The University of Alabama Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Life at The University of Alabama is all I could hope for. The campus is beautiful. The properties are well maintained and it has an air of real safety on campus. I immediately got involved in Greek Life and found a sisterhood beyond compare. Being an only child and then coming the UA and Delta Gamma I have a family that is better than anything I ever imagined.


Getting out of my car in the morning to tour this school, I knew this place would be my home away from home. For years I had pictured what college would be like, and what I wanted out of my college experience (down to every last detail). Being a "picky" person I didn't know if I would find my dream school, but this place is amazing. Every day I feel so lucky to go here, that I get to admire how beautiful the campus is throughout every season. This college is truly amazing, not only the campus, but the community as a whole. There is something for everyone here, and there is always something going on (especially on game day).




It is a great school. We have a great balance between academic excellence and a wonderful social atmosphere. Not to mention were national champs!


The best thing I love about UA is the transit buses. They take you everywhere on campus, you just have to know which bus to get on. Class wise, UA is not too big. For example, I have been here almost a full year and my biggest class had about 30 kids, which is the same as high school. There is a lot of school pride here at UA. Mainly during football season, people you don't know will walk pass you and said "Roll Tide" and scream; they are expecting a "Roll Tide" from you. When I tell my friends or anyone I attend The University of Alabama they say, "Oh Alabama State or Alabama in Birmingham."


One of the best things about my school is all the opportunities (free events and education programs) that are offered.


The best part about the University of Alabama is the campus and the overall atmosphere. While many might say it is football season, I came to UA because of the educational opportunities and the sheer beauty and sophistication of the campus. People believe that UA is a large student body, however, with roughly 26,000 students, we are not as large as people think--allowing UA to expand and grow in upcoming years. This is definitely a college town, and while much of the student body goes home for the weekends, there is usually always something to do on campus. The University of Alabama has presented multiple opportunities for me, and I could not be happier with my college choice.


I believe that the best thing about my school is the campus life along with academics. Alabama has a beautiful campus with a green quad to relax in between classes. If I had to change one thing, it would be the dining halls. The quality of food is low for the price that I pay. I spend most of my time either at the Ferguson Center, Gorgas Library, or in my dorm room.


The Sports, Academics and Traditions is the best thing about this school. The University of Alabama contains a ton of school pride. Everywhere you go there is a "Roll Tide!" One thing I would change would be for students to help find their clique. The school feels and looks large but in reality its just like a small town. The University of Alabama is definitely a "college town." This means that the city or town is covered by the campus with little outskirts of some other secondary/primary schools and communities. One experience you will definitely remember about this school is the sport of football. You will never forget it.


The best thing about the University is that although the university has almost students, I feel that I can still connect with my professors. One thing I would change would be the online websites required to do homework. To me, they are not helpful and generally do not allow partial credit for incorrect work. The University of Alabama is a well respected university with several diverse fields of study. I spend most of my time either at home studying or socializing with my fraternity. Tuscaloosa is a well oriented college town, where you can almost walk anywhere in 15 minutes or less. The administration is friendly and helpful, although some foreign teachers are more difficult to understand and learn from.The biggest recent controversy at this university had to be the threat of hazardous weather. I haven't noticed anything unusual with regards to the university. I will always remember the tornado that struck on April 27 of last year, as the remains from this tornado are still apparent throughout Tuscaloosa.The most frequent complaints has to be the level of difficulty associated with several lower level courses.


The university is pretty good overall. At least I like it, even though it is kind of boring.


My overall opinion of the school is very high. Coming from out of state, I was worried about finding my place on the University of Alabama campus. However, I found that getting involved with Greek life and other on-campus activities, it was very easy to find my niche. The University has a great college atmosphere and could be considered to be located in a "college town." There is a strip of bars and restaurants that are easily accessible on campus. Most students spend a lot of time here. The students here have a lot of school pride. Especially for our football team with its recent success. Everyone gets involved and gets excited about game day on campus. Students here are proud to say that they attend the University of Alabama. When people here that I attend the University, most are very impressed. So far I am completely happy here and would not trade my decision for anything.


My overall opinion of the school is very high. Coming from out of state, I was worried about finding my place on the University of Alabama campus. However, I found that getting involved with Greek life and other on-campus activities, it was very easy to find my niche. The University has a great college atmosphere and could be considered to be located in a "college town." There is a strip of bars and restaurants that are easily accessible on campus. Most students spend a lot of time here. The students here have a lot of school pride. Especially for our football team with its recent success. Everyone gets involved and gets excited about game day on campus. Students here are proud to say that they attend the University of Alabama. When people here that I attend the University, most are very impressed. So far I am completely happy here and would not trade my decision for anything.


