The New School Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


many are very cliquey, very boujee, stuck up


The students at the New School are very diverse; the student body consists of LGBT, Persons of Color, Disabled students of all ethnicity and demographics.


My classmates are the most cultured, authentic, and nurturing and accepting people in New York City.




The students in my school are very diverse. People come from different parts of the state, different countries. There is also a great variety of racial, religious, LGBT groups on campus. All of them get along very well with each other. There is no racial discrimination heard. Most students are dressed up very fashionable to class. Wearing high heels and pretty dresses. Guys are dressed up nicely and smart too.


We have a very diverse campus at The New School. Students at are school are very trendy and the only type of student who might feel out of place would be the preppy sorority type. Our school is filled up fashion-forward hipster type kids, of course there are different groups, but overall this is the general type of student we attract. Most students are from Los Angeles or other big cities. Students are extremely liberal and very active. We have often been known for protests at our school. Students do not tend to focus on the money they will earn, but rather, how they will change the world


The students at my school are very ambitious. Being accepted into the New School is very challenging so the students are always working, and doing work in the libraries and computer labs that are often always open. There is a extremely diverse group of students at the New School, culturally, racial, religious etc... The New School is very open and accepting of all walks of life, and often provides programs and events that cater towards the various groups of students enrolled. Students are from the U.S and international. Many students keep up with the news and social events going on, as the school is located in the heart of NYC.


Our school is extremely diverse. There are students here form all around the world, and from all different backgrounds. This results in a very tolerant and accpeting student body. There is no discrimination which makes for a very comfortable atmosphere. People are extremely unique so anything goes in terms of dressing. It's extremely nice to not be judged on basis.


At Parsons everyone is pretty much open. The school is predominantly Asians (mainly Koreans to be specific). There are very few African-Americans. There are a few hispanics, who are usually commuters because they are from the city. Speaking for myself as an (african-american) sometimes you may feel out of place but everyone accepts you. I've come to learn that everyone isn't as open-minded and as you get to know everyone they and yourself becomes more open-minded than before after learning about each other's differences. And yes different types of students interact. The most clustered, whom stay together are the asians because some are international students and it gives them the comfortability to have someone to talk to in their language in classes and outside of classes. Everyone is always talking about internships and their futures.


Parsons is very diverse! New york city is very diverse, hints why it's called the melting pot. You meet people from all over the world, which is great because you learn from them. Parsons is a very welcoming school, you will never feel like an outcast. Parsons is a non-religious school, the administration doesn't push any kind of religion upon the students, however Parson does support the LGBT community. Students would feel out of place if they come to Parsons thinking that it's campus based.. The students that come here are usually aware of the way Parsons is set up and they're already use to being in diverse places because a lot of the students here are foreign so they've traveled a lot in their lifetime already, so it's not a culture shock. Students don't roll out of bed them come to class, however students don't dress up either, the typical outfit would be pants, flats a nice jacket or blazer and your favorite briefcase or hand bag. Girls don't put on dresses and flats everyday and come to school and guys don't put on suits and come to school but we definitely are fashionably aware.


There is a very diverse population at my school, there's a big mix of races within the New School and a lot of student groups that unite people with their cultures. A good portion of our school is also from out of the country, so there's so much culture all around. We also have a large LGBT community. The New School is full of diverse amounts of people, and everyone finds their own niche within the school with a wide variety of people they can call friends. Everyone is always dressed their best at The New School, Parsons is one of the top fashion schools in the world, so everyone is always wearing one of their own creations, something they've thrifted, or the latest designs off the runway. It is never a dull moment in New School fashion.


Wealthy and Career Oriented and Creative


They are an inquisitive and enthusiastic group who I love learning with, getting to know, many of whom have become my friends.


Elevated and transcendental and highly motivated toward maximum success!


At the New School my classmates are passionate, creative, articulate individuals who appreciate the vast opportunities of New York City and are determined to engage with their studies in a meaningful way.


My classmates are very critical and analytical, they are the ones that help you to improve your work as their critics makes you grow as an artist; I would have to say that my classmates are not only acquaintances but they have become my friends that in the near future can help me improve as well.


As a student enrolled in the New School for General Studies, I have been in class with 18 year olds fresh from high school and 70 year olds who've lived in the neighborhood their whole lives; the best way to describe my classmates is diverse!


Smart, creative, different.


active and engaged


My classmates was always a diverse group.


Artistic, openminded, activists ready to promote social justice.


Constructive criticism and open mined opinions.


Focused, driven, creative, smart.


there is alot of cempetition


My classmates are very aware. They know the dark and dirty details of the biggest corporations and the most obscure bands and movies. They are elitist, but that is better than being stupid. And they are very proud of being tolerant and unique.


Classmates are very social, firendly and open to ideas and suggestions.


Classmates consist of a consistant 12 whom I have all my classes with and interaction with those in other majors is limited.