The University of Alabama Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I don't truly believe that there are any stereotypes of students at my school. There's just so many of us.


That at least 75% of this school is made up of Greek. This is absolutely not true. There are roughly only about 28% of students that are Greek. But, yes you do see a lot of girls with messy hair, XXXL t-shirts, and Nike shorts with bright colored nike tennis shoes on. This is nothing out of the ordinary. It really isn't that bad and you get used to seeing it around quickly.


I guess the biggest stereotype we have at UA is the "southern frat guy". As in many colleges, the UA's greek system is really big and powerful, but differs from all the other greek systems is that we are in the South. This stereotype portrays average students who, along to studying and pursuing their degree, enjoy spending time with their fraternity brothers watching football games, partying, organizing events and mostly drinking cheap beer. Off course not all the fraternity guys are as described by this stereotype, but I have to say that at UA we have many of them.


The stereotype for the University of Alabama is that we are 60% greek and 40% backwood redneck students from hickville. This stereotype is not accurate, because like 20% is greek and I think there are more out of state students than there are in state.


I feel there are many stereotypes at this university, as well as others. You will always have your fraternatiy and sorority groups that most likely hang around together. Also, there are the older people who have decided to come back to school that stick out from the rest of the crowd. You will also know the atheletes on campus because of their clothing and Bama backpacks. Besides those groups, everybody else just blends in.


Greek is very common, but does not include everyone.


The major stereotype at the University of Alabama is football loving, beer drinking frat boys. There is definitely a degree of truth to that just as there would be at any university, but I wouldn't say that it is 100% accurate. I'd say that stereotype is only fulfilled by about 10-15% of the population here. There is a plethora of other organizations, activities, cultures, and subcultures to get involved with here.


If you are not greek it is kind of hard to have a lot of friends and social life because the majority of the students here are all greek for the most part, I encourage people to go greek! Its so much fun and it keeps you busy with so many fun events and activities. A lot of the girls who are in a sorority dress very casual to class with no makeup, big t shirts and leggings with boots in winter and fall and t shirts and nike shorts in summer. I am from Maryland and I don't wear over sized t shirts and nike shorts but for some reason its so popular at Alabama. For girls who are not Greek they dress up for class and wear makeup. For the frat boys they always dress "fratty" with their polo button downs, sperrys, tucked in shirts, very gentlemen like. And alot of people in greek wear polo caps to class or their sorority letters on it.



We are typically known as the Greek Life kids. The University of Alabama is composed of different sororities and fraternities and pretty much everyone you meet is most likely in or going to be apart of the Greek life. So yes it is completely accurate.


A common stereotype exist between Greek members and other non-Greek students. Greek life is a major part of the University of Alabama.Many people argue that Greeks run the University of Alabama. Personally, I think this stereotype is accurate because Greek Life is a major part of the University of Alabama. Many argue that Greek students are primarily business major with little future ahead of them. However, I argue that there are several other majors to consider,as well as many intelligent Greek members.Greeks should not be included in this stereotype.


They may be "colorful": people with different personality and some of they are from other places, like Asian.


Common stereotypes for students at UA is definitely greek girls/guys, the smart kids, the stoners, and the older students.


The stereotype is that sports is the only thing that matters, but the environment is extremely welcoming. This stereotype is very true. Sports, especially football, are king but everyone is very cordial and it brings about southern charm.


Greek life in general is huge here and it is very true.


It is very hard to narrow down a stereotype of students at the University of Alabama. The campus has a wide variety of groups of students. Some may say that the University has a stereotype of being Greek. This is probably due to the fact that almost 1/3 of the campus is involved in Greek life. The Greek life offers a great way to get involved on campus. However, it is not the only group of people to get involved in. There are also many service groups who are interested in helping varying organizations. These groups constantly have meetings or hold informational seminars to recruit more members. Also, there are many students on campus who could be considered "jocks." The University of Alabama has a phenomenal athletic program and many people are involved in it. Although it could be said that there are many different "stereotypes" at the University of Alabama, it is not hard to find your place on campus.


The Greek sororities and fraternities run the campus and to some degree that is accurate because everyone looks up to them.


Since The University of Alabama is in the South, I assume many people from other regions think of us as hicks and rednecks but this stereotype is very inaccurate. In fact, I would describe the majority of students here at UA as well-spoken, prepy, affluent individuals who are very involved in clubs and greek life. The student body could also be described as "Old South" who come from country-club families, which is largely accurate.


