The University of Alabama Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for our incredible football program. Football season is by far the best part of the year. We have 15 national championships and are on our way to 16. Everyone on campus is very active in activities related to football. The games are incredible and an experience I cannot even begin to describe. Everyone is so involved and we have an incredilbe winning record and losing a game is an extremely rare occurance.


Football and sports




The University of Alabama is best known for football and Greek life.


The University of Alabama is mainly known for its successful sports programs. Our football team has 15 National Championships under their belt, and our Gymnastics, Golf, and Wheelchair Basketball teams are all exceptionall successful, as well. Our school is also known for our large Greek system, as our campus has over 18 sororities and several fraternities. Over 2,000 incoming freshmen women take part in formal recruitment last year, making our Rush the largest in the nation.


The University of Alabama is quite honestly best known for its athletics program. The Crimson Tide is dominant not only in college football, but also in our other sports programs (gymnastics, softball, baseball, basketball, golf, etc.). However, the academics of this University are often outshadowed by our much more publicized athletics. The University has top national programs in multiple academic areas, such as a law, business, engineering, and the sciences. If people were to do research, I think they would be very surprised how excellent Alabama really is.


They are known for their sports.


The University of Alabama is by far known for its football dynasty! Their team as well as many other atheletic teams on campus compete at a different level than the other schools in our division. We have won 15 national chapionships, three within the past four years! Roll Tide!


The University of Alabama is best known for their amazing footballs team. The amount of National Titles we have is what the entire country knows us for.


Football, softball, gymnastics


After every home basketball win, the students sing the "Rammer Jammer" song.


Getting ready for football games, tailgating with my sorority sisters, and at the games chanting our different cheers out to the crowd.




The University of Alabama is a very big sports school. With winning our fourteenth national football title this year, we generate a lot of attention to football and our other highly ranked sports teams. The gymnastics team won the championship last year, the basketball team progressed deep into the NIV tournament, softball was ranked in the top 10, and our baseball team recieves alot of attention. The football team, however, is what the university is built upon. Beating rival Auburn is a must at my school. And winning championships. And I'd say we do both pretty well. Roll Tide.


The University of Alabama is, by far, best known as a football school! Alabama students and fans take pride in the football team and how hard the school works to keep the football team at high standards. I have met students from Spain and Hawaii who have said they wanted to attend Alabama because of the love of sports that is here. I have also been a dedicated fan of the University of Alabama football team ever since I knew what football was. Football and school pride is a big deal in the south, especially at Alabama.


My shcool is best known for the National football championship title of 2010 as well as an excellent telecommunications department ranking top three in the country.


Thirteen National Championships! Need I say more? OK - That and Houndstooth. Thank you Bear Bryant! God rest his soul.


It is a little embarrassing to say but while I was in high school everyone said that my college is a party college. We are notorious for our crazy football fans that often party on the weekends or after a game. Also we are well known for our great football team that has won in the Nationals this year.


The University of Alabama is specifically known for its great athletic department not meaning sports in general but anyhting and everything involved with athletics. Also we are known for our great medical/ science programs.


The University of Alabama is best known for their winning football team. 13 National Championships!


This school is best known for its tradition and legacy that goes along with Alabama football. However, the same respect shown out on the field and in the stadium is the same that is brought back to the classrom. Greek life, including both fraternities and sororities are very famous here on campus, and proves popular throughout the nation.


Our school is best known for encouraging success in whatever field one decides to pursue. We strive for excellence in academics, sports, and life in general.


Football. One word describes what comes to almost everyone's mind when they think of UA. But there are many other things that the campus can boast about. I am an elementary education student and I can say from personal experience that the staff (teachers, advisors) are excellent. If you try and apply yourself, they notice and they help you every step of the way.




Alabama football, a lot of school sprit and pride!


Academically, The University of Alabama is known mainly for its buisness school. It is also known for its traditions around campus and its athletic department. Along with academics, traditions, and athletics, The University of Alabama has a very prominent Greek system.


UA is best known for their football team and school spirit. Although its big on football, they focus a lot on academics


For a phenominal football team.




The University of Alabama is known for its academics and its sports teams. The school and students here have made some great academic discoveries and strides and the schools football team as well as other sports on campus are receiving recognition nationally.


Football, social life, and academics.


The University of Alabama is mainly known for being a large , Southeastern university filled with rich tradition. It has a rich tradition in sports and mainly football where it holds the most national championships by any university. The academics at this school are also well-known for its subjects of business, medicine, and engineering. Lastly, Alabama is know for its social life with friendly students and the many activities it offers.


Alabama is probably best known for its greek system. Over a third of the students here are greek. And because of this, there is a lot of partying and drinking and some drug use. There have also been issues of hazing. But we are also known for our nursing program, business school, beautiful campus, and excellent student ammenities.


Great school spirit, great campus, always something fun to do, easy to stay out of trouble and great party school. Great academic program oif you can stay on top and do your work. College forces you to grow up and teaches you responsibility.


My school is best know for its Nursing Program, it is arguably the best in the state. We are also known for our 12 National Championships and recently being the number one football team in the nation.


Are school is best known for its strong heritage in its football program and the fans that this sport produces. The alumni give their first choice jobs to fellow alumni. The ROTC programs are excellent and train and commision great officers. I will be taking my commision in a few years from now. The oppurtunities on this campus are endless there are oppurtunities for everyone to get invloved. However the best thing our school is known for is its Strong tradition as a university and the schools Alumni


football and booze


Our school is most known for football and greek life.


Ranked in Top 100 among American Universities, Research, National Merit Scholars and Football (ranked number one in the country)


#1 SEC 2009 Great places to study Easy to meet people from all walks of life


My school is best known for its tradition and the phenomenal school spirit. It is also known for the comradery among the students and the students at UA are seen as a family rather than just a group.


The University of Alabama is best known for our success on the football field. The University of Alabama has won 12 national championships in football and is looking to add another title this year. The team is 9-0 and is about to move into the #1 ranking in the polls. Nick Saban has brought back the excitement and pride in our football team. Hopefully our success continues and the University of Alabama can reclaim it's name as a power house in college football.


Of course everyone knows that UA is known for it's FOOTBALL!! Roll Tide! However, UA is known for other other things as well. UA has some of the top ranked scholars and faculty and engages in tons of research to better our world. I love it here at UA and I am sure that anyone else who has ever been on campus on Gameday can tell you that the atmosphere is amazing and once you experience it you are hooked.


The University of Alabama is known for a friendly academic environment where you can acheive your dreams in the career you chose to persue.


My school is best known for it's football team. During football season at my school alumni, fans, and students all camp out on an area of the campus called the "quad," and have cook outs/tail gates until the game starts. People from all over the United States come to the football games and the team spirit is incredible. Although the team has lost its winning legacy over the past few years, fans stil remain as loyal as ever and continue to pay OUTRAGEOUS prices to get one of the "in high demand" tickets.


The football team


The Tradition of the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Palace they play in, The Fans that love them.