The College of New Jersey Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The College of New Jersery has provided me with more opportunity than I could ever imagine; the journey of me becoming a lawyer has begun.


TCNJ is extremely focused on a well-rounded education, in and out of the classroom.


An encouraging , engaging, and exciting experience.


Very reputable and focused on a fun, worthwile, valuable education.


Small beautiful campus but not in a very nice city.


A challenging school with a personal atmosphere.


TCNJ is "the hot college."


Consistently high-spirited.


It is a beautiful campus and to me the perfect size. It has a lot to do outside off campus as well. It is a challenging school but it is worth it in the end.


TCNJ is an excellent liberal arts college that benefits from convenient location, an intelligent student body, a gorgeous campus, and an inviting and enticing atmosphere.


In 2010, among only forty-nine other schools,The College of New Jersey was awarded the honor of being included in The Princeton Review's list of "Best Valued" public colleges.


TCNJ is a small, academically-focused, undergraduate liberal learning educational facility.


The College of New Jersey is highly selective liberal arts school that thrives on excellence and achievement in all aspects of life, including academics, sports, extracurricular activities, community service, arts, etc.


TCNJ is a great school that boasts a friendly environment for students to learn and grow. There is always something to do, with extracurricular activities ranging from club and intramural sports to political and cultural organizations, and everything in between. You will find yourself right at home here.


Nearly all students consider their academics top priority, and social life, while important to them, is secondary to maintaining grades and completing classwork.


The College of New Jersey is a highly selective liberal arts institution that is commited to excellence and achievement of their students.


TCNJ is a great school academically and for the value that you get based on how much you pay for tuition, but it is not very well known outside New Jersey.


The perfect fit.


TCNJ is the right fit for me; I found my life long friends here, took stimulating business classes with amazing professors, so many incredible resources are available here, the school prepared me for my internship and a full time job offer that came with it, and there are a lot of social events happening that I would not trade for the world. It is all around a wonderful school and I could not talk more highly about it.


My college is a welcoming, beautiful campus that has highly qualified professors who are willing to teach and help students succeed in class, while preparing students for their real world job.


academically challenging, with caring professors, and a beautiful campus when there's not a ton of construction


my school is different from other schools because it allows you be a unique individual and get a well-rounded experience.