The College of New Jersey Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I feel the best thing about my school is that it is small. Some people would want a big campus but having a small one has many benefits: closer knit community, less distance between classes, more impact on the community as a whole. It only takes a about 10min to get across the whole campus and if you have a bike it's even less with a bike rack at every building. Most of my time spent on campus is either in my dorm, eickhoff (cafeteria), in the library, or in class. I am in Wolfe Hall and the rooms are a nice size and even have a sink in it! (Super convenient) If you need to focus and get work done the library is the place to go, everyone is really respectful to keeping while people are working. (All floors are fairly quiet but floors 3 and 4 are specifically quiet floors) There is about a 20min walking radius around the school that is just suburban housing before you hit a main road. The closest thing to walk to is a dunkin donuts about 18min walk down the road. However, the school is in the process of building a "campus town" right on the school's property which will have a new bookstore, shops, and more apartments for upperclassmen. In the mean time, it is possible to walk or bike to the shops a far bit away or if you know upperclassman that have cars (freshman can't have cars on campus) then you can get a ride to places. The best thing I could suggest would be to join a fraternity or sorority because it is a great way to become involved on campus more and make a group of friends that stay with you your whole 4 years. Or sports teams are also a good way to get involved, stay active, have fun, and make a lasting group of friends.


TCNJ in a nutshell: The best thing about TCNJ is the fact that you can walk from your dorm to class within 5 minutes and on the way see at least 6 people you know. If you enjoy not feeling like a stranger, TCNJ is the right place for you. However, if you do want to get lost in a crowd; it is also possible. I myself know people because I am involved in organizations on campus. It's your choice to decide how you're going to spend the following four years. TCNJ is on the small side and there arent many eateries on campus(which is a good thing when it comes to the Freshman 15). Yet, there's a bar on campus and mulitple restaurants that have a 'downtown' feel to them. When I tell people I'm a student at TCNJ, I get multiple reactions such as the following: "That's a great school;it's hard to get into" and "um Never heard of it". That's when i respond, "Oh the OLD trenton State". That always works. I spent most of my time at the library. Yes, and that's because its the most beautifull building on our campus. I'm not a HUGE nerd I swear, but there's a cute cafe, and 5 floors! It's a very sociable environment; yet if you need your quiet time, you go to the 4th floor where you can hear a pin drop. It's the perfect scenario. ALSO, another place you will find everyone is the Student Center; the second place you can find me on campus. It's great! The bar is there,restuarants, school store,and anything you need. It's the centerpoint of campus. Also, the school is so centrally located that we can drive to the beach in under an hour, or to take a quick train to New York or Philly. TCNJ's administration is thorough, yet sometimes, like with most schools, a bit disorganized. The professors though are so personal, especiallly in the Nursing department. The classes are small, yet large enough for the teacher to not notice when you are missing from class because you're 'sick'. The most recent controversy on campus would be 'the budget cuts'. Since we are a public institution, we get less and less money from the state every year. Students and teachers alike protest and raise the issue on campus. We have 'Lion Pride' but I feel our school pride is minimal compared to other schools. One thing thats unusal at TCNJ is that there's constantly doing construction. Not like your typical school construction; there's ALWAYS something huge going on. It's kind of annoying because it ruins the view of some parts of campus.


the best thing is how pretty the campus is, i would change the boy:girl ratio, the school is much too small, people have no f-ing clue what tcnj is and ask if i go to community college, i spend most of my time in my dorm, hanging out with my floormates, there is no college town, just the college campus, tcnjs administration are idiots, the biggest controversy is keeping the crappy cafeteria contract, there is very little school pride, it is unusual how many students are from jersey and live within an hour of the school, i will always remember mural painting on my floor, watching movies all night, tw cafe runs at midnight, people complain it is too small and there is nothing to do