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The New School focuses on expanding one's ideas and concepts of design as compared to other schools which focus solely on technical skills. At the end of the day, most anyone can learn how to use a sewing machine. However, it is what one makes that sets one designer apart from the other.


My school is located in the heart of NYC with a wide variety of people, materials, and resources that can be used in my educational career. I am confident that I chose the right school due to its unique location and setting. Compared to the other schools I considered, The New School is unique because it does not feature a full-on college campus environment, rather it is situated in a bustling city and therefore contains much more excitement for the daily lives of its students.


The small class sizes and unique atmosphere. Most of the classes are under 20 people and it really lets you connect to the professor and gain a deeper understanding of the material. The classes are all seminar/discussion based classes instead of huge classes with hundreds of people at traditional universities. Here you are not just a number. You get a great amount of personal attention if you want it and you find yourself in a more intellectual environment. Students talk about academic subjects outside of class and are truly interesting in learning not just getting a degree or partying.


What I have found most interesting studying at The New School is that there is no real campus because New York City is the campus, individualized attention with 20 students or less, no competitive sports or mascots, and the ability to motivate its students for social change. They truly not only want their students to become professionals in their fields but activists in the world we wil in today. I love that they support the growing awareness of change.


My school is a very small setting urban feeling school. We have chapel which i have never heard of and we have these community outreach trips that the students really get into. The students travel the world such as africa, egypt, toyko. Any place you cant think of they go. We have speakers from all over to talk to the students. its a very great look in this school.


The New School offers an exciting, individualized program for non-traditional students who are completing their BA.


The school I applied for is an art school, quite private, it studies all forms of art like : fashion design, architech, art history, etc.


The connections that this school has after you graduate, and the reputation it has in the fashion and innovative field.


It's very intense and career-focused unlike other art schools. It's also more of a design school, but it values academic achievements and critical thinking as well.


The creativity and artistic attitude of this school is infectious. The experience is like no other.


The New School really works with non-traditional students who are trying to fit school into their busy lives. Also, a very nurturing environment is cultivated for the large number of people with creative minds that attend the university. In my experiences professors really draw on the resources and background of New York City and encourage their students to utilize all that the city has to offer.