The New School Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The expensive is so frustrating. It is a very expensive school and trying to find ways to pay for it is a very difficult and trying process.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the price of living on campus.


Let me tell you about the student population of The New School: hipters line the halls in an unnumerable and unnecessary way. With their ideological thinking and tight skinny jeans, they are taking over the school. The school, however, is a liberal art school in New York, however the definition of The New School should not have the word "hipster" embedded in it, which it currently does. I am what you would call "normal" amongst said hipsters. Although I think psyiologically, I dont act psyiologically, which is what hipsters strive to do.


I get frustrated with offices like financial aid and registrar, just because they're often hard to get on the phone. Sometimes it's confusing to know what office to call about what particular problem, and that can be a little overwhelming. But, once the problem is solved (like financial aid award questions, or transfer credit questions), it's solved. Aside from that, I've had mainly positive experiences.


No sports, very few community events.


Being in a large city, the campus is mostly spread out. There is no sense of 'school spirit,' and students who attend this school often wish they had the 'typical college experience' with a campus and campus parties, etc. This structure makes it difficult to make friends but as it goes 'you want what you don't have.'


We have a terrible bureaucracy. It takes five phone calls to get a straight answer on something.


There are too many fustrations to pin on one thing.


The only thing frustrating to me about the New School is the lask of feeling of community. Of course this comes with the New York City setting and is ultamatly better than the feeling of cummunity itself.


The workload at this school is ridiculous. The reason I voted so low on extra curricular activities is because there are none-- no one would go to them, we have no time to. But you learn so much here that it is worth it. also, it is super expensive to go to this school, not just tuition, but cafeteria prices and housing and art supplies, too.


THe lack of financial aid, the facilities, and the lack of intellect and talent among the student population!!!


there is horrible relationshop between the administration and the student body. a big communication error that needs to be fixed.


There is a huge lack of organization at the New School. It becomes very difficult to reach any school office on the telephone. You eventually have to GO to the office to talk to anyone. Also, the Financial Aid office is not as helpful as I believe it really should be.


Too unorganized and intellectual at times


lack of community space.


Everyone smokes, and I don't. That's pretty much it.


I think you have to realize that New York City is really like no other city in the world and you don't really know that until you live here. Sometimes, all the concrete and architecture can overwhelm and congest you, but you have to find the things you love about the city and appreciate them.


I can think of nothing about my school that has frustrated me.