The College of New Rochelle Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone whose main focus is on partying - don't waste your time applying. I'm not saying there aren't great times had here, but I am saying the focus is on education. It is not a party college. If you are interested in learning and getting a quality education, CNR is the place! Also, if you are focusing on a college that offers lots of sports activities, this isn't the place either.


A person who is not ready to be part of a community. CNR is a close knit school where you form a family with your classments that is full of diversity. If you dislike meeting new people and forming close bonds then this school is not for you.


Someone who wants large classes, where he or she able to have side conversations or not pay attention should not attend this school. Also, if you love having many friends and family members visiting or having house parties, then you should not attend this school.


private persons


If you are highly independent and like to do your own thing. There is a lot of requirements for attending classes and meeting with your professors here. If you live far away, you will feel like you are somewhat left out of the loop. The campus closes during holidays and the dorms and eating facilities are closed. You will need to find alternative housing or pay extra for it. If you enjoy good food, this is not the college for you.