The University of Montana Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




I think this school is best known for their Alumni and their school mascot and team spirit. I also feel that the school is very well integrated into the rest of the community and it helps generate a greater sense of togetherness overall.


The University is best known for its' Forestry/Wildlife managment program, Native American studies, and Theater/Journalism.


Our Journalism department is very well known throughout the north west. Our writing/English departments are extremely well known in general.


Our football team is always a force to be reckoned with in the Big Sky Conference. UM's programs in Literature and the Arts are some of the best in the country.


The University of Montana is best known for is liberal campus, and the Montana Grizzlies defensive line.


Besides the highly qualified professors, the diverse programs offered, the tolerance of the campus, the friendliness of the students and staff, and the cold Winter months, the University of Montana is best known for the zigzagging trail running up the mountain which sits snugly behind the university. Everyone is familiar with the large 'M' gracing the mountain, and students are always seen hiking up the trail to sit on the 'M' and gaze out at the spectacular view the spot provides.


Probably best know for the Grizzly football team.


University of Montana is best known for it's beautiful campus and terrific location which offers many opportunities for outdoor activity, excellent staff and a variety of interesting programs.


The University of Montana is best known for it's tight-knit community and spirited students. Entering into an elementary classroom in the community, all of the children know about the Montana Griz football games and players. Most young children have even attended a game or two. It's just the same for students at the university. Attending the football games to cheer on your Grizzlies with the local community and the school community is one of the highlights of the week, and dressing both for the whether and the grizzlies is another unifying aspect of the games and school.


My school is best known for its variety of opportunities. It's unique in so many areas, especially in location and academics. It's one of the closest urban areas to a federally designated Wildereness (not 4 miles away) to also boasts a thriving music scene fed by being in a small town that just so happens to be a stop for performers on their way between Salt Lake or Denver to Seattle and Portland. Missoula also happens to collect Ivy League retirees and Nobel laureats who want a change of pace and add greatly to campus.


The mountains that surround it. Our journalism is one of the best and oldest in the country.


I think my school is best known for the scenic campus and the Montana Grizzly football team.


The diversity among students is expansive. Students are aware and respectful of their peers. The town of Missoula is also diverse itself. The campus sits in a canyon surrounded by mountains and is walking distance from downtown. The University of Montana's football team, the Grizzlies, has always been and still is a wonderful program. Students, alumni, and the community alike all enjoy catching a football game on the weekends in Washington-Grizzly Stadium. All in all, the University of Montana is known for its diversity. It has both diverse students and a diverse atmosphere.


My school is best known for its football team. The Montana Grizzlies football program is one of the best in the country. The atmosphere during a home Griz game is electrifying! One would have to be there to know the feeling. The fans are loud and crazy, and the tailgating is a big part of the experience. I would have to say that having lived through a lot of these games have made my time in college memorable and interesting. Anyone who has ever gone to these games would say the same thing about the Griz Nation.


I would say my school is best known for it's outstanding athletic department, and in the academics, it's sciences. The University of Montana has challenging, yet very rewarding science programs. From political science to chemistry, they are all great classes that will prepare you widely for your future or chosen profession. Although Missoula is a four-year public school I believe it is one of the most upstanding schools that challenges you and makes you work hard for a good grade which is why I chose the University of Montana.


Besides our amazing sports program, our school is known for its incredible theatre program and growing media arts program. The sciences and pre-medical programs are extremely commendable, and we also have a huge forestry program that is prospering. The University of Montana helps send out a gigantic work force into the Missoula Community. It helps economically and creates the advancement of creativity and social awareness. People from all over Montana recognize our school as the home of the “Griz,” and rightly so. We take much pride in our beloved football players. People come far and wide to our games.


It is known for how diverse and balanced it is here. There is a small town feel to the campus, but there are people here that come from various walks of life. Everyone is so friendly here as well.


Academically, liberal arts and sciences are what the school is known for. It's also known for being good in football and has a great sports town.


The cultural diveristy found on campus and in all of Missoula. People are so much more liberal and accepting of other people than in other areas of the state. It provides a comfortable and safe environment to live and learn in.


For the football team and the school of Business. Art is also a big playing element here too.


The Montana Grizzly Football team


The University of Montana is, to me, best known for its football. The city of missoula gets very excited for griz football season and it shows around town. Buisnesses post their "Go GRIZ!" signs and all the citizens get dressed up in ther griz apparel. I have been to a few of these griz games and I will say they are really fun. The fans show their excitement and passion by selling out the Washington Grizzly Stadium every home game and screaming their heads off until the final wistle blows.


