The University of Tampa Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of Tampa is a very prestigious university and is best known for its good quality education it gives to its students. The university also is known for its great and well-educated professors and staff. Everyone who works on campus is very kind and eager to help at any moment. Although it is a private university which can be a financial burden on some students, there is always staff to help find ways to search for financial assistance. Overall, this is a beautiful campus that is always well-groomed as well.


For being very 1 on 1 as far as student and teachers go. Also have a decent sports program along with being located in sunny florida.


The University of Tampa is best known for it's buisness majors.


The university of Tampa is best known for its location, it's athletics, and it's internships. Tampa is a very beautiful location with many places to visit. There are many beaches and amusement parks that are no more than 30 minutes away fromt the campus. The University of Tampa is also known for it's Athletics. There are various sports for men and women like baseball, basketball, track, etc. The athletics department is NCAA Division II. Lastly, UT is known for internships. They have multiple business connections with companies who are more than happy to hire students from UT.


My school has a very huge business program that many people from around the world come here to study. I think that being a student, this school is also known for it's prime location and it's beautiful campus that is extremely attractive to people, especially those not from Florida.


I believe UT is known for being a hard school, but in reality is not. If you apply yourself and take time to study, you are going to succeed. The University of Tampa is a great school and yiou will feel like you are home since the moment you first step in it.


My school is best known for its beautiful surroundings and high academic standards as well as its diversity.


To be honest, my school is known for its business school and nightlife as there are a lot of things to do at night in Downtown Tampa.


The small class sizes and the fact that we have no grad students teaching courses. Every proffessor at the University of Tampa either is a professional or was a professional in the field of study.


Our school is best known for its historic value. The Univesity of Tampa use to be a hotel during the Spanish American War. During this time teddy Roosevelt and the Ruff Riders stayed there because of it's close river accesss. Also furniture from Marie Antoinette's palace is in our school. The Moorish archiecture is also what our school is known for.


The school is know best its business courses.


The University of Tampa is best known for Plant Hall, its International Studies, its business school, and its involvement in the community, especially downtown Tampa.


My school is best known for it's closeness and family-oriented style. The University of Tampa is a small University. It's small size allows students to interact more with other students and lets the students to feel comfortable and not overwelmed. The University of Tampa is almost like one big family.


Most noted attribute is the diversity of schedules and depth of professionalism the staff convey. The completion to degree percentages are very good as well.


The beautiful campus and well acclaimed Business school


having one of the top business schools and science schools in florida. Its in a downtoen setting right by the ocean. So there is some good night life.


Our school is not known for one thing but many. To start with it is known for sports. We may not have a football team, however we do have winning soccer and baseball teams. Our volleyball team is decent as well. Many people get recruited from our baseball team. Another item the University of Tampa is known for is the river that runs through our park. The Hillborough River runs into the bay where dolphins occassionally get lost and swim through. We are also known for our historic adminastrations and class room building, Plant Hall, originally an 1800s Hotel.


Historical building and small class sizes


The campus and it's historical value. It was the Tampa Bay Hotel prior to being a college. University of Tampa is a liberal arts school that has an excellent Business major. In downtown tampa with beaches in close proimity.


its in the top ten business school in the princeton review and top in the world


The University of Tampa is often referred to as a dumb rich kids school since it is a private University. Though this is a common misconception I will say that there are many students who coast on mommy and daddy's money and an equal amount of students who work hard to get good grades and receive financial aid.


its great professors, small class sizes and hands-on learning.... we have no huge lecture halls so all students receive a more personable college experience.


It is a beautiiful campus and that is probably what it is best known for.


Our up and coming business department.


Our baseball team and business school.


Business, Nursing


I think my school is best known for the castle called Plant Hall. It reminds me of the castle from the Disney movie Aladin. A symbol that will always remind me of our school is the Mineret. They are these huge gold colored towers with moon scultptures on them. They appear on just about everything around our campus and it was even our plane in a Red Bull competition this past summer. We have an outgoing, wide variety of people and teachers to interact with. Our school is an unreal experience that you have to live to understand.