The University of Alabama Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


What kind of person should attend The University of Alabama? Individuals that respect tradition but don't let it stand in the way of progress. Individuals that respect the proven but with the moxy to stand up and challenge it. Individuals that have off-the-charts smarts or have ordinary brainpower coupled with the willingness to work doubletime to become a graduate. And if these individuals enjoyed college football, that'd be a real plus!


A goaldigger, success and noting less!


If an individual is worried about having student loans they should consider looking into this school, there is a good scholarship program that can cover the majority, if not the total of tuition.


The University of Alabama is a school for anyone, with any interests, any goals, and any passions. UA has a place for all people, from all walks of life. Anyone who wants to learn and grow as a person, in any field of their choosing, there is a place somewhere on campus for them.


Very committed people should attend Alabama. Also very intelligent people should attend. People who are serious about their education. And people interested in meeting new people from all over.


The kind of person that should attend is someone who wants to improve their life by furthering their education .


The University of Alabama is appropriate for pleasant, lively students that utilize the endless opportunities our school provides. Alabama is the perfect environment for students with a strong work ethic, creative and outgoing nature, and willingness to pursue academic and social growth. Alabama is also a great environment for those who have an affinity for athletics and are eager to become involved in our countless clubs, ministry oppourtunities, or Greek life.


People looking to get the best overall, most balance college experience possible should strongly consider The University of Alabama, since the opportunities available encourage personal and professional development equally.


Any kind of person can attend this school. The campus is diverse, and there are many clubs/groups that students can join. A motivated student can easily find with similar interest and become successful by studying hard at The University of Alabama.


This University attracts a wide variety of students. This is in part because the University of Alabama offers so much, in my opinion. I could not pinpoint one particular type of person who should attend this school, but I will say that a person of high ambition and confidence will thrive because of all the opportunities presented to them. However, someone who is still soul-searching will find that the University provides excellent guidance to assist them in finding their true passions.


Someone who is goal oriented but likes to have fun.


Ive noticed most of the student population were the type of people in high school that were heavily envolved in extracurriculars from sports, to student government, and anything inbetween.


The type of person who will be happy here at Alabama is someone who can be versatile. A student who can be prideful when our athletics go for yet another national championship, whether it be in football, softball, golf or wheelchair basketball. Sports aside, the student should be comfortable branching out in multiple different directions. Joing social organizations, organizations within your major, as well as university organizations allow you to really soak up everything this school has to offer. If you bend a little in every direction, there is no way a student wouldnt have a fulfilling time here.


Anyone! There are a lot of opportunities for anyone. There are a bunch of sororities and fraturnities. There is "New College" which allows you to take classes around a major you design, it's pretty cool.


Someone who's interested in joining a fraternity or sorority.


The student that should attend The University of Alabama is a student who plans to go into business, science, medicine, nursing, and law. The university is a is a student-centered research university and an academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all students. There are over 200 majors at the university. The university is known for its programs that rank high in the top 50 in business, law, nursing, and college of arts and sciences.


the University of Alabama is open to all ethinic groups in addition to all social classes. In the hall of my dorm we have a diverse and rather unique blend of people. The people in my hall include those attending school from countries like china, japan, korea, india, and canada. In addition to this is the diverse ammount of religions from catholic, protestant, buddist, and atheist. Therefore i think that the University of Alabama is open to all.


A successful student should be studious and very good at time management. You must be a hard worker and more than willing to spend extra hours at mastering the work that you are asked to do. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it, and overall just be responsible. That means no missing class and turning all work in on time.


Someone who enjoys being sociable and meeting new friends. Also, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and be willing to get outside your comfort zone in some aspects of the school.


I think that there is not a specific type of person who should attend this school. The person should however, like the fell of a large school because it is pretty big. They size is a benefit because I think that makes it so everyone can make this school into someplace speacial for them.


I would encourage all students to attend the University of Alabama for the reasons previously stated. The University of Alabama offers top notch academics with so much diversity among students that no student will have trouble finding people they fit in with. The University has also recently raised their academic standards improving its focus on giving students the best education possible. I would reccomend attending this University to everyone.