My overall opinion of the school is very high. Coming from out of state, I was worried about finding my place on the University of Alabama campus. However, I found that getting involved with Greek life and other on-campus activities, it was very easy to find my niche. The University has a great college atmosphere and could be considered to be located in a "college town." There is a strip of bars and restaurants that are easily accessible on campus. Most students spend a lot of time here. The students here have a lot of school pride. Especially for our football team with its recent success. Everyone gets involved and gets excited about game day on campus. Students here are proud to say that they attend the University of Alabama. When people here that I attend the University, most are very impressed. So far I am completely happy here and would not trade my decision for anything.


What impressed me most the first time I visited The University of Alabama was its beautiful campus. It is a perfect representation of how pristine the South truly is. UA is a large campus, but I would rather walk through the beautiful park-like landscape than a claustrophobic urban campus. Tuscaloosa is the epitome of a "college town", from Fraternity Row to The Strip where all the bars are located, there is never a dull moment at BAMA. If you ever have the chance to experience a home game at Alabama, do not hesitate to go support the Crimson Tide in Bryant Denny Stadium. One of the most paramount experiences a fan can participate in is tailgating on The Quad, a 22-acre field packed with tents, BBQ pits, and good-ole crimson spirit. Yell "Roll Tide" and you will get 20 fans yelling "Roll Tide" right back, all in unison. UA is topping in one of the biggest Greek schools in the country, which has its positives and negatives. Because there are so many student in fraternities and societies, students who are not Greek affiliated may excluded or have a hard time creating a social life. Another negative for students is that the age to get in most bars is 19, so the younger freshmen might have a hard time finding things to do on weekend nights. An alternative for students is off-campus parties at the award winning student living communities such as The Retreat and The Woodlands. At The University of Alabama, the possibilities are endless.


I love my school, because of the education. It is the perfect size, but I do wish that minority students have more of a presence.


As a senior, I love UA! It is filled with fun times and opportunity. I am a journalism major, business minor and leadership minor. This places me in three different colleges, and I have interacted with lots of professors. I think it is easy to find your place here despite it being a large school. There is definitely a lot to do and it is a safe environment with such a beautiful campus. Tuscaloosa, home of UA, thrives from the University. There are other things to offer such as movies, hang out spots and get book shops to study. I think the best thing about UA is the opportunities it has for students to meet people from EVERYWHERE and to help them professionally.


I love our campus. It is beautiful! Most of the professors are great, but with the math department there are a lot of foreign professors that can be hard to understand. I wish that UA was a little smaller because they keep adding more and more students each year and I feel that it is getting a little crowded. Tuscaloosa is a great college town and the football program makes it one of the top in the country. UA has a lot of school pride and everyone really loves the program and traditions that have been created.


There are so many clubs and activities you can join at UA. As an education major I've been involved in mentoring clubs, reading clubs, history socieities, honor societies, and education for the future clubs and rotaries. There is always something to do and something new to get involved in.


I have found that the University of Alabama has a very well balanced group of students on campus. I have seen demonstrations of political groups speaking for what they believe. I have heard of and been to numerous College Youth groups on campus. I have met many athletes along with many students here on large academic scholarships. There are also Greek and non Greek students. Students in dorms and off campus students. Students with really nice cars and students with old bicycles just trying to make it to class on time. Even with all of these differences, I have seen this student body come together in unimaginable ways. On a small scale, cheering the Tide to victory at sporting events and working together for charity like our 'Beat Auburn Beat Hunger' food drive. And on a MUCH bigger scale, helping to revive the community around the school after the disastrous tornado last April. All different kinds of groups and clubs opened up different buildings on campus and in town to collect anything and everything that could help the families who lost everything. Thousands meals were served and thousands of people were allowed access to clothing and necessities that they needed. I will never forget the way the different group on campus came together in the weeks after the tornado to help those in need.


The University of Alabama is an overall outstanding school in my opinion. The university has some of the top academic and sports programs in the nation. Everyone has a chance to get involved with organizations on campus and there are endless opportunities to get experience for a successful career. It also is a very diverse school, welcoming students from out of state and also out of the country.


