The University of Alabama Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The campus is pretty big. Now that I'm used to it, it's not too bad, but at first it felt like a long way to walk just to get to classes. When your schedule doesn't allow much time between classes, it can be stressful to get to your next class. But for the most part, the professors are understanding.


The most frustrating thing to me about The University of Alabama is the lack of transportation from campus to Birmingham and the airport. As an out of state student without a car, it is very difficult for me to get to the airport when I need to travel home and to public shopping areas.


The lack of diversity or acceptance of it among the student body.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the strong point for the school also. Even though I am just a new freshman, the school's campus is ridiculously huge! There are still more building being added on to the school as we speak right now. With that said, it can be a win-lose situation for new students.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Alabama is the student segregation. There are too many cliques and not enough students, male or female, that are willing to become your friend without anything in return.


The only frustrating thing about the University of Alabama is actually found in other Universities as well. Although Alabama offers limitless opportunities, most of them are quite expensive. The high cost of classes, study abroad programs, and club dues is a difficult obstacle to defeat. Our campus is beautiful, our professors are wonderful and genuine, and the education we earn is incalculable. Unfortunately the stresses of money can sometimes overwhelm those things.


The cost of tuition expenses and books is frustrating.


Even though Albama is the only university I would choose, I do not like the fact that the tuition is so much more expensive for out-of-state students. For those of you that want to attend Alabama and you are an out-of-state student, it is imperitive that you prepere financially.


The University of Alabama's campus so large that I have classes a whole mile apart from each other, and I often need to travel that distance in under 10 minutes. Public transportation is neither timely nor reliable, and, if you live on campus, driving is nearly impossible. Parking is limited to the area around your residence hall. My residence hall is a mile away from where the majority of my classes are, the music building. Parking outside of your appointed zone results in hefty fines. The current system is extremely inconvenient, and getting around campus can be a nightmare!


The most frustrating thing about the University of Alabama is trying to get accepted into the school, and the central heating and cooling issues that we have there.


The most frustrating thing about attending the University of Alabama is that most people will assume you are either a partier or a jock. The school is notorious for being a "fun school with a great football team"; it doesn't receive enough credit for the wonderful academics offered. The stigma is one that has to be worked past and falsified unlike most schools where schools don't have to contend with it at all.


The most frustrating thing about school is that we have to buy a really expensive meal plan our first year. I had a whole lot of left over meals at the end of the year and they don't roll over to the next year so it was a waste of money.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the students drink alcohol and do drugs too much. It's mostly done on the weekends, but the groups usually get too loud and wild while they "party".


Right now I have a broken jaw and cannot speak well so it is very hard to socialize.


The math department--all the work is computerized.


My only complaint about the university of Alabama is the parking and how the parking spots are always hard to find but considering we have over 25,000 students you really cant complain


In spite of the many extra-curricular activities sponsored by my univeristy, there seems to be a barrier surrounding certain organizations that prevent many talented and interested students from obtaining membership. For example, the SGA is reserved for the majority of Caucasian male and female students in fraternities and sororities which control decision making bodies and influence faculty and administration. In addition the SGA also contols Homecoming Queen elections and SGA elections which are never representative of the campus as a whole. Many students feel that their voice is never heard and tend to not cast ballots at elections.


In my two years of attending the University of Alabama, I have found parking to be frustrating. On one occasion, the designated parking area I was supposed to park in was full. I had to park in a different area and I received a parking ticket. Now I live close to campus and I can walk to all of my classes.


The only frustrating thing that I have found is the cost for out-of-state students. I love everything about the university, but it is really hard since I am not an Alabama resident.


Personally, coming from the north, I do not quite fit in with the southern life, but it is nothing that would make me change my mind about attending this school. On a larger opinionated scale, the size of this school could easily be much too large and crowded for many peoples liking.


For me, it is the amount of money it costs to go to school there. Due to such the high costs, I have to work two jobs and be a full-time student in order to maintain my financial aid.


What frustrates me is the huge amount of focus on only "practical" fields like business, law, and medicine have all the nice buildings inside and all the lastest technology and featues while the art program and buildings are left up to the people in it. I wish they would put as much merit into their art program as they do the others because the students and the faculty are really good and really innovative, we just do not have all the resources and attention we need. I wish we could be more modernized and involved with the campus.


I would say, the basic requirements. I want to take more social behavioral classes but the basics only require 2 for which each of the others don't count except for a major in that subject.


Having to pay out-of-state tuition and never getting scholarships for all my hard work and good grades.


how intesne the greek life is


The most frustrating thing about UA is the parking and how far away it is from my classes. It gets frustrating having to walk so far every day, especially when it is raining or freezing cold. I have to space my classes at least 30 minutes apart to be able to make it on time without really having to rush.


Sometime the workload seems like a work overload.


Have to do a lot of walking.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the Machine, which is made up of all the predominantly white fraternities and sororities and how they run the campus, even if they're not playing fair.


Having to deal with all the sororities and fraternities members who believe they are better than you because they have the money to prove it.


Smart minded people that attend the university. This university is a liberal arts school and if feels like a very strict conservative school with invisible boundaries.


I often find myself over stretched, not because of my work load, but because there are so many opportunities. All of those opportunites leave me wanting to explore. So, the most frustrating thing for me is time management. One might be in a study group when you here that your favorite author is speaking in the library in ten minutes, while at the same time a great band could be playing on the quad. Despite the frustration, having all of those choices has taught me to manage my time, which is an important skill to have for life.


Too much influence on fraternities and sororities


I LOVE my school. But I can't afford it. I'm an out of state student. Tuition seems to be rising each year, and when I do the math, the government gives me a little more every year; however, I still end up paying $12,000 a year out of pocket. I want to be a pediatric nurse when I grow up, and that dream seems to be slowly fading due to my poor financial situation. I LOVE THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. I HATE MONEY :)


My school cares more about the money it makes off the students than the students themselves. They take as much money from the students as possible. The reason you are able to accept them taking all of your money is because the atmosphere is great down here but the students are the ones who make the atmosphere.


The only frustrating thing about this college is that if you ever get behind in class, it is hard to catch back up. But if you contact your instuctors, most of them will help you.


Students have to create their own opportunities... The good ones are readily available.


The Crimson Ride was invented to make getting across campus easier for students, but it never has a consistent schedule.


i never really get frustrated with the school


teacher office hours not flexible


Greek life. The greeks run everything and are very exclusive. If you want to join you must have an extremely high GPA, know someone in the organization, and have a very good high school reputation.


Being able to get involved in some student organizations can be frustrating at times if you are not in a Greek fraternity or sorority. Some organizations are heavily populated with members of the Greek system, making it very discouraging for those who are not associated with the Greek system. Many times people can apply for these organizations, but it appears that they are not qualified enough as their Greek counterparts. While they may not be as qualified, it does not help encourage lots of student involvement.


The close-mindedness. It is in the deep south - and it sure acts like it. There does not seem to be much diversity or welcoming of progressive thoughts.


the herd mentality of the greek system, the conservative political stance,


There are NO parking spaces, tuition is steadily increasing, there are too many people on campus, but not enough housing.


A lot of the classes that i attend or have attended are huge classes so there is less one on one with the teacher, which is something that i think is very important to have in a classroom.


The racial discrimination that occurs on a daily basis, between all races.


Again its fighting against the vision of our upper administration.