The New School Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Liberal artsy


The New School is bursting at the seams with innovative minds, creative ideas, and passionate students.


The New School looks like New York City, plain and simple. The high rises, the honking cabbies, the unique people. We have eco friendly and technologically advanced buildings (and of course, the Parsons building is the most unique of them all. The floor to cieling windows display frequently rotated art pieces from students and faculty alike.) and having the Big Apple at your fingertips more than makes up for the typical quad.


Its a diverse school for design


Higher learning for the artistic intelligent and curious mind, this school has a flexible and creative approach to education.


My school is very liberal and aims for critical-thinkers.


The New School is an eclectic conglomeration of philosophy's, individules, and buildings encompassing Manhattans East and West Village.


The New School is an innovative collective consisting of students and faculty from all over the world, brought together by dreams of creativity and social justice that will come to life through education in the heart of New York City.


The New School is full of "hipsters" and people who want to look "politically active" or want to save the world, but really have no idea what they're getting themselves into.


The New School provides a self-guided education: what you make of it is what you get out of it.


Extremely career focused and not a place to be for those looking for the 'typical' college experience.


Very liberal.


A very artistic school with a lot to offer.


You pay for the name.


my school is full or young artistic types who want to become important people.


My School is very free, free to be who i am, free to learn what i want, free to grow and stdy what i please, free to have the best college ecperience ever!


The New School: For Feigning radical views, hipsters, trustifarians, writer hippies, and those who probably did not get into NYU.