The University of Alabama is the most diverse atmosphere I have ever been a part of. We have plenty of jocks, Indie musicians, sculptors, and party people too. I love meeting so many different people and learning different things from various backgrounds and interests. The only thing I'd change about the Capstone is the political aspect. Our SGA has been rather sketchy in recent years, and I think it's despicable. My school is rather large, boasting over 30,000 students. We pretty much run the city of Tuscaloosa, and this is definitely a college town! We live for football and Saturday nights after the games. "Dixieland Delight" is a mantra for us. "Rammer Jammer" seeps through our pores. And "Sweet Home Alabama" is our anthem. Roll tide, y'all.


In my opinion, The University of Alabama is one of the best college towns. Ever since I have been here my experience has been great. The lay out of the campus is so homey and I love how the town is outside the campus rather than running through it. I am a nursing major and spend a lot of time in the library. There are multiple libraries and they range from being very quiet to openly talking, so depending on how you study, you have a variety of places to choose from. I am also in a sorority here and I have just fallen in love with the Greek system. Others would disagree and say the Greek system ruins Alabama, but I believe that it is a GEAT way to meet long lasting friends.You always have events to go to and it just makes your weekends exciting! I came from a very large high school, so I love the fact that Alabama is very big. I love seeing new faces everyday on campus, and you are constantly meeting new people. The only negative thing I could say about the University would definitely be the parking. There is not any parking for guests to park. Even parking for students is always interesting. You are lucky to find a spot and make sure you park in your zone are you are definitely going to get a ticket. There is definitely a lot of school pride. It is the University of Alabama where the football is fantastic and to die for! Alabama has spirit even when it is not football season. I am only a sophomore but I am so happy with my experience so far at Alabama!


This school is great in terms of it's campus, location, and activities available for students. It is not the best school to got to if your looking for a lot of people with liberal views and open minds.


There is a unique atmosphere from the moment you step on campus. The university has been here since 1831, and you can tell. We have 25,000 students and will have 28,000 by 2010. People who are afraid of getting lost in the shuffle shouldn't be, though. You see the same people everyday, but the size also means that there is always someone new to meet. You can be anonymous if you like, but you can also retain your identity. The Ferguson Center is the place where a lot of students spend their time between classes, so you can always find someone you know there. But the know people you have to meet people, so it is always advisable to try out clubs that interest you so that you can find people who interest you. The University of Alabama is the perfect place to get the full college experience. We are proud of our southern heritage, but at the same time we are unlike any other place in Alabama because we are a center of learning, and thus a bit more liberal. Tuscaloosa is much the same but yet it is not entirely a college town. It could still exist without the university, though it is very connected to the university. The point is that once you leave the campus, you pretty much leave the college feel. Except during football season. If you absolutely abhor football, you might want to hide between the months of September and December on weekends when there are home games. That is because Tuscaloosa becomes overrun with tailgaters, and shouts of "roll tide" fill the air. School spirit goes into overdrive. But if you are not a born Alabama fan, at least give it a chance. You don't have to go crazy, but it is hard to resist joining in with the other 92,000 people singing the fight song when the team scores a touchdown. The biggest complaint on campus (at least the ones that show up all the time in the Crimson White, our newspaper) are the woes about transportation/parking. As with any university, UA has complaints about parking, but I can assure you we have more than our neighbors across the state. If you get to campus on time, you will not have a problem. Just make sure you park in your zone, and you will be fine. And for all that everyone complains about the Crimson Ride, our transit system, it will get you where you need to go if you plan your schedule accordingly. It is very nice on cold, hot, or rainy days. But if you are short on time, it might be a better idea to walk because sometimes the buses get into traffic or take breaks without any warning.


I love attending Bama. My favorite thing would have to be the football games. Just seeing everyone in crimson and white and all the tailgaters on the quad gets you ready for the game. My major is Advertising with a minor in graphic design. Being in advertising, I'm in the college of communications and information sciences. It's nice that all the class for my major is in one building. The faculty and staff in the communication department are very nice and will do their best to answer your questions. There are only two things I complain about- parking and the transit system. Of course parking is a mess, there is not enough. The thing bad about the transit system (Crimson Ride) is that there are days that buses are a minute behind the other. This is frustrating to those waiting on it. I have found that walking is your best bit and it is actually faster to walk than riding the bus.


