The University of Montana Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I haven't been to many college campuses, but U of M is the most gorgeous one I've seen.


Just a fun loving place that really makes everyone feel welcomed and people that live there are the most kind and friendly people in the world


How small and beautiful the campus is. It has a hometown feel. Good biology department (my intended major is biology). Close to home (easy and inexpensive to travel).


The university of montana has endless amounts of classes to choose from and all of the teachers I have had so far seem genuinly excited to teach the class.


I am currently in the HHP program. Within this program are several career opportunities that all work todether until our third year when they start to branch off into their own specific courses. It is very nice because if you decide to change majors you don't have to start over again.


The best thing about the U of M is that you get a great education at a moderaly priced school. The professors are there to help you succeed and achieve your dreams.


The quality of the classes offered is excellent. I also love the atmosphere and the interest most professors have in making their students feel welcome and successful. The campus is also veyr beautiful and is located in a city with great outdoor activities available year round. There are a lot of International students and the chance to study abroad through many programs. The Science Department has worked with NASA and other major research partnerships. We also have an excellent Native American Studies program. The Law School and Journalism Department are highly regarded nationally.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. When going to U of M I could call it home. Finding the right college can be tough, but I could feel that I had found the right one. I am the kind of person that likes to roll out of bed and go to class and not worry about outer apperances. I am all about working hard and having fun. At U of M I found this easy to do. So what i like best at U of M is the people and the wonderful atmosphere that is created.


I enjoy the warm afternoon in the oval on the grass watching students play frisbee.


The school is so open to the arts. There are so many opportunities to discover talent, culture, music. Its amazing.


The very best thing about the University of Montana is easily the campus and its surroundings. There aren't many things that come close to competing with Montana's beautiful, sunny, yet not-too-hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Our campus is littered old brick buildings, surrounded with lush trees backdropped in all directions with the beautiful Rocky Mountains! Wildlife can be found often around and even on campus, and there is never a shortage of things to do. Be it snowboarding and skiing at the local Snowbowl, or hiking, swiming, camping, horseback riding, and biking!


The best thing about the University of Montana is its sense of community—and pride in that community. The entire campus rallies around its sports teams—the football games are almost like rock concerts. You always see at least one person you know on your way from class to class. Social functions and community service events are well advertised and occur every day. Communication between students and faculty is easy with the use of online supplements. Departments constantly recommend students to attend another department’s function. Everyone work toward the common goal of making sure everybody has a positive experience.


I think the best thing about The University of Montana is that there is rich cultural diversity here, in an unexpected part of the U.S. The university recently launched their Southwest and Central Asia Center, the first in any college in the U.S., and we have a vibrant exchange and study abroad program that has brought a lot of foreign students here. Our university has Arabic Language classes, which is unusual for most state schools, and I would love to see us get a major program in Arabic as well.


The atmosphere! I knew Montana was the right choice for me to make; but I had no idea that it would be like this! I've fallin in love with the people, location, and the beautiful colors that nature gives year round!


The best thing about the University is the diverse environment both socially and cuturally.


The best thing about The University of Montana is the the school pride and support for athletics. All social groups and people from the community get involved with athletics, especially football, which gives the campus and local community a feeling of being supported and cheered on. Whether you are a student, faculty member, or a local, it feels as if everyone comes together as a big family to support Grizzly athletics.


I think the diverse student population and range of studies is the best thing about my school because it offers an interesting and fun learning and social environment.


A very professional environment with an emphasis on excellence and achievement. It has all that is required to get a good education if you are willing to work hard and put forth the required amount of effort into you work. We are taught to think of this experience as if it were for a real job and that is a great motivator for many students, including myself. All students are encouraged to do their best and are not pushed too hard by the faculty or staff. Each student is given equal opportunities for success and the chance to succeed.


The best part of my University is its location. The University of Montana rests in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Missoula, MT. Missoula is a liberal city that is very community and recreationally oriented.


I consider the beauty of the University of Montana campus the best part about it. I find the blend of old style brick buildings surrounded by lush environment great. The UM admistration does a very good job with the upkeep of making the campus look as good as it does by planting new trees, letting students express their artistic talents through statues and artwork, and many other things. I have seen the other campus's in montana and I think that Montana State the best rival but still comes up short to the beauty of the UM.


The diversity is amazing to be around. Everyone is very accpeting of who YOU are, and is willing to accept many different aspects of your life. There are many different options for activities both on the campus and in the community.


The best thing about the University of Montana has to be the professors. In high school, I was plagued by teachers uninterested in what they were teaching, but, in college, the professors really care, and they do everything they can to make the class interesting, exciting, and rememberable.


Walking down the sidewalk seeing faces of different color. That is called diversity. The University of Montana has one of the most beautiful campuses, not because of the luscious pine trees or the towering rocky mountains, but because of the people. The people make the University of Montana so mesmerizing and breathtaking. I see a six foot two football star conversing with a five foot one foreign student about the new pizzeria down the street. I see a man with long blonde hair and baggy pants high fiving a petite school girl. The people are the beauty.


The availability of opportunities on campus that allow students to network, learn, and experience new things. Many high profile companies come including Disney, KPMG, and more come and network with the students to possibly hire them after graduation. There is an honors college that offers small knowledge based classes available to all students to learn in a one-on-one environment. Campus also offers many opportunities to go abroad and study new things. I was able to go to Ireland and work in a television production company and work on-set a new series being produced.


I think the best thing about my school is the atmosphere. Everyone is so welcoming and inviting and always willing to help. The football games are always packed and everyone in the town is cheering on our school. I love that all our departments have real professionals teaching and that the school in so involved in the community.


