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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Aside from football, I feel a lot of activities revolve around Greek Life. But, I'm probably bias.


I can't say that there are any student activities or groups that are the most popular, and that's what I love about this school. There are so many wonderful people that go here, all who love doing different things. There is something for everyone.




Do students in dorms leave their doors open? Not in the residential suites. If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday, what are you doing? Drawing because who stays up until 2am studying? People with poor time management skills, that's who.


Greek life, Habitat for humanity, FATE, many other volunteer groups


The athletic events at UA are really popular! Everyone enjoys football season. It is very interesting being a student and going to class on a Friday morning. The reason is because you see tents "all over campus" and people are tailgating the day before the game. You see people in all kinds of costumes.


Fraternities and Sororities are a big part of campus, but there are other things to do off campus such as bowling, going to the movies, or visiting the two shopping centers located off of Mcfarland Boulevard.


Greek life is very popular at the University of Alabama. However if you choose not to rush or pledge, the football games are a great way to bring the student body together! Each Saturday the whole town caters to the game with tail-gaiters on the quad to the National Champions on the field, Tuscaloosa is the place to be on a fall Saturday! During the off season, there are tons of extracurricular activities for students to get involved in. Any interest you have can be sufficed on the University's campus!


There are definitely the groups who go out partying and drinking every weekend but there are so many alternatives around town. There are two bowling alleys, a theatre, coffee shops, and a Recreation Center with basketball, racquetball, and other sports to play. This is not an exhaustive list but just a brief description of all there is to do in Tuscaloosa on the weekends, so many of which don't involve drinking. Of course, football is one of the biggest things in the south so in the Fall semester, football games are the most popular events. Then in the Spring comes the basketball and baseball games which are free of charge to all students. The fraternities and sororities are not that important in my opinion. People join them to find friends but they merely find acquaintances. True friends wouldn't let the things that happen in the frats/sororities happen to each other. The true fraternity of friends is found in the ministry scene. I have found all of my closest friends through the ministry I'm involved with called Dunamis Campus Ministries which is led by former UA football star Jeremiah Castille.


There is not one "most popular" group here at UA. With such a diverse student body, there are too many clubs and organizations that meet the needs of each student. However, the most vital and important athletic event is every single home football game. While this sounds extreme, the atmosphere around campus is electric and I truly enjoy each and every second of watching the Tide beat every team that comes to Tuscaloosa. Parties are not hard to find, but if you want to be serious about your education, parties should be far and few between when studying.



The most popular student activities are being an athlete, being a volunteer or being apart of the Greek Life. If you are all three of those, then you are one special kid!


At The University of Alabama there are many different diverse groups that you can can get involved in. Of all the organizations, Greek life is the most popular. I am personally in a sorority, Alpha Delta Chi. This sorority is very different because it is a Christian sorority. There are actually only two chapters of ADX in the state, UA and UNA. There is also other types of sororities/fraternities such as engineering, music, and theatre. If Greek life does not interest you there are other organizations such as the Million Dollar Band, Resonance(show choir), Spanish club, and various organizations for particular majors. It is very easy to get involved in something that interests you, there is a place for everyone.


A fraternity or sorority in probably the most popular thing to be a part of. I am in a sorority and it is a good chance to meet new people and have parties to attend. There are a ton of girls and guys that are looking to date someone. The bar scene is where most of these crowds go. Football is a huge athletic event to attend and it is also a social event.


There are many different student activities and groups. Depending on your interests, there are many popular things to get involved in. One of the most popular events that students get involved in is the football games. Almost everyone on campus enjoys participating in these games and attending them on Saturdays. Most students also enjoy going to the bars and restaurants located on the strip. These are all open almost everyday of the week.


At The University of Alabama there are many different diverse groups that you can can get involved in. Of all the organizations, Greek life is the most popular. I am personally in a sorority, Alpha Delta Chi. This sorority is very different because it is a Christian sorority. It is actually the only Christian sorority in the state. There is also other types of sororities/fraternities such as engineering, music, and theatre. If Greek life does not interest you there are other organizations such as the Million Dollar Band, Resonance(show choir), Spanish club, and various organizations for particular majors. It is very easy to get involved in something that interests you, there is a place for everyone.