For me, UA is just simply awesome. If there were one thing I'd change, it would be the lack of scholarships for out-of-state students. Most people are surprised when I tell them that I go to UA, but once I start telling them what all UA has offered me and what all I do on campus, they realize that UA isn't just another large public state university. On campus, I spend most of my time either in my dorm room, the Ferguson Center, or Gorgas Library. The latter two both have access to food/coffee/drinks, good seating, computer access, and fewer distractions than the dorm. It's easier to get work done in both places. Tuscaloosa is possibly the greatest college town in the Southeast. I've been to most of them, and it is one of the most student-friendly towns I've come across. There are multiple restaurants, clubs (you have to be 19), shops, churches, etc. that students can go to when they want to venture off-campus. There is so much school pride here that even an out-of-state kid like myself (who had no UA affiliation before college) becomes a raving lunatic when football season rolls around. Students can literally walk up to a random person's tent on the quad, and they'll let you sit with them and watch the game. I met one of my best friends randomly at a home football game because we got so excited towards the end of the game that we were jumping up and down and hugging each other. Being a die-hard Crimson Tide fan is honestly one of the most exhilarating experiences I've ever had.


I chose UA because of its size and close community. And for the most part, that's what I have gotten. The administrators and faculty are second to none. I know everyone in the Student Affairs department by name, and they are always willing to help a student. This campus seems really huge at first, but it becomes like a family the longer you are here. I would not trade my experience in Tuscaloosa for the world. It is a college town, but Birmingham is close if you want some big city culture.


UA as a whole is nice. It doesn't feel too big or too small. People are generally really nice. I spend almost all of my time on campus in the biology building. Tuscaloosa is definitely a college town (evident by the empty summers and lack or non-college activities). That's not always a con though. The university offers more than enough things to do (plays, sports, etc). UA's administration overall are really great. The biggest problem right now on campus is not having free prints in the computer lab. There is definitely a lot of school pride here.


Most people think I'm a huge Alabama football fan automatically. That's not true. Actually, I'm a huge Auburn fan. I spend most of my time on campus in the Business College: Alston, Bidgood, and Bruno. UA's admistration can be helpful if you find the right person. Sometimes they act like it's not their problem. The biggest controversty on campus is the "Machine" consisting of greek members who rig election. There is a lot of school pride because Alabama has a long tradition.


I'll write a little on each of these things, because I have something to say on almost most of them. The best thing about UA is the different choices you have on campus, class wise. The biggest college on campus is that of the Arts and Sciences. But we also have one of the best nursing, business, and engineering schools. There is something for everyone here. When I first thought about coming to UA, I thought that it was going to be huge and that I was never going to learn my way around the campus or Tuscaloosa. Now, that I have been here for a year, it doesn't seem that big. It still is a large campus, and spread out, but once you learn where everything is, it doesn't seem that large. To me, UA is the perfect size campus, there is always somewhere to go. When I tell people that I go to UA, they are usually like, wow! I am from a small town, so they think Tuscaloosa is just the biggest thing around. But they think that it is a major accomplishment that I'm at a place like UA, and it is. Most of my time is spent on the Quad area with friends. In between classes, we all sit out there and talk, or play frisbee, which is our favorites. Any day of the week, you can see people listening or playing music, playing ultimate, or playing with their dogs. Tuscaloosa, is a college town for sure. Everywhere you look there are young people. It is so weird to walk into Publix and see an older couple with kids, our first thought is, why are they here? We say the same thing when we see little kids on campus. Sometimes we just forget that other people besides students live here also! However, there could be more activities for us students around here. UA's adminstration has a big job on their hands. There is a lot to take care of here, but they are doing a good job. The two biggest controversies at UA, would have to be the change of the discrimnation policy and the size of the next Freshman class. UA was one of few left that didn't include sexual orientation in the policy. The class sizes are getting larger and larger at UA, and the problem is that there is becoming less room for them to live here. It seems like the upperclassmen who live on campus are being pushed to move off campus, so the Freshmen can live on campus. New dorms are having to be built for the incoming classes. There is definitely a lot of school pride here. Come on any Saturday during Football Season, and you will see the pride! We say Roll Tide, at least once a day here at UA. One experience I will always remember will be the Homecoming Pep Rally and Bonfire. It is a lot of fun, but Alabama weather is so crazy that it was hot during the Bonfire, which is not that fun. But we still made fun. The biggest student complaint right now would be the parking tickets. There are only certain areas where you can park, and some areas we feel should be parking for everyone. For example, the Student Recreation Center should be parking for all, because we all pay to use that facility when we want to. If we want to go play tennis, we shouldn't get a parking ticket for leaving our car in the corner of the lot. We pay for that area, and should be able to park there.


