The University of Alabama Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


From small to big classrooms, students tend to be quote friendly and helpful with material in the classrooms. It can also be viewed as an honest partnership to help each other if the material in class isn't understood.


My classmates are like myself, determined and a little intimidated, but still full of fun and passion.


My classmates are football fanatics.


I have a limited amount of engineering classes I have taken but the students in these classes are extremely smart.


Majority of the people I went to school with at the university were exceptionally quiet during lectures, in comparision with my high school classmates who would often time raise their hand at the very least. I did, however, make friends with those close around me and still continue a bonding relationship with the ones of which I shared similar interest with.


The classmates of mine that are in the New College program with me are some of the most amazing and uniquely interesting people I have ever met and will always remember.


My classmates are eager to help each other and almost always attend class.


Classmates tend to be willing to help and organize study sessions.


Most of my classmates are just trying to pass the classes they are taking.


My classmates were friendly, focused, driven, and helpful.


My classmates are very respected and dedicated.


My classmates are very diverse.


They are usually more focused on the weekend than class.


My classmates characteristics include fun, dedicated to their studies, willing to help other classmates, eager to learn and succeed.


The University of Alabama's class of 2012, is amazing. We are a really driven group of people who keep our eyes on the prize, but we all like to party after the work is done. Most people that i have meet are welcoming and nice although there is tension between races. The worst divid though is between the greeks and the non-greeks. Alabama is a great school but like anywhere else it has its faults.


My classmates were very interactive with disscusions.


My classmates are determined, commited to their academic work, yet love to have fun!


Upbeat, school-spirited, and easygoing.


My classmates for the most part are very friendly but this campus still strives on old southern heritage so Liberals are in the extreme minority on this campus.


My classmates are open-minded, respectful, persistant.


At the University of Alabama, all of the students, as well as the teachers, are extremely nice and are willing to help with any questions or problems that you may have. There is a great learning environment at UA that helps students feel at home while staying focused on their schoolwork and having fun.


The classmates I have experienced working with have all been easy to get along with and for the most part all very hard workers.


My classmates are focused and inquisitive.


Quiet, nice, mostly everyone keeps to themselves but they are all more than willing to offer help.


Most are white, with a bit of affluence. Most are in traditionally white sororities and fraternities. For the most part they seem friendly in person.


I have classes with a varity of people. My major is Interior Design so I have most of my classes with girls my age who are in sororities (I am not in a sorority.)


My classmates tend to be artistic, yet they tend to stray towards being anti-social and have a knack for immaturity in the scene of drug and alcohol use, and they tend to be very one-sided on most topics of conversation.


My classmates are friendly.


Friendly and helpful, we have a great time out of class. They come from all kinds of places and we get to work together a lot on multiple projects. I have not yet had a groupmate I couldn't count on to get the job done, even if they are nursing a hangover from Saturday night.


My classmates have always been stimulating in discussions and have helped me to see things from many different prespectives than my own.


They all dress just alike if they are in a sorority or fraternity.


They are very acceptable of every person in the college, and we learn from each other while guided by our instructors scholarly knowledge :)


Some classes are big and some are small.


They are intelligent and active in campus life.


My classmates were everyday people.


My classmates were focused and liked their major.


There is not a lot of diversity.


A lot of judgement and sizing people up.


UA is by no means the most diverse campus, but it is a long ways from being homogenous as well. While the student population is predominately white and from a middle class background, there are people from all different backgrounds. As long as someone comes in willing to give the school a chance and take the time to look for friends, there is no reason to feel out of place here. While there are always people who are afraid of diversity, most people are accepting of others. One thing that surprises many people is our international student population. You can always walk by B.B. Comer and hear groups of students speaking Arabic and Japanese. There are people who proscribe to every political party with Democrats and Republicans split evenly and a rising group of Libertarians. Most people are pretty moderate, however, though everyone has an opinion. One thing to note is that UA students do not wear the stereotypical pyjamas to class. The only time I have seen someone in their pyjamas was during finals and if they overslept and ran to class. It is an unspoken rule that you should at least look like you didn't sleep in your clothes. That being said, t-shirts and blue jeans are fine most of the time, though there will be some classes that you will want to make a bit more of an effort for. It all depends on the class and your own personal style. Of course, you can always see certain trends. Polos are always a classic among guys, there are North Face bookbags and jackets everywhere, Costa del Mar sunglasses are very popular at the moment, as are Sperry boat shoes and Vera Bradley bags. But if this isn't your style, you won't be out of place. It is all about personal preference.


