The New School Top Questions

Do you feel like you changed a lot?


Yes and no. I am changed for the better. To some extent I am still basically me but all the best things about me have gotten better. For example I used to write but I had stopped over the years. I am writing again and find my muse.


I don't feel like I've changed, so much as I've matured since I've come to school. People have always considered me very mature for my age, but I find theres a big difference between turning 18 and "becoming an adult" and learning to live out on your own. It wasn't shocking for me at all, going off to school, but looking back, I see how far I've come, even just learning to balance your school/social life with house work like laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. It all becomes very natural once you start doing it for yourself.


I feel like i've developed as a person, student, daughter, and artist. I don't feel like i've "changed" but i feel like i've grown and am continuing to grow into the person i always have been, with new perceptions. Being in college and having different obligations and responsibilities helps you form beliefs, practices and perceptions that you perhaps didnt have while in high school or still living at home. I have been exposed to some great people and opportunities that have challenged and inspired me. I have come across personal challenges and balancing friendships, relationships and living on campus. All of these things have helped me understand myself better, and knowing what I'm capable to balance being a student.


Definitely. Moving to New York City all the way from the other side of the world with no relatives here has pushed me to learn to be more independant