The College of Saint Scholastica Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known the amount of papers I would need to write to complete my degree.


That very specialized classes (i.e., Arthurian Literature) would not be offered frequently.


That I would have so much more debt compared to other people because of the amount of loans needed to cover the expensive tuition.


The one aspect I wish I would have known before attending The College of Saint Scholastica is how the food plan worked. It took me up until the second semester to understand how the meal plan works. The meal plans are explained online, but the description is very vague.


I feel that I knew basically everything I needed to know before I arrived here. One thing, however is that it would have been nice to know what the public transportation in Duluth was really like. I had planned on riding the buses all the time, but once I got here I quickly learned that the bus schedules and routes were not as user friendly as I had been told. With that being said, I would advise high schoolers to "try out" the public transportation in the city of their school.


I wish that I had known the crucial importance of doing well your first years here. I struggled my first year here at the school and consequently was not able to be accepted into the Nursing Program. I wish that I had sought the extra help I needed from my teachers then. I would have been more succesful here knowing that. I now know that the faculty and staff are very helpful and will work for you and after some hard work and retaking some classes I have finally been accepted into the Nursing Program.


The price keeps going up because it spends money on stupid things it doesn't need.


how closed minded the people both at this school and the town are. And the weather sucks, fog, rain snow.......... Rarly sun