The University of Tampa Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the student/facutly ratio and the amount one on one time I get to have with my professors as they care more about how much you learned over a letter grade. I am a visual learner and a lot of the film aspects I am learning are hands on which really helps me learn a lot faster than reading from a book. I love the small school feel and the sense of community that is on campus. Everyone is accepting of others and their is always a ton of activities going on during the school week.


That I'm located right next to the beach in sunny florida. Which is also located right next to the Tampa Bay Rays stadium and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!. Great sports programs and nice small class sizes.


I tell my friends that I am able to be a part of many different organizations and that I am able to be involved in whatever I want to be a part of. I tell my friends how much I love my jobs and that even though I do not live the life of a normal college student, I would not change it for anything. I love my busy, crazy life.


I usually tell my friends how wonderful the campus is. All the buildings are close in distance and are easy to walk too. I also say that the university offers lost of different organizations and activities for students to get invovled with on campus. Also the class sizes are small, so it is easier to make friends and meet with your professors.


In the United States in the winter, Florida is the warmest state always providing me with sunshine. I am always bragging about the weather and how I get to walk around campus in a simple t-shirt and shorts and just carry a raincoat in my bag. My campus is beautiful and even has their own pool to relax at. The University of Tampa is a private school and the classes don't hold that many people. I think that this gives you the chance to get to know everyone on a person level including the professor.


That my classes are in one of the oldest hotels in the US. The weather is between 70 and 90 all year round. The beach is only a 30 minute drive away. And everyone around, even in the city, are friendly.


The location! It is unbelivable, right in downtown Tampa.


I love to tell other people about the College of Natural Health and Sciences. I believe that both Florida and California have great science schools. I came upon a gem when I choose UT as my undergraduate school. I have a great advisor for my major Biochemistry, Professor Carastro. The Department of Chemistry and Physics offers the right type of courses such as Tissue Culture and Intro to Research. The Biology classes are also a challenge and teach me exactly what I need to know. I will definitely take pride in UT’s science program.


The weather, location and over all appearance of the school. We have many beaches close to us and an outdoor pool on campus. We are also located right in the heart of downtown Tampa where there are numerous opportunities for jobs and future careers, as well as many things to do to keep us all entertained. We also have wonderful intership programs and tons of possibilities for the future.


I would say that besides an incredibly beautiful campus, UT is extremely dedicated to your personal success and makes each student feel like they truly matter to the University. Most colleges allow students to get lost in the shuffle, but UT is designed to maximize your education with guidance and a plethora of tools.


I brag most about how good my teachers are. They really help you understand everything and if you dont understand, the school offers free tutoring. So the school is very involved in helping students succeed in college.


Classes are small so i will get a chance to know my teachers and classmates better.


How small the classes are and how you get the one on one attention from your professors. Also, how the schools is located in the heart of Tampa.


I like to brag to my friends that attend the University of South Florida that at the University of Tampa, everyone is there to help you succeed and graduate instead of just being another numbered student going through their school. The teachers WANT you to succeed in college. Many state universities have teachers that do not want to teach but are required to in order to recieve research money, like at the University of South Florida.


Size and ease of parking. Good professors


How beautiful our campus is and the small class sizes. It is also surrounded by palm trees, has a big pool, is very close to downtown Tampa, and in close proximity to several beaches, shopping centers, and restaurants.


How we go to the beach every weekend, there is a pool on campus that we go to., and we have the biggest drinking holiday in february: Gasparilla.


The beach and surrounding area. I also brag about the nice weather year round.


I brag the most about our small classes. Sometimes having a small school really bothers me because I feel like after 2 years it gets old and there is not many new people to meet. The good thing about having a small school though is the small classes. I like this because it allows my teachers to actually get to know me, and the other way around. It also allows me to get more extra help whenever I need it and to speak up more in class.


Location, weather, Gasparilla, Stadiums, beautiful new campus, dorm rooms!


The sunshine, the palm trees, and the beach!


he have a great football and baseball team!!


It has an urban setting, theme park is 30 minutes away, beach is 30 minutes away...


It offers classes with fewer than 20 students. Very diverse and people are open to other's views.


I love the class size. One of my professor knew my name after just two class sessions. And I never introduced myself formally. It is not a huge campus so I don't have to travel extremely far to get to my class. It is just a short walk.




Its pretty and the classes are small.


I tell my friends about the great academic programs, extracurricular activities, staff, and faculty. The professors are amazing and treat us wonderful, you can tell that they really care about the students and want us to do well. That really helps too and helps keep your attention in class even if it's a subject that you dislike.


I brag most about how nice the campus is and how much there is to do at and around school. From all the palm trees to the historic Plant Hall, Tampa offers a one of a kind experience for me.