The Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg Top Questions

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Because you're going to a small private school, you typically will be taking classes with a similar group of kids. Like grade school, you become close friends with these individuals, and lasting friendships are made. Plus, since it's art school - all types of people attend. It doesn't matter their stereotype, there's a blend of everyone, with no judgements.


It is in one building and it has unique and fun classes to take.


It is very teacher oriented. They are very helpfull and care more than I have ever seen any otehr teacher care


My school is unlike any other, and is so much more than I ever expected it to be. Unlike many of the art schools I considered, ILIS caters more to Media Art majors instead of Fine Art majors, while still stressing the significance of art history. Another plus about ILIS is all professors have experience in the field that they are teaching, and are truly exceptional at passing their knowledge on. Also, the student environment is unlike any other. Computer labs, library, and student lounge, are great for doing homework and socializing. ILIS has Chicago nearby, and small town comfort.


When I compared the Art Insititute to the other schools I was accepted to, I realized they were moving forward in the digital age using old ways of learning and applying it to new media uses. Giving all the students what they need to walk out of those doors and get a job in their desired media field.