The University of Montana Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about the University of Montana is that the students that attend pay so much for tuition and housing, although our technology is not in tip top shape. It seems that all our money goes to the damn football team. Fall of 2013, my math class had an very old overhead that didn't even work half of the time, this made it very hard to learn without demonstration. I know that there are other rooms that are in the same condition. University of Montana should pay more towards educational technology.


the size! I was recently paralyzed and have difficulty getting around such a large campus.


Seating for plus-size people.


Honestly, the most frustrating thing about U of M is the limited parking. However, if you have a bicycle, you can get around just fine and not have to search endlessly for a parking space. Plus, you benefit from the exercise and are able to enjoy the fantastic area where the campus is located.


It's not very racially diverse. Many of the students know each other when they start as freshmen (most of them come from around Montana) so it can be hard not to know anybody and attempt to make friends when most people already know each other.


Some of the buildings are older so access for handicapped people is somewhat difficult.


Though UM is an amazing place to learn, through all of the hussel and bussel it may be hard to get where you need to go, and to meet the given deadlines. When I first applied to UM I found the enrollment process to be very overwhelming. It takes a determined and outgoing person to complete the needed paperwork, record recovery and financial aid needed before attending this school. Perhaps take into consideration the idea of tattooing your school ID # to your hand? Only joking.. invest in some post-it notes and keep it handy- HUGE time saver.


That I have to live in Hippie-ville USA, I am not a tree hugger I respect the enviroment but these people are insane. I also do not appreciate how much money they charge for every little thing. I dont play sports I dont watch sports so why do I have to pay a fee for them.


The smoking in our school. The school states smokers should stand 25 feet away from the building when they smoke, and half the time this isn't the case. I wish the rule was enforced more so people who don't want to inhale smoke don't have to.


The art department, especially the dance department can be pretentious and one minded.


I was frustrated by how much books cost and how I didn't have the option to not pay for a gym membership. I'm in graduate school at the U right now and I like this experience more than my undergraduate one because I'm required to have an internship and I feel like I'm getting more bang for my buck. My Psychology program didn't require an internship which I was disappointed in.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be not getting money back if we don't use the full amount at the end of the week. We had to pay it so I think that it should be either given back at the end of the semester or added to the next weeks amount.


The only thing that bothers me about my school is have way too many options. I can never decide which classes to take because there are so many to choose from. I want to take as many classes as possible but its just not allowed.


I believe that everyone should be treated equal, whether it be for your age, race or job. One thing that frustrates me about the University of Montana is that i believe the athletes within this school may be more priveledged than the others. I do however realize they work hard to achieve their success but in some cases they rank above others.


There is never any parking on campus, and the city bus doesn't come to my neighborhood.


The social lives that many struggle to maintain which damage their chances for success. So many students are concerned with how they look and who they hang out with instead of being concerned about their future. Drinking and drug use is a contribution to the problem but not very much. Many students want to be seen as the "cool kid" and want respect for simply being in the department, without doing much actual work. There is a large number of students that are not like that but the students that need attention tend to stick out and it is bothersome.


There are very many different places you must visit in order to achieve different things. For instance, you must see a different person in a completely separate building in order to get information on finanicial aid, but then a different building to get the form for financial aid. It seems very confusing for incoming and new people, and takes a while to get the hang of.


Previously, I had to chance to see the president and went to his office the other day, by the moment he looked nice and approachable and after the meeting is done, who's been disregarding my situation and took me over to the ohter department. and the worst memory is that I been told I need to go to pverty and that is the best solution I have got it from the dean of students, who could have gave me a proper measurement but which has shown that this school is only opened for those who are rich.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the financial aid office. It was very difficult as a transfer sophomore to learn exactly what I had to do to get my financial aid accepted, since I didn't get financial aid in my freshman year at a different college, and since I was newly married and working full time, taking the time for a full orientation was not high on my priority list. A possible solution might be emphasizing a short (one-hour) orientation session for non-traditional or transfer students.


I find it hard to find a most frustrating attribute about my school. I enjoy all aspects of the university, after all, that's why I chose to come here.


The most frustrating thing about my school, and school in general, is the availability of guidance through the admissions process. I felt as if I was on my own throughout the entire process, which made it more stressful than it had to be.


Not every student will connect with every professor. I had difficulty with one of my professors in a literature class. I can't say that there was anything else that frustrated me. The staff was always very helpful and accomodating when I needed them.


Hard to find a job during school. Have to leave MT for internships


Montana offers pristine landscapes full of travel and recreational opportunities. Unfortunately, this setting comes with a price. Often, family income falls short of meeting living expenses. Financing a bachelorette degree at this remarkable institution is often frustrating, especially coming from a low adjusted gross income family. Need-based scholarships are a blessing to students coming from unfortunate backgrounds. Eligibility requirements for the UM General Scholarship are incredibly competitive. Awarding students with combined ability and need would diminish favoritism toward higher income students earning top grades, allowing room for students of low income families to diminish student loan burdens.


The rates aren't the same for the commuter meal plan versus the on-campus meal plan. Its more money to eat at the food zoo with the commuter meal plan or cash.


People are not very understanding of any conservative viewpoints at all. I think you should see things from both perspectives and judge accordingly, as opposed to taking one idea and running with it regardless of your original thought. It is frusterating to walk though campus and be heckled by him, her, and everyone holding a brochure for either a concert or a cause. There must be a better way of reaching out to people. It is also frusterating when people don't take "in state" schools seriously. The economy is bad, that doesn't mean we're stupid.


That you have to stay in the dorms the first year and that you are required to have a meal plan.


There is so much to do both academic and extracurricular that it is tough to choose sometimes, good thing most of us have at least four years.


The administration doesn't always seem to make choices based on the best interests of the students.


I honestly do not get frustrated with anything at my school on a daily basis.


Not enough parking, oversell parking passes.


The shear number of artistic, creative dreamers with trust fund with no hope of earning their own money with rich parents that are about to die.


Probably the most frustrating thing is parking. Don't drive if you can take the bus, ride your bike or walk. Especially during popular class times (9-12) parking is nearly impossible.


More of a 5-year school, though graduating in 4 years is completely possible. Academic advisers are peers and sometimes not the best. Parking is a huge issue.


The financial situation. As a student paying my own way, I wish I could spend more time focused on my schoolwork than stressed over paying my bills. To be fair, this is much more due to the economic state of the country than the university itself, but it would be nice if I could be considered an independent in the eyes of FAFSA and financial aid since that's what I pay my taxes as.


There is very limited parking. With construction cutting off a lot of the available parking for students, it becomes a chore to find a parking spot. The University does have a major flaw when it comes to its parking system- it sells more of its fair share of parking permits for the allotted amount of parking spaces available.


My biggest problem with this university involves the inabillity to test out of prerequisite courses. I was dissapointed as a freshman to find that my first year here would be a major step down from my senior year of high school. As a result, I began to slack on my studies only to be shocked by the increased difficulty of upper-division courses. If I can give any advice at all, it would be to set up your semesters with enough challenging courses to stay motivated to improve yourself while resisting the temptation to skip homework or classes.


They dont take credit/debit cards at the food zoo, food court, or country store.


I have not found myself frustrated with the school, just with my procrastinatiion.


The most frustrating thing is not always being able to get into the classes that you need each semester.


The most frustrating thing I've come across is trying to deal with the school when you're having trouble with something outside the ordinary Frequently Asked Questions. No one seems to know where to send you or they don't seem concerned enough to try and figure it out. If you're having a problem, you often have to be persistent and figure out the majority on your own, unless you know where to go.