The University of Montana at Missoula is a wonderful choice for students who are looking for a diverse and open minded learning environment. Because the campus is relatively small, compared to larger cities with bigger universities, the student/professor ratio is one which allows every student access to their professor at almost any time for advice and assistance with their choices in class, or even in their college career. UM prides itself on its diversity statement that all people from all walks of life are treated as equals; this is not just a statement but a daily practice.


I think the best thing about the University of Montana is it's location. Campus is located in a smaller city (Missoula) where there are plenty of restaraunts, a mall, downtown filled with little shops, and plenty to keep a person busy without ever having to go far. For the more adventurous, there are mountains for hiking and participating in snowsports, a river that flows right through the city perfect for fishing or floating. Nearly any imagineable activity is right at your fingertips!


The best thing about my school is that the professors are helpful to the students and are willing to make appointments outside of their office hours. I consider this the best thing about my school because it is important to be able to get help from the professors if you have any questions about the homework that is assigned.


I like the small town nature of the school. Also, the business school is very good. The faculty and staff make sure that students have the information they need to gain and keep a career.


The University of Montana has many attractive qualities, such as a beautiful campus, a great fitness and recreation center and ambitious students. However, its study abroad program is excellent. There are countless expeditions to truly amazing places and opportunties to study abroad in almost any location around the globe.


The Faculty are the best thing about our school here at the university of montana. The reason being, they are super helpful- whenever I need some information they are always there to give advice. Our faculty in the music department especially are like your comrades. Even if you have a question or concern that has nothing to do with your field of study, they will stop and listen and give advice on practical life concerns.


The University of Montana is a good school and not in Bozeman (my hometown) but it is not too far away. I have friends that attend there and I really like the surrounding area. I like to hunt and fish and hike and there's plenty of that to do in the close area. It also is a good school for my major. I want to be an optomitrist and this a good undergraduate university.


This school is so open to everyone of every background, and encourages self-expression in everything, whether its performing arts or business marketing.


The element that I enjoyed most about the University of Montana was the wonderful programs they offered. I got my teaching certificate in Secondary Education with a Language Arts emphasis and the School of Education there was great. The faculty and classes were all terrific and I felt prepared for student teaching. In addition to that, during my student teaching, I felt very supported by my academic advisor and with his guidance and strong mentorship, had a positive experience student teaching. The School of Education was only one of the many great programs offered at the University of Montana.


My favorite part of campus is the atmosphere. The river, the mountain, the town, the brick pathways and the fall leaves. All of that passes on into the classrooms, which aren't as intimidating or daunting because of comfortableness of the campus.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community built around it in the town of missoula as well as on campus. Many students from around the world attend and with my focus on the French Language and Education i thrive on meeting new people and learning of their views and thoughts of the world we all live in. We need to work together in a SERIOUS manner to see a new bright world.


The best part about the University of Montana is the sense of community. Here, as well as the rest of Montana, there is a small-town, friendly attitude. However, with a population of around 57,000, the town is large enough to accomodate the luxuries of city life too. The Clark Fork River runs through Missoula, and the city is surrounds by the Rocky Mountains, so for the more outdoorsy types, there are plenty of extracurricular activities. The professors at the school, in general, seem to care about how well their students learn, and always engage them in the discussion.


It is nice to wake up everyday to the beauty of the mountains surrounding the valley of the UM college. During the Fall the leaves change colors and all the trees are decorated in different strokes. The winter brings a christmas feel to it because it blankets the earth with snow and a mist often rises from the nearby river towards the college. For the most part the people here are friendly and the drivers are considerate. The football team is very successful and gives a chance to show good team spirit during games. Some professors are gifted researchers.


The University of Montana has superb professors. At most large universities one finds that the teaching faculty doesn't have time for the students, they focus on passing through the material. Professors here will stand outside the room and engage in casual conversations before class. It is not difficult to find help, all they ask is that the students come in during hours or during an agreed time. Professors also make teaching assistants available for assistance.


The accessibility of resources. Everything is incredibly easy to find and the population on campus is very friendly.


The best thing about my school is that 99 percent of the professors and t.a.'s on campus are always upbeat and helpful and friendly.


I'm very involved in the Catholic Campus Ministry. I also like the Davidson Honors College, which offers smaller classes.


What I find to be the most valuable at the University of Montana is the wonderful Oval where students can study, play, or rest. I have had a variety of wonderful teachers who inspire me to continue to study and make me want to be a better person. The amount of fun activities that are planned on campus are great, and is a sucessful way to draw students together, making a very friendly campus.


I love that University of Montana is so diverse and friendly. It is a very liberal school so most students are very accepting and open minded. I also love the surrounding area. There are tons of activities to participate in both on and off campus. You have the downtown experience within walking distance as well as nature and the outdoors. It's the best of both worlds.


The size


The school spirit is awesome!


The Campus. Its a beautiful campus surrounded by Rocky Mountain scenery and close to anything outdoors.


U of M has a great campus in a gorgeous town! Everyone in Missoula loves the Griz and the football games are always sold out. If you love the outdoors and healthy life styles than this is the perfect place for you. There is so much to do from floating the river, rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking and even skiing during the winter. There is plenty of social life here too, if your looking for a party you'll find one. For the older crowd downtown is way fun!


The best thing about the University of Montana is the strong community relationship that exist. The entire community is intertwined with the University and it provides a wonderful and accepting atmosphere. There is a great deal of diversity within Missoula and it is reflected in the various shops and entertainment provided in town, which is in such close connection with the academic setting.


I consider the students and professors to be best thing about this school, because they always are ready to help and to make friends with the new college students, and to me that helps with the transition from high school to college.