The great views of the mountains.


The football team's success.


The University of Montana is best known for it's liberal approach on education, and it's outdoor programs. The university has a liberal approach on education, in order to round students in all fields of studies. The university allows classes outside of the major, in order to have the student be experienced in many different fields. The outdoor programs of the University of Montana are some of the best in the nation. The city of Missoula offers many attractions to accomidate students.


Though it is a fine academic university, my college is best known for its annually dominant football team.


Perhaps the school is known for two things: The University of Montana Football teams which has been somewhat dominant in the FCS division over the past 20+ years. Secondly, its diversity.... I think the University of Montana takes pride in welcoming students from all backgrounds and belief systems.


Football, quality of education, friendleness, great professors and overall concern for students


Our school is best known for the M and the oval. The M is the concrete letter on the top of a moutain that is visible almost anywhere in Missoula. It is a fun and peaceful hike. The oval is the center of the university where slot of events are held and where alot of people gather. Theses two things are very popular and well known at the University.


The University of Montana has a great community involvement. The way the proffessors interact with the students is amazing. I believe that sports and extracurricular activites are well thought of as well as making sure the students excel in their academics as well.


The University of Montana is best known for its strong school spirit, diverse, accepting, and friendly staff and students, and challenging and rewarding academic programs. Also, there are a large variety of activities on and off campus for students and staff in the city or in the mountains; whatever a person wants to do, it's here at the University of Montana.


The University of Montana is best known, in my opinion, for the football program. Over the past two years our team has made it to the national championship game but has sadly lost both. Also, Washington- Grizzly is one of the biggest cities on gameday, seating around 23,000. Most importantly we have the saying and slogan Griz Nation. This slogan unites students, faculty and community for all sporting events but most notably football games.


Football and being generally hippy and liberal.


The University of Montana is best known for the amazing outdoor recreation surrounding the school. We are situated in a valley that is surrounded by mountains. Our easy access to the outdoors gives the students extraordinary opportunity to study outdoor subjects such as forestry. The forestry program here is fantastic. An education from the University of Montana ensures that students will receive world class schooling while enjoying the beauty of Missoula.


The University of Montana is best known for its clean, environmentally cautious campus and the friendly, open minded students that attend it.


My school is generally accepted as the "liberal arts" Montana school. They promote the environment, music, theatre, culture, artistic ability, and communication predominantly. The reason I chose this school was to pursue a degree in vocal performance and to be involved in the community and university theater events.




The University of Montana is best known for our football team the Grizzlies. We are number one in the nation and have gone undefeated all season. Though football really isn't my 'thing' I still get a kick out of seeing my old high school peers on the local channels playing for the Grizzlies and later when ESPN plays high lights of the game. The university is known for many other things locally, like the Day of the Dead parade where the printmaking class makes large prints and parades them at night through the streets of downtown Missoula


Environmentally friendly, homosexual friendly, fine arts.




My school is best known for its awesome campus. People come from all over the world to walk around the oval and take in the breathtaking scenery. My school is also known nation wide for Grizzly Football season when thousands of fans gather to cheer them on in the impressive Washington Grizzly Stadium.


I feel that my school is best know for being environmentally friendly and aware. It is also know for its very liberal stances on issues. My school gets involved in many political and environmental issues. My school works on making a difference on the impact of the environment. Many of the new buildings being constructed on campus are meant to leave little wear on the environment. The University of Montana works on involving their students in many clubs and activities that deal with environmental and political issues.


The athletics, school spirt, and certain academic programs.


The University of Montana is very diverse and pretty liberal. Everyone on campus seems open to new ideas and are very economically and socially aware. Our football team, the Grizzlies, is a big focus of our school and area. The Grizzlies are an excellent team and have a lot of support from the community. Outdoor activities are abundant; hiking, mountain biking, snow boarding, kayaking, fishing, frisbee golf, and golf are some of the most popular activities.


Its parties.


Football, football, football. Missoula is based upon its sports program. It has a lot of die-hard fans that bleed maroon and silver, our school colors. The campus is also a key feature that separates it from the rest of the other campuses. The university prides itself on being one of the most beautiful and green campuses in the Northwest.


My school is best known for producing good writers and well-rounded students. I also believe it is pretty famous for it's football team, the Montana Grizzlies.