By far the most popular thing to do here is to be a spectator at the sporting events. From the football team, to the basketball team, and even the swim team, students are always planning on going to events to cheer on our Crimson Tide athletes. People will meet up with their friends and then all go to the sporting event together, to hang out with each other while catching a game. Just last week, I met up with a few of my good friends, went out to lunch, and then headed over to the men's basketball games. Its a great thing to do and be social. On any given weekend you can always find something to do. Like I said before, sporting events happen almost every week you can at least cheer on one team, but getting together with friends, grabbing dinner, going shopping, and then having a movie night at someones places is a great way to spend the weekend without having to drink. People do a lot of drinking around here, but as I said, there are many things to do that do not involve alcohol. If you are on a tight budget, then why not go to a dining hall, then watch a movie off of Netflix. This way no one has to spend money they do not have. Plus, being around people you like is what it is all about.


Fraternities and sororities are the largest student groups on campus. There are many other clubs students can get involved in, and starting a club of your own is not horribly difficult. I am involved in UA Exercise and Physiology Club which is involved in personal training, faculty exercise programs, marathons and cancer walks, and field work that can help students gain experience in the Kinesiology or Sports Science and Medicine majors. The University of Alabama is known for their amazing football team who has 14 National Championships, that is more than any other colleges! Football is a big deal here. Other athletic evens such as basketball and gymnastics are less popular but still very supported by the student body. The Rec Center has nearly every club sport available for any students interested in continuing their game. The dating scene is good for fraternities and sororities but is only okay for the rest students. Bars and off-campus parties are the most common ways to meet other singles if you are not Greek affiliated. My closest friends are still the ones from high school that also go to UA, but I have met many other friends that I hang out with on a regular basis. Most social life begins thursday night, and the weekends are always filled with activities. Their is normally at least one party a weekend, and when there is not the bars are always packed. Drinking is not necessary, but like at many colleges, is always around. I do have friends that will not drink and have no intention of doing so anytime soon, and that is perfectly acceptable. I am not involved in a fraternity so my social life is mostly off campus at friends apartments or downtown at the bars. Even though I am not Greek, I still have plenty of fun and meet a lot of fun and interesting people.


Students love to go to the Recreational Center and hang out. They also love being apart of their various organizations throughout the week; it keeps them busy.


There are about 130 student organizations on this campus! There is definitely everything to offer. In the fall and spring, we have Get on Board Day and all students are about to come to the plaza and sign up for organizations that interest them. This was partly how I found a lot of journalism clubs and Sigma Lambda Gamma, a multicultural sorority I joined. There are so many different events that come to campus and so many organizations that support different things. This campus is very welcoming. I think the most popular student groups are Student Government Association and sororities and fraternities.


Greek organizations are the biggest thing to be involved with on campus. As a member of Gamma Phi Beta I can talk from experience that being Greek means your going to know about everything going on in campus and have a way of being a part of it.


Lot's of parties, Lot's of bars, Lot's of athletic events to attend with lots of fanfare.


Greek life is big on campus, but that is not all that there is. Many people are involved in specialized groups, such as honoraries and service organizations. A very popular group is Yell Crew, which serves as a sort of pep squad for the football team. There is also Mark's Madness for basketball and Ten Troupe for gymnastics. Sports are a big part of campus life, and there are always intermurals going on with most dorms and a lot of clubs having teams. I am involved in Circle K International, which is the world's largest collegiate service organization, and we offer the unique opportunity to work alongside people who live in the Tuscaloosa community because we are part of the Kiwanis family. The thing to remember though is that there is always something to do regardless of your interests. Partying is mostly associated with Greek life and freshmen, so if you like it you can do it, but if you don't like it, you don't have to do it. Parties are for the most part held on weekends during football season and on Thursday nights. Due to the Thursday night trend, campus seems to really die down on away game and spring weekends. If you are looking for a party you can find one, and if not, there are other things to do. Living on campus offers a wide range of experiences depending on where you live. Tutwiler and Paty offer traditional single sex rooms with community baths where people leave their doors open and you get to know people on your floor. Riverside, Lakeside, and Ridgecrest on the other hand, are more apartment style with four same-sex people living in each unit though the floors are co-ed. You can go the whole year without ever meeting your next door neighbor, but at the same time that is preferred by some. If you want to meet people, you can take part in the floor or community activities planned by the RAs. The perks of Riverside, Lakeside, and Ridgecrest are that you get your own bedroom and only share a bathroom with one other person.


