life. I like to say that high school is like a gun, launching a student into the real world at full speed, and that college acts like a suppressor allowing students to go at their own pace so that they have healthier and more valuable development. As long as the suppressor fits the student/bullet, you've got nothing to worry about. In short-If the shoe fits, wear it. The only problem with this is cost. But that's where institutions like Campus Discovery and Federal Aid can help. Fill out your FASFA early.


My advice? Without a doubt-- start early! Devote a little bit of time to it every day, researching pros and cons of each potential school, e-mailing professors, and definitely schedule a visit to your chosen college, it could mean the difference between being happy for the next four years or regretting the decision and wishing you had gone somewhere else. Also, look for as many scholarships as you can, they're out there, it just takes time and a little effort to find them. Once you get to college, my advice is to be yourself. Forget about all the drama that you experienced in high school; everyone else did. Just be yourself and meet as many people as you can. All of the other freshmen will be in the same boat as you are, away from home in a wierd place with hundreds of people they don't know, so don't be afraid to open up, they'll be just as glad for the conversation and friendship as you are!


To the parents, take your time and help pick out the school that you feel is best suited to you're child. To the student, once you have made that important decision get actively involved in the campus and find what works for you. Remember that academics is the main reason why you are in a higher education institution but don't forget that it is also a new learning experience and the begining of the next stage of life. Take it seriously, but also enjoy your time and enjoy the experience. Pat yourself on the back for making the right decision to further your education as it is becoming more prevalent in todays world, and trust that it will inevitably be better for your future.


Wherever you go, make sure you can afford it (or will be able to in the future) and that you will be able to find people you can network with for future career possibilities.