Big Campus, small town feel.


The biggest thing about this school is its football program. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Tuscaloosa as a whole is pratically a college town that is centered around UA's football team although there are two other colleges here. The campus is very huge. You would get very tired trying to walk everywhere--trust me.


Coming from what everyone here calls a "Northern" state, I find the best thing about UA is the change in how people interact with one another. At home, it's all about cliques; if you're not in the same clique, then you're shunned from dealing with each other (this happens even as people become adults). But here, most everyone treats each other with the same respect. I don't think UA is too big, it's just the right size, more to do and more to see. Most of my time on campus this year was spent making new friends. I found myself in everyone else's dorm rooms except my own just goofing around and having a good time. There is so much school spirit at UA, especially during football season. Honestly, I have never taken any kind of interest in football until this year, but when you're in the stands with 92,000+ other fans, it's kinda hard to just sit back and not cheer. You'll be cheering away with everyone else, even if you don't know what has happened.


Tuscaloosa is a college town. The atmosphere around the college is great. Birmingham is not too far away if you want a big city climate of stores. The campus is beautiful during the fall and spring. Parking absolutely sucks. Our school President sucks. Our tuition keeps going up with no end in sight. The freshman facilities are some of the best in the nation. There is always something to do. People are really friendly.


Most people are thrilled at the idea that I go to UA. It was always a dream of mine, and my family is so happy it came true. UA is such a great place and has such a great atmosphere. UA is the idea college town. Even though I do not live on campus, I still have great experiences because I do live in this town.


The best thing about UA is football season. One thing i would change is the "party atmosphere". I think the size is just right. When i tell people im from UA the automatically put me in the "drunk" category of their friends, and that is the exact opposite of who i am. I spend most of my time at my apartment or the business library when im not in class. Definantly a college town! The administration is ok, i think it could be better. The business schools facutly is the best on campus. My friends wish they had advisors like i do in the business school. I think the administration could do more work in the fact that UA students as a whole are very divided. I wish it was more of a "family of students" atmoshpere rather than a greek vs. non greek atmosphere. I do not know what the biggest controversy is. School pride is mainly in football season and then quickly dies. I wish there was more school pride. Students complaints deal with having multiple tests on the same day, the very long line at the stadium for the first game last season, and COMCAST (for people off campus...they suck)


I think things are spread out quite a bit. I like campus though. I think it's pretty, and I feel relatively safe when walking on campus. However, I feel things were not helped by taking away parking and developing a bus system.


The best thing about UA is the beauty of the campus. I've always wanted to go to school there, and now I'm living my dream (online, but that's where most dreams take place nowadays). The one thing I'd change is David Black. I'd not let him teach Econ anymore. School is probably too large if I were on campus, but online, it's just right. The reaction I get from people depends on who they are and what fan base they fit in. Mississippi State folks are usually okay with Ole Piss fans laugh at it.... and of course Tennessee and Auburn fans...we don't acknowledge them anyways. When I'm on campus, most time is spent in the bookstore...and the Ferguson Center...because that's usually the only time I come to campus...until this year...and it'll be spent at Bryant Stadium :-). T-Town is definitely a college question asked. UA's administration...I haven't had much dealings with them, but the University itself seems to be pretty stable so I'm assuming they're alright... There is a TON of school pride at UA, and the most unusual thing I suppose.... The one experience from UA that I'll always remember dream come true.


The University of Alabama is a wonderful place to attend college and have a great time doing so. The academic standards are high and you will be assured to get a good education. I would, however, like to see a new president. Dr. Robert Witt is determined to grow the school to a point where the campus will become too crowded. Add to this the fact that parking is already an issue, and you will find that this is not a very good idea. We have a nice town, with what I believe is just the right amount of entertainment for the students. Alabama has great pride in the tradition carried by our athletics, but there are also other things, such as comradere and southern hospitality that make this a top-notch institution.


I am truly blessed to be attending the University of Alabama. Every day, as I walk across the Quad, I take a moment to look around and take in everything, realizing I only have a few years as a student here. As a member of the College of Arts & Sciences, I have a plethora of academic opportunities and course options to explore. The organization of the Arts portion and the Sciences portion is executed exceptionally well, allowing for all students in the college to receive a thorough and exceptional education, both academically and socially.