Getting involved on campus is easy. The most popular way is through fraternities and sororities. But there are hundreds of organizations to get involved in. Many churches have an student organization such as the Wesley Foundations made up those affiliated to the Methodist church. There are also organizations that deal with community service or being cheer sections for different sports. Besides football there are other events. There are gymnastics, basketball, plays, and other events around campus. The organizations help you meet new people. Even in some of the dorms you can leave your door open such as in Tutwiller, but in Riverside, Lakeside, and Ridgecrest the doors are too heavy to leave open. I meet my closest friends through a winter guard that is made up of Bama students, but the guard is not the University's. The guard is Amor Winter Guard. But I have also meet people through UnAshamed. UnAshamed is a non-dominational worship service.


There is so much to get involved in at UA. Being Greek helps, but it is not the most important move to make here at UA. We have an awesome theater department, and athletics are key. I met my closest friends through joining a sorority. The pledge classes are so big that there is a group for every individual withing the pledge class. People party quite a bit, but study when they need to study.


Again a lot of what you do with activities and social events depends on your personality. There are a lot of groups, clubs, teams, etc to get involved with. Some students in dorms leave their doors opened. Athletic events (especially football and gymnastics) are very popular. Guest speakers (ALLELE series) are prevalent all over campus throughout the year talking about a wide range of topics. The theater department on campus is amazing. I've probably been to over 30 plays. I met a lot of my friends through classes and working in the lab. If I'm awake on Tuesday at 2am I'm unfortunately studying or doing a paper that I've been procrastinating about. Homecoming is a really big deal here every year. A-day is also huge. People party all the time. If you want to party you can probably find other people to party with. Frats/sororities are here but not obtrusive. I slept last weekend. Finals are coming up. On a Saturday night, you can go to a movie, go bowling, go to dinner, or do something on campus if you don't drink.


Students don't leave their doors open for safety reasons. The athletic events are a BIG deal. The dating scene is different for everyone. I met my best friends in high school but have made more friends since I've been here. People party all the time. But you don't always have to go out. I went out a lot as a freshmen, a little less as a sophomore, and I only go out on the weekends and random wednesdays now that I'm a junior. You start to get more serious about school as you move on and classes get much harder. Greek life may be important to some people. But most people aren't that involved much past their sophomore year. Most people think they need it to meet people. But you can meet people anywhere. I'm usually either at my apartment, at the gym, or at the library. But since I work hard I party hard too.


The most popular organization on campus, I guess would have to be the fraternities and sororities. A lot of people are involved in them, but not everyone. Students will leave their doors open in the dorms. On my side of the hall, I know all the girls and they know me. Athletic events are the place to be! They are so much fun, whether it be gymnastics, baseball, basketball, or football. You will always have a lot of fun tat them. I met my closet friends through church and the BCM. Both of these do a lot of things at the beginning of the semester to help and make new students feel at home. During the week, me and some of my closet friends go out to eat and then later come back to my dorm and watch the O.C. Some of my guy friends do the same thing, except they watch LOST. On Saturday nights, my friends and I are all about finding something fun to do without drinking. We usually watch a movie, or go play Frisbee Golf on the Quad. We always find something fun to do. Off campus, you can go to the River and walk or run, go to the mall, or even go roller skating. One thing I wish we had here near UA is Putt Putt Golf, the old one closed down.


There's always something going on.


