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My school is unique because there is such an incredibly diverse student body on campus. I have met so many people with a large variety of backgrounds, from all over the United States. And while the school seems huge I always see people I know while walking to and from class.


The culture at my school is very unique. Alabama was the only SEC school I really considered, so the culture involved with Greek life and football season are a huge change compared to the culture in the Midwest and Big 10 schools.


The University of Alabama is unique because of its heiritage for academic excellence and beautiful campus. there have been many renovations and additions to help accommodate the students and give them a pleasant place to grow and learn. I chose this school because of the friendly atmosphere and the beautiful campus, as well as the accommodating yet challenging curriculum. The teachers are supremely helpful when students are having issues keeping up or having trouble. The campus is very welcoming and inviting.


There is this energy that goes around that makes people just want to do good.


I feel like if I compare the University of Alabama to other schools I might have attended, what makes it unique is the easily acquired feeling of acceptance and home. Everything at the school, despite the large student body, makes you feel like you are more than a number and that you belong and matter.


The community at The University of Alabama is really phenomenal about coming together, whether for sports or for rebuilding following disaster (as in Spring of 2011, when a tornado came through).


The University of Alabama provides an atmoshpere of excellence and success to any and everyone who steps on the campus. Students who attend this university know that they are going to recieve a top notch education while also enjoying themselves through the various aspects of student life. This university is very diverse and has something to offer anyone interesting in furthing their education.


School pride is an important factor when keeping your focus on school. This school has the most school spirit than any other college I know of.


The University of Alabama is unique in it's vast diversity, yet family atmosphere. Centrally located in the deep south, I have met so many wonderful people from all over the country, particularly the southeast. The academic standards are high, and the campus is absolutely beautiful. However, the main reason I choose Alabama was the study abroad program they offered. Through this program, I was able to spend the spring semester at the University of Havana, in Havana, Cuba. It was amazing!


I think what is most unique is the diversity of the people that attend the University.


The professors are professional experts of their field and very helpful. Football is also a huge part of the community of this school.


The University of Alabama is unique because it is very diverse among the students who attend , the history of the university itself is very unique being founded in 1831, the university of alabama is also ranked as a top 55 publuc university in the nation, besides academics our athletic program could be said to be one of the best having national championships in several sports.


The campus has a friendly feel and most places are within walking distance. The professors and department heads are always willing to help. The university encourages the incoming freshman to socialize and make friends.


I love the campus at the University of Alabama. It is exactly what I envisioned college life to be. There is an aura at this school. It is perceived to be best and it is. This is a very prestigeous and magnificent school with more pride than any other I considered . Everytime I walk from one class to another I try to take it all in as I look around and realize how lucky I am to be a part of such a wonderful place of higher education where the dreams of my future will be made possible. Thank you.


my school has the most black people in the world


Alabama is the ideal college. Its balance between education, athletics, and social activity makes its an enjoyable experience no matter the time of day. Alabama has some of the most oustanding professors in the nation. Our basketball team has a winning record as well as gymnastics. Our cheerleaders juat placed second in the Nation at Nationals and our football team just won the National Championship. On the weekends, there is always something to do. Alabama has one of the top Greek communities in the Nation and we all take great pride in our Greek organization. Alabama is the Best!


The University of Alabama is unique because I felt at home within the first two days of my arrival. As a pre-medical major many asked why I chose UA instead of a school focused on medicine. I always tell people I love UA because of the tradition, school spirit, and pure southern hospitality. Even though I am a freshman, the students make me feel as though I am not a label but a family member and thats what I wanted in a college.


Our football team is the best.


I really liked the campus atmosphere when I visited. The staff and faculty are very helpful.


This school has amazing spirit, the faculty is more than willing to help you, and the traditions here make the college experience unique.


the computer based honors program.


I would say that even though the campus seems bag everytime i walk to class i seem to see atlease one person i know


Compared to other schools that I considered attending, The University of Alabama's campus is what put it above the rest.


Nothing really. I guess the increase in students at an overwhelming rate. Maybe thats unique?