I think there are a lot of stereotypes about my fellow peers about the University of Alabama. I think the number one is that we are a HUGE party school mostly because of our school being built on the tradition of football and Greek life. While these things are true, I think those things are balanced well with the academic achievements made by my peers on a large scale. As a member of the Greek system and a active football supporter, I see both sides of these stereotypes and try my best to urge my peers to act smart and be safe. Students at this University love football and love to have a great time, I think we do indulge in both in the best way possible.


Jocks and Greeks. Football is big here at Bama and the Greek system, unfortunately, is roughly 40% of campus students. I feel that "normal" students are under-represented.


The students at the University of Alabama are mainly stereotyped as either Fraternity/ Sorority kids or GDI (non-greek) kids. Although I am not fond of these terms used to describe the students, this is basically how the student community really is. The good thing about our campus is that there is a lot to offer to anyone whether you are in the greek system or not.


Before attending the University of Alabama I got the idea that the student population would be full of southern gentlemen and belles. Everyone is very polite and very welcoming. In my opinion there is a stereotype that the University of Alabama is very sorority and fraternity oriented. While this is true and the Greek community is a large part of the campus, more than half the population is not Greek. However, I don't think that the students involved in the Greek community are stereotypical "frat guys and sorority girls"; everyone is polite and accepting. There is definitely a group for everyone. If Greek life is your thing, there is definitely that. There are also plenty of sports teams, clubs, activities, and different groups to join.


We are known as a party school, which it can be if you make it that but for the rest of us it is pretty difficult. Most of the ones that party almost every night are the ones that can't finish in four years.


I am Greek, and I love it. It was the right decision for me and it has made all the difference in my college experience. Going Greek isnt right for everyone, some people enjoy making friends on their own. Some dont have the time to devote to an active Greek life. Being Greek doesnt make you king of the school, it makes you a person with such a strong bond to your sisters and your campus that you cant help but want to be involved on campus. Some people find that bond without Greek life but I cant imagine my life any different without my sisters.


The University of Alabama does have a very large greek system with more sororities and fraternities constantly being built. Although there are many frat kids amongst the student population at the University there are also many other things going on that people who do not decide to "go greek" can get involved in.


A few of the stereotypes that I have heard about Alabama students include: 'It is a big party school! They go out every night!' or 'The school is run by the Greek system and unless you join a fraternity or sorority there is no way to get involved.' Neither of these statements is completely true. Yes, there are students at this University who enjoy going out to 'have a good time,' but that does not sum up every student on campus. There are nearly 33,000 students on campus. Not all 33,000 drink and party! There are plenty of clubs, intramural teams, leadership positions, and places to hangout that do not involve drinking and partying. Theses numerous ways to get involve also show that you do not have to join a fraternity or sorority to become involved. Less than one third of the students on campus are Greek. Therefore, most of the student body is NOT Greek. If you do not want to join a fraternity or sorority there are over 20,000 students in your same position that are looking to meet people and find other ways to get involved.


Most people believe that Alabama is a predominantly Greek school. This is somewhat accurate. Here at the University, there are 56 fraternities and sororities on campus. Alabama is ranked #3 in the top 10 schools with the biggest Greek life with more than 5,000 members. Though this may seem like a lot, only 27% of the University students are Greek.


The stereotype is that Alabama is a party school. Not true at all! Sure we have parties, but what college doesn't. The students here at Alabama are focused and here to get and education first and foremost. Everything else comes second to graduating in four years with a degree.


Many people who live in the state of Alabama choose to go to Auburn University instead of The University of Alabama because Alabama is known as a party school. We apparently have some of the wildest, best parties in the country! We've been rated in the top ten party schools several years in a row. Unfortunately, this stereotype tends to hold true with our Greek student body. Most people who are affiliated with a Greek organization spend a significant amount of their time drinking beer, hunch punch, and spreading sexually transmitted diseases. However, there are so many other things to offer at the Capstone! There's an extensive honors program, including international honors and the opportunity to study abroad. We have an incredible football program, so there's entertainment every Saturday in the fall semester. We also have plenty of associations for people interested in art, music, rock-climbing, rowing, and even things like helping homeless animals.


Due to the unfortunate location of the University of Alabama... in Alabama, we already receive the stereotype of being sibling-marrying hicks, but add in a very active football community, and you get sibling-marrying, loud, rowdy, overly-emotional, drunken hicks. The guys all wear red polo shirts and the girls are decked out in houndstooth. The alternative side to that is the elitist nature of the Greek society (which is elitist no matter where you go, despite how much they might pretend otherwise). So when you fuse those two elements together, you get poised and proper rednecks who think they're better than anyone else because they get louder and drunker than anyone else on Saturday nights.