The University of Montana Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about The University of Montana?


The most frustrating thing about the University of Montana is that the students that attend pay so much for tuition and housing, although our technology is not in tip top shape. It seems that all our money goes to the damn football team. Fall of 2013, my math class had an very old overhead that didn't even work half of the time, this made it very hard to learn without demonstration. I know that there are other rooms that are in the same condition. University of Montana should pay more towards educational technology.


the size! I was recently paralyzed and have difficulty getting around such a large campus.


Seating for plus-size people.


Honestly, the most frustrating thing about U of M is the limited parking. However, if you have a bicycle, you can get around just fine and not have to search endlessly for a parking space. Plus, you benefit from the exercise and are able to enjoy the fantastic area where the campus is located.


It's not very racially diverse. Many of the students know each other when they start as freshmen (most of them come from around Montana) so it can be hard not to know anybody and attempt to make friends when most people already know each other.


Some of the buildings are older so access for handicapped people is somewhat difficult.


Though UM is an amazing place to learn, through all of the hussel and bussel it may be hard to get where you need to go, and to meet the given deadlines. When I first applied to UM I found the enrollment process to be very overwhelming. It takes a determined and outgoing person to complete the needed paperwork, record recovery and financial aid needed before attending this school. Perhaps take into consideration the idea of tattooing your school ID # to your hand? Only joking.. invest in some post-it notes and keep it handy- HUGE time saver.


That I have to live in Hippie-ville USA, I am not a tree hugger I respect the enviroment but these people are insane. I also do not appreciate how much money they charge for every little thing. I dont play sports I dont watch sports so why do I have to pay a fee for them.


The smoking in our school. The school states smokers should stand 25 feet away from the building when they smoke, and half the time this isn't the case. I wish the rule was enforced more so people who don't want to inhale smoke don't have to.


The art department, especially the dance department can be pretentious and one minded.