Big enough to have many options, but small enough to be friendly. There is great school spirit, the allumni love the school and often come back to campus, and you haven't seen football until you've been to UA to see a game. There are many opportunities for internships, etc.


My school is extremely hospitable and really works hard to get students interested and make them feel a part of the university. There is great football, great friends, teachers who are experienced and helpful, and a beautiful campus.


Going into college, I wanted to attend a big school with good academics and a good sports tradition. At the University of Alabama, I have found what I was looking for. It isn't too big where I don't get attention from my teachers, and it is not too small where there isn't much to do on the weekends. My classes are perfect where most of my teachers know my name and my face., and it is easy to find something to do on the weekends whether it is going out with friends or going to sports games.


The amazing school spirit. The University of Alabama's pride and spirit makes it unique.


Very old tradition. Wonderful atmosphere.


It's smaller


Great extracurricular activities and unbelievable alumi support.


I feel like the balance of the academic, athletic, and social aspects makes UA unique. These aspects are all strong components of the university. Most of the other schools I considered lacked in at least one or two of these aspects. UA is a very well-rounded university.


The University of Alabama has a strong sense of tradition. Everything about the school centers around this. It makes life at the Capstone interesting, but also hinders the students from being able to move forward with the rest of the country.


Tide Traditions, History of the University, Dedicated alumni


This is the school that everyone wants to be a part of in the state of Alabama. There are plenty of University jobs for the taking as well as many extra -carricular activities to take part in. The list of courses available to the students is never ending with plenty of help in the classes that you might be having a hard time in. The campus is one of the most beautiful campuses, in my opinion, with the ammount of trees and wildlife surrounding it. It is truley a place that no one will ever forget.


This campus will seem like the most predictable place one day but then surprise you the next. It seems to be a popular place to go to school in Alabama and that gathers a different crown then a lot of campuses, a crowd that probably does care about their education but let it take a back seat to partying and having a good time. This is not a bad thing for someone who is going to keep a good head on their shoulders because they will get to have fun with all the party animals, but still be able stay in school and graduate. (That was me and I had a blast). P.S. THE GIRLS ARE BEAUTIFUL!


Be open minded about your major. As I am weeks away from graduating I look back and realize that I should have chosen a different major. Make educated decisions. Don't just pick something because it was fun in high school. Think about what you're going to do with your major and if you're good at that subject.


Don't be intimidated by the size or the reputation of Alabama. It's a great school and they really prepare their students for the real world.


UA is a great place and I am glad I decided to come here. I have already met some of my best friends for life here. We have a lot of fun. This is a place where you can be who you want to be and still be yourself.


Don't hold back! Go out and make friends right away. But don't get pressured into anything you don't want to do either. Believe me, people here will not get offended if you don't want to drink or do drugs.


OUR SCHOOL PRESIDENT IS HORRIBLE. Parking Sucks. I think I've said this before but its the truth. OUR SCHOOL PRESIDENT NEEDS TO BE FIRED.


UA is a great place. If you want to meet a lot of new people that are completely different than what you are used to, UA is the place. We have so much to do here that you can never get bored. The academics are excellent and most students will have a job as soon as they graduate!


I wish the student body as a whole, not as groups, would be more connected. I know the size of UA restricts that, but because of not being connected with other students at my school through something (like an organization...) it makes me want to transfer to a smaller school. you might feel at home with your group of friends, but you dont feel at home as a UA family.


I hate that I go to a school that will spend so much money on a football coach, but I went to classes in Adams where the rooms smelled like mold and are in dire need of updating!!! I also can't stand how football takes over our city, or the negative attitudes football fans have towards the fans of other teams!


Roll Tide :-)


Better like football. It is a religion at UA. You are expected to know the history of the program at risk of humiliation.


I feel like I've said it all! I enjoyed this survey and talking about things that I know best about UA. Here I have met the most wonderful friends and my boyfriend of a year and I owe it all to this campus!


The bus system helps a lot! On campus living is ridiculous too.


Go to UA, it is a choice you won't regret. I didn't! :D