Great Atmosphere. Predominently focused on drinking, but what college campus isnt?


There is always something to do in Tuscaloosa. Our infamous "Strip" is one location right on the corner of campus where students hang out at restaurants and bars, especially on home game weekends. They practically block off the street in front of the Strip on weekend nights. Tuscaloosa is also full of different types of restaurants that students like to go to.


In dorms around campus, I've seen a lot of people keeping their doors closed and a lot with them open. I live in Tutwiler Hall this year and just about everyone has their doors open at night, inviting other girls to come visit. However, across campus in Rose Towers and the new communities, like Ridgecrest and Lakeside, more people tend to keep their main doors closed and then their bedroom doors open. Athletic events are obviously VERY POPULAR around campus. Guest speakers, not so much, but usually going to cultural events are required from some classes, so students still find themselves going to see guest speakers and are sometimes surprised when they learn something new. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, it's usually because I'm finishing a paper. HAHA. I'm such a procrastinator. Either that, or I'm out with friends getting Taco Bell!!! On a Saturday night, other than drinking, go to a friend's place, get a whole bunch of people together, and play multiplayer video games, like Guitar Hero and Mario Kart. HAHA. You find yourself having the most fun you will ever have and of course, you will stay sober.


Many people are Greek. Football is the thing to do on the weekends during the fall. If you don't like football, buy tickets and sell them for a profit. There are things to do if you don't want to drink. However, there's plenty of alcohol for those who do. My favorite thing to do when I was a underclassmen was to go to friends dorms and play video games and drink. Now, I go to friends apartments and do about the same thing. There are plenty of bars around and right on campus for those who want to go.


There is never a dull moment at UA. You can always find something to do! Even if you are not 21, most bars still allow people 18 and up. If you are not into the bar scene, you can always usually find a group of people just hanging out in their dorm or apartment. Of course sports at UA are constantly going on.


Most known groups on campus would be Sor./Frat. groups, SGA senate and officers, Capstone Men and Women, and the football team. I am involved in Student Alumni Association. I will hopefully form that organization into being more known on campus and a much bigger deal to be apart of. I did not leave my dorm room open unless i was in it freshman year. Athletic events are most popular (football and gymnastics being the most attended). that normally depends on if we are good or bad. theater and speakers are popular if its required for a class. I have only met a few guys i would consider dating, if that tells you anything. and none of them are fraternaty guys. Met my friends and roommates through bible study. If i am awake at 2 am on tuesday is because im studying, or me and my roommates are hanging out in the apt. Traditions = football and tailgating. You can find someone partying at any moments on anyday. The students make being apart of a sor/frat very important. I went to a dinner and a movie with friends last friday and then came home to study. Staying at home with other friends who dont drink, bowling, a movie, a concert...are things you can do that doesnt involve drinking. but people who do drink do the same things, just have alcohol with them. I live off campus.


HOnestly, I dont' know how to answer this!!!


the most popular team on campus would have to be the football team. i'm not involved with any groups, and i doubt the students in the dorms leave their doors open when they're not in there. if i'm awake at 2am on a tuesday, i'm probably doing homework. traditions...too many to name...bonfire is a big one though.... i'm not into greeks.... people party 24/7 around that place.... saturday night activities that don't involve drinking are probably sitting at home with parents...or going bowling in TTown.... off campus, i live and work...


The Student Government Association at the University is run by the Greeks. This is a major problem that I believe needs to be addressed in the near future. As I said before, many students go to bars at all times during the week and there is a lot of diversity that leads to a large selection of a potential partner. Nothing compares to the athletics at the University,though, when looking for a common interest. I would say 98% of students love their football, and nothing will change that fact.


The University provides many opportunities to enjoy time with friends. As a member of a fraternity, I enjoy many different social activities, including band parties, formals, parties with sororities, and various other social events. But I also enjoy social involvement with many other students through intramural sports, theater and dance performances, events sponsored by the student dorm advisors, and athletic events. Football games are especially important social events. Students, alumni, and families spend hours enjoying food and drink while tailgating before and after games.