The student body here at Bama is very diversed. They are all types of people from all over the country and some from out of the country. But you will surprisingly find out there are tons of students from Texas and Georgia. Many student are politically aware and you will see students campaigning for presidential candidates and/or some protests. These are usually peaceful. There are demonstrations on campus. Right before spring break, two traveling ministers came talking about the wrongs people are making and how they need to change their ways. The things they say are not what the University thinks. They come and speak in the free speech zones. But besides that the student body is laid back. They are just students trying to earn an education. If you are wondering what they wear, they wear everything from jeans to shorts to dresses. Everyone is free to wear what they want.


Most of the student interaction depends on the student, honestly. Most of the people I interact with are people who are in my same organizations and classes (Honors College). Yeah, I would say that different kinds of students interact. I am not involved in Greek life (at the moment), but I have multiple friends who are Greek. Also, I have met people from multiple socio-economic backgrounds. Most of us all hang out in the same groups. There is also a lot of political awareness on campus, which varies from left to right to center. I fall into the center category, and a lot of my friends do as well, but there are a few who fall to either side. As with the socio-economic backgrounds, most people with differing political views get along fine too.


UA's Student Body is diverse. I think most anybody would feel comfortable here. Student are from both in-state and out-of-state. Students of different types tend to cling together here. Politically, UA students tend to be more conservative, just like the state of Alabama.


I don't really think that anyone would feel out of place at UA. There's really something for everyone. Dress varies based on the individual. Some people wear t-shirts and jeans (like me) and others where dress clothes. UA has students from all over the country (and some from other countries) and from all walks of life. There really is a group for everyone here. Just be patient and find what makes you happy.


I'm not very involved in school activities. I have enough going on with class, studying, homework, trying to stay healthy, and whatever is left over I spend with my friends. Most people dress really casual to class. Not pajamas but shorts or jeans and tshirt. A student would feel out of place at UA if they were looking for a small school where everyone knows everyone and teachers notice when you are absent. All types of students interact with eachother. A lot of people come from big money, but you don't have to be rich to go to school here. Most UA students are from Alabama.


To class, it just depends on who you are or what time of the day your class is, to determine what students will be wearing. But, any given day you will see people in shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and flip flops. There are also the people who like to dress up or look nice for class. And some people, have a major where they are required to look nice, for instance Business or Education majors. Nursing majors may have to wear scrubs if they are in school already and there are also the ROTC guys and girls who have their uniforms to wear. But at 8 o clock in the morning, you will most likely see people in their shorts or pajama pants and a t-shirt and hoodie. It is a very laid-back environment.


Greeks. Right Wing.


There are over 200 student organizations on campus, so there is plenty of opportunity to get involved and meet people. Most UA students are from the state of Alabama, although many are also from Georgia, Tennessee, and other southern states. Believe it or not, there are also quite a few northerners here as well. Some people say that a lot of students here are from privileged families and depend on "mommy and daddy" for everything, but that isn't always the case. Yes, a lot of students do drive luxury cars (hummers, Lexus, Benz, etc.), but everyone here isn't privileged. A lot of students work their way through college. One big thing here on campus is Greek Life. About 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} or more of the students belong to a fraternity or sorority.


There are so many different groups on campus that I don't think I could name half of them. There's no way anyone could feel out of place at UA if they just signed up for a group. They would have friends within a week. It's definitely worth it to show up to Get-On-Board day and sign up for at least one group. At UA, I found that most students just wore t-shirts and jeans/shorts to class. Everyone is really relaxed I don't think anyone really tries to get dressed up unless they have to. It's not high school where everything has to be form fitting and itty-bitty. Come to class relaxed, stress-free, and you'll probably do a lot better. Most students at UA seem to be from the state of Alabama. But there is definitely an increase in students coming from out-of-state. There is usually at least one or two people in each of my classes that actually lives near me at home. No one really talks about how much they'll earn one day. Probably because they still don't know exactly what they want to do.


UA is a very diverse school. There are students here from every different background you can imagine. But for the most part, students are probably white Alabamians. However, there is nothing like Southern Hospitality. The Greek system is really segregated but you don't see too many people trying the knock those doors down so there really isn't any tension there. For the most part, students are very tolerant but you will find idiots at every campus.


The student body at UA is quite diverse. I graduated with only 50 people in my class, then I come to UA with over 25000 students! It isn't hard to make friends, especially when you are a freshman. As a senior, I think it is hard to make new friends simply because by this point most students have already formed their inner circles.