The College of New Jersey Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person should not attend TCNJ if they do not have a vigorous work ethic. This school has very high academic requirements and demands students to work hard and be motivated. A person should not attend this school if they do not wish to attend a small school that has a very close and interactive community.


People who want to succeed and be happy in life should go to The College of New Jersey. I have never seen a college that is more dedicated to challenging its students to achieve their fullest potential, while at the same time ensuring that there are good times mixed in with the difficult ones. The College provides Welcome Week to its incoming freshmen, a time for them to foster friendships that will last a lifetime and that will help them get through the tough academic journey looming in front of them.


Students who haven't already developed a strong sense of discipline, organization, and academic and social assertiveness will probably not be as successful here. The adjustment period is short, and as a student you have to be very independently motivated and focused from the beginning in order to get the most out of your experience. As well it's not a very ethnically or culturally diverse community. Socially it can be a bit disconnected and therefore disconcerting for those looking for diversity or a strong sense of community. The main focus is definitely on academics.


I feel that this school welcomes many people but fails to accomodate those who wish to pursue majors that are not common. TCNJ is a small school and doesn't have many majors to choose from. Majors such as chemical engineering, genetics, zoology, and agriculture do not exist and it is difficult to self-design these majors when there aren't enough classes that can support the academic study.


As a student of several years now it is easy to say that the best kind of student is the kind that is respectful to their teacher and to the other students in the class. Therefore, any student who does not attend college in order to participate at their highest level and put in the effort with respect to those around them should not be attending class at all. Only those who wish to learn, and truly take something away from school, should be there.


Students that aren't prepared for a challenge shouldn't attend this school because of it's rigor and heavy cousework.


This school is very accepting to everyone, and I believe that anyone can find their place here.


Any lackadaisical person who is not willing to take a challenge or try new experiences should not attend this school because they will not appreciate its mission to transmit knowledge, arts, and wisdom through very unique and fascinating experiences.


A person who is looking for a large school within a city.


Unmotivated persons not willing to put time and effort into their own education.


People who are concerned about school prestige, or who enjoy a lot of social options.


Someone who does not take their future seriously should not attend this school. Also, someone who is still in senior-itis mode who is not focused and motivated or ready for a serious workload.


People that are not into their schoolwork should definitely not attend this school because it is VERY demanding and challenging. Everyday I'm at the library doing schoolwork. It seems like the schoolwork is endless. So people that are slackers and not focused on school should not attend this school.


someone who does not like to interact with anyone else


People who do not plan on working hard for their grades should not come to TCNJ. The school is not easy, but it is extremely rewarding and if you do not plan on putting work in, you will not succeed here.


Someone who wants a very strict career oriented time in college and who is not interested in being a part of organizations. It does take some effort to get involved with school after the first semester.


someone who wants to attend a large school or wants good campus food


I believe this school can accomidate all persons. There are activities to fulfill everyone's interests so even if the person is not very outgoing, there is air conditioning in the residence halls.