Alabama College Democrats and UA Republicans are popular groups. Greek organizations are pretty big. FATE (Future Alumni for Tradition and Excellence) is probably the most popular group -- they have pizza/other food parties and go on riverboat rides and are just basically a networking group. Homecoming is big deal every year and we have a big bonfire on the Quad. Dead Week (the week before finals) and the week of finals, the library becomes a social gathering place and it is worthless for studying but it's probably the most fun you'll have outside of football season. There is a strong Christian youth presence here and there is always something to do with Calvary Baptist Church and their many youth organizations where substance-free individuals would feel more at home.


Bars. Fraternaty houses fresh/soph years.


Some of the most important social events of the year revolve around football games: University Programs hosts a concert for Homecoming week, the fraternities and sororities have competitions during Homecoming, and fraternities host band parties every weekend in the fall. With my sorority, I have a few date parties a semester, that I can invite my boyfriend or a guy friend to go with me to. I also try to go to all of the swaps at fraternity houses with my pledge sisters so that I can get to know my friends better, and met new people. There is always a show put on UA Department of Theatre and Dance and they are usually very good to see. My favorite is Dance Alabama!, which is held once every semester. University Programs also sponsors guest speakers, there are many festivals that you can attend, foreign food tastings, etc. Church groups also host social events on campus. No matter your interests or friends you can always find something to do.


Partying is all over campus. Every night on every block! There's no other way to describe a weekend except for football and partying!


I met my roommate/best friend in October 2005 at the Riverside Pool Party grand opening festivities. We met because she felt alone and unhappy and I felt alone and unhappy. We hated Alabama and wanted to leave. We both planned to transfer to other schools at the end of freshman year, and that time couldn't come soon enough. However, by the end of second semester of freshman year, we realized that we could both make it and have fun doing it. We are also good friends because we have similar lifestyles. We both value school and academics as our highest priority while here at the University, so we tend to stay in most weeknights and concentrate solely on academics. On the weekends, I like to go to sporting events and other University-sponsored events on campus. For the first two years here, I didn't have a car, so most of my activities were limited to on-campus activities.


There is SO much to do on UA's campus for fun. There are all different kinds of musical (classical, jazz, electronic) performances at the Moody Music Hall. The English department sponsors poetry and book readings. The Ferguson Center shows popular movies every week. And besides football, there are basketball, women's and men's wheelchair basketball, tennis, crew, gymnasts, and other athletic games that are usually free for students. You can get involved with almost any kind of group on campus to meet people. There are political groups, environmental groups, and ethnic-background groups to be involved with. That's were I met all of my best friends.


There is something for everyone! Including religious groups.


Greek life is extremely popular, although it's not necessary for having a social life. The honors dorms are apartment style and very anti-social. A lot of students are in long-term relationships and don't date much. Athletic events are extremely popular, but students go to most cultural events only if it is required for a class. People party a lot, but it really just depends on your major. There are improve theatre groups that perform on Saturdays and free movies in the Ferg. The Strip is also very popular for its bar scene.


There are tons of things to do on campus. FATE is a popular club and alot of people join SGA. Athletic events are pretty popular ESP FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL. There are parties every night and Juniors and Seniors go to the bars on weekends and some weeknights. But people dont go out every night or sometimes at all. People go to movies and hang out at restuarants and get together to watch their favorite TV shows. There are also bible study groups and interesting speakers at the Ferg. I have never been to a play, but I hear the theater groups are very good. Off campus there are fun restaurants and shopping. People play disc golf and other sports with friends. There is plenty to do on campus.


Greek life is huge. Football games are a must! and basketball games are somewhat popular as well. I met my closest friends through my sorority. If I am awake at 2 AM on a Tuesday...I may be studying if I have a test the next day or I am out at the bars on the strip if I do not have a busy academic week. People can be found partying almost any day of the week besides Sunday or Monday, but Thursday Fri. and Sat. are the biggest nights to go out. You can watch a movie on a Saturday if you do not want to drink or there are some clubs you can join that plan sober events.