Anyone who wants to meet new and interesting people, should consider attending the University of Alabama. The University of Alabama is a school for someone who is into sports as well, because there are plenty of ways to be active in sports or to be a spectator at many events. The University of Alabama is open to anyone who wants to get a good education while having a great time.


Someone who wants to get involved in a lot of activities, because there is so much happening on campus that applies to so many different types of people. I see many people who are genuinely interested in learning about what they want to do and work hard. It's really inspiring and I really enjoy the people at Alabama.


A strong minded individual who doesnt get easily side tracked while huge festivities go on . Also the student should come to this campus aware pf their surroundings and explore the city to find their way around. Know the rules and regulations of the school code, take care of their financial aid, collect as many scholoarships and reapply, and stay safe!


Someone who is willing to dedicate themself to their degree and career, because if you are that kind of person the University of Alabama an awesome name to put on a resume. Also someone with the desire to attend one of the best colleges in the United States.


A person that attends this school needs to be career focused and determined to accomplish anything. He or she needs to be open-minded and sociable.


An ambitious individual thats serious and focused about his/her future. All rising men and women, no matter the race, should be persistent, determined, active academically and socially, fun and exciting individuals.


This school is extremely sorority and fraternity oriented. If you are planning on joing this social scene, the University of Alabama will be an amazing choice. Options for social life otherwise are limited.


SHould like sports especially football


Students interested in nursing, pre-medical, and business majors are most likely to attend this university.


Football is really big at Alabama, so someone who is interested in attending a school with a good football program would be happy here. Also, I think this is a great place to come to get the experience of a big school while still living in a small town.


A motivated individual who enjoys a challenge would enjoy attending the University of Alabama. The academics and extra curricular activities are well suited for everyone, no matter what you like!


Someone who likes sports, in particular football.


Anyone that wants a good education.


An individual that wants to work hard and want to succeed!




The person best suited for this school would be one who is looking for a good time, comes from money, wants to be Greek, likes to drink, and loves college football. The Greek population at Alabama is astounding. About one third of the student body is Greek. Everyone here drinks all the time. It seems where ever you turn, there is another kegger or party with tons of alcohol. And this is Alabama, and we have one of the best vibrant college football programs around which are really fun to watch.


I don't know about should, but the kind of people who do attend this school tend to be fairly conservative, fairly wealthy, fairly white, and business majors.


Anyone! There is a place for liberals, conservatives, protestants, atheists, whites, and blacks. It doesn't matter who you are, there is somewhere for you.


I think anyone wishing to have a very enjoyable college experience should attend the University of Alabama. Anyone with a love of college football and strong academic goals should attend this university. There is the potential to make friends for life and experience a lot of cultural diversity. There is also the potential to obtain a great job after graduation. I have enjoyed my time at the university and I would recommend to anyone wishing to have an unforgettable four years in college to apply to The University of Alabama.


One that is very driven in the major they pick.


Someone looking for an all around perfect college experience.


Conservative Southerners tend to typify the student body here. People who enjoy current fashion and music trends, socializing, drinking alcohol, school spirit, and college football will love the University of Alabama. Fraternities and sororities impact every part of the campus life. This aspect of the university can either make you love it or hate it, depending if you are into the Greek world or not. Those who want to receive a career-preparing and reputable education, while still having time to focus on a social life, should attend the University of Alabama.


Every kind of person should attend this college. They have a variety of activites for people to engage in.


Anyone. Literally. This school is great for all types of people. It doesn't matter if you're from a small town in the south or from L.A.


Someone who loves tradition and Southern charm. Someone who is open to finding their niche in an engaging atmosphere, but also can meld with others from different atmospheres.


a person who is out going and not afraid to walk up to some one and start a conversation. Also a person who loves football and interested in makeing friends with people from all over the south!


someone who enjoys drinking and football, but can also find the time to do classwork.


This school is a great place for very social people. Also for football fans. Its is good academically. But i dont know much outside of the biology department.


The University of Alabama has a very diverse student population. I believe that no matter what kind of person you are, you will fit in here at the Capstone very well. There are many different organizations on campus to help students get involved, and each organization is different, therefore there's a place for everyone here!