UA's administration desperately needs work. The overall consensus view of our university president who shall remain nameless is that he's a wackjob. He wants to get 25,000 undergraduate students by 2011 so he has lowered admissions standards, which hurts the value of alumni degrees. But despite this surge of new freshman every year, tuition continues to rise unchecked. Also, there is not enough housing to accommodate the people who already go here and since freshman are now required to live on campus, there is strong pressure on upperclassmen to move off campus, which is unfair because we deserve to live here just as much as anyone else. The campus is beautiful and there is no feeling like waking up on a Saturday morning in the fall and smelling ribs barbecuing from all the way across campus, getting up and going to the stadium and feeling like you are at home, with 90,000 of your closest friends. The Crimson Tide makes everything worth it...and the university cafeteria food is actually pretty good.


School pride here in Tuscaloosa seems to be over flowing. Athletics are more than a past time here, they consume not only the university but the town as a whole. Fun is always around the corner, in fact you have to try to have a bad time. People often have a joke about Alabama when they find out that you attend UA, but if they ever come visit they will fall in love with UA 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time.


Tuscaloosa is such a college town. I could not imagine spending my college years anywhere else. People flock to campus on football gameday weekends, which are some of the best weekends of my life. The atmosphere on the Quad is so much fun, with everyone tailgating, the school spirit is contagious! We all have a lot of school pride especially now that we have Nick Saban for a coach and we have the number 1 recruiting class in the nation! Since I grew up in Alabama, I could never go to a school where there was no school spirit for a football team. I did not plan on going to Alabama my whole life as you would expect. I did not decide that I liked the school until I visited in my Junior year of high school and was eventually convinced that it is the most beautiful, and fun campus I could wish to attend.


Tuscaloosa is definitely a college town; there are a lot of places to eat but not enough to do sometimes. The student government is pretty much Greek dominated but nothing is too harsh. It's absolutely beautiful in the spring and summer but it's also pretty humid and hot. The parking is pretty average and tuition and fees will make you pay a lot of money. Yet there are a lot of opportunities to get involved that the University pays for. Off campus housing is pricey and there are places to avoid.


UA really is an awesome. I'm in my first semester here and I absolutely love it. The people here are so friendly and making new friends is not a problem. The only thing that I'd change would be adding more stop signs and traffic lights in the more dangerous areas around campus. There's places where I'm terrified to cross the street but do it anyway. School pride is everywhere. Also people are always hanging out on the Quad and it's simply awesome.


If I could make a major change at UA, I would do the impossible and break up the greek system to be less elitist, less political, and more approachable. From an outsider's point of view, one would never know that Greeks make up about 28{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student population here at UA, because they have the appearance and presence of being the majority, since they seem to dominate all leadership positions on campus. The greek system here at UA is segregated and corrupt. Independents on campus rightfully feel that they have little influence over what happens on campus because the Machine has dominated campus politics for so long, it seems that even showing up to vote is a wasted effort, hence the less than 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} voter turnout for campus elections. Granted the greek system is a great way to socialize, serve the community, and collaborate with groups of like-minded, smart men and women, but its manifestation on campus has been so pervasive and evolved so corruptly that it is more of a burden than a blessing at this point.


UA is a really big school. There are aver 25,000 students, so at first its pretty daunting, because you don't see all the same people all the time like in high school. Football and school spirit is important to a lot of the students on campus. People go crazy during the fall for the games and tailgaters permeate the city. Tuscaloosa is a pretty small town, but there are plenty of places to eat, grocery stores, and bars.


Tons of school pride. Nothing inaccessable for anyone. Great social scene. Greek Life, if that's what you're in to. Amazing athletics Roll Tide!!!


UA is a fantastic place to go to school. Tuscaloosa has enough to meet any college student's needs, and Birmingham is only 45 minutes away for concerts, good shopping, and nice restaurants. The campus is gorgeous, and although the enrollment is bigger than some nearby towns, I have never felt overwhelmed or crowded on campus. No one can have enough school spirit during football season, and about half the student body can be seen wearing some type of school logo on a daily basis. The Administration is really making efforts to improve the University's reputation academically, as most people think of UA just in terms of football and partying. The Honors College has a minimum ACT score of 28 and makes up about 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body. Although the University is not normally thought of as an academic powerhouse, it definitely is. UA students regularly win numerous awards like the USA Today scholar award and Hollings Scholars.