The University of Tampa Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Definitely the athletics and the arts. There is a good balance between those two things. All sorts of sport are offered as well as various performing arts such as dance, artistic drawing and painting, choir, drama and theatre.


There are plenty of activities to do on and off-campus. From the beach to clubbing to campus comedians and events. People are always having a good time--usually Thur-Sat is when people go out to clubs. I wouldn't recommend leaving our dorm door unlocked--once in a while someone goes into the dorms and takes laptops, iPods, phones, etc. Commonsense should tell you to keep your door lock when you aren't there, but you'd be surprised how many people don;t.


UT goes partying all the way since Thursday night till Sunday morning. There are many clubs here in Tampa but we students have our top five which we like to repeat every weekend. Student Productions is always working to bring comedians at least once every semester, they showcase movies every Friday and then the'll organize different very entertaining events every time they can.


The most popular groups are: greek life, sports teams, dance/theater students, international groups? I'm involved in the In Crowd where we promote athletics and give away free food, tshirts and prizes during the games. I also give tours of the school because I want to show and tell prospective students all about my experience at Tampa. I'm involved in SEMS which has sports field affiliated guest speakers, volunteer opps, and job opps in Tampa. A lot of the time there are always movies, comedians, shows and something going on at UT. The first 2 years people usually just have flings but jr/sr year people start to settle down in relationships. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm either out a bar/club or in the courtyard outside talking with friends. People party a lot at our school, but its more of "going out" to bars/restaurants. Greek life leaves a footprint, but you dont have to be involved to have friends on campus. Last weekend I went to a baseball game, to the pool, wrote a paper and spent time with friends. It's really easy to meet people at UT cause its small and you see the same people multiple times. I meet people in my classes, through mutual friends, through organizations, or just walking around campus. The only negative thing is most of the groups don't interact which each other, everyones involved in their own thing.


Our campus is one giant bubble with a great community inside. 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of us live on campus and we all use our campus as our homes for four years. There are different types of events going on all of the time, and the athletic events are usually very popular.