The University of Tampa Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing i consider about my school would be that it doesnt do or create as much events as it used to when i first came. now, there is barely something going on campus.


The students who do not take their education seriously because they are so spoiled


The worst thing about my school would be the ability to get scholarships from the school. You may obtain one scholarship once you begin your freshman year but if you were to lose that scholarship, getting it back once you fulfill the requirements again are extremely difficult.


The worst thing about University of Tampa is that it lacks a bit of school spirit due to the fact that it doesn't have a football team.


I love my school and everything about it. It is in a beautiful location with access to everything you need from food to shopping areas. The only challege I have is getting used to this weather and temperature here.


The worst thing would have to be that the Wi-fi password has to be reset every 90 days and within the four years that I will be attending here, that is a lot of passwords I need to remember.


The worst thing about the University of Tampa is the lack of school spirit. Since we do not have a football team, it is hard to get a large crowd to come out to support the sports teams. I feel that it would bring students closer together and improve our athletic program as a whole if there was more effort put into the sporting events in attempt to increase the crowd diversity at games.


The thing that I consider the worst about my school is that its too small. The University of Tampa is a really small school, though its not always a bad thing, some times i just wish it was a bit bigger and think they should expand it more. I feel that the more they expand it, the more things that can be done in the sense of activities and bigger facilities like for example, a bigger gym to workout in.


The price. Because it's very expensive, but you do get what you pay for... It's just extremely hard to pay for it.


The worst thing about the University of Tampa is the baccalaureate experience. I am an economics major and I am required to take a lot of classes unrelated to my major like chemistry and biology.


I can walk from one side of campus to the other in five minutes; the worst thing about The University of Tampa is its size. When you go to college you want the college experience and because UT is so small, sometimes it feels like I am missing out. But though it being so small can be a bad thing, it’s also great because of the intimate class sizes. Because of these classroom sizes, I have gained stronger connections with my classmates, as well as professors, making a comfortable learning environment. This has resulted in a better education.


being a transfer student and not having a high enough gpa to receive a scholarship for my grades and the school not helping in any other way. there is no other financial aid and I am having a hard time trying to pay for my education. My family is struggling and we would like some assistance but are finding that receiving help is difficult.


The good thing about this question is that, for the University of Tampa, this one is really hard to find an answer for. If there is one thing that I could complain about for my school is the lack of on-campus jobs. There are a lot of job opportunities, but they are mainly for work-study qualified students. If you don't mind though, there are hundreds of part-time job opportunities in the city of Tampa that is literally steps outside of campus.


The adjunct professors. Yes they mean well but they are not always there if you need to ask a question.


The worst thing about my school is all of the partying that goes on. It seems like all of the students party everyday rather than focusing on school. It also seems like that is only thing to do in tampa. I think it is important to have fun but not party every night. Going to the clubs is expensive so i think there needs to be some other activity for us students to do and have fun.


The cost of the credits. They are high and it is understandable, but for someone like me, I cannot get PELL Grants or FINANCIAL AID because my parents earn a decent income. To me that does not always seem fair as we are an average middle class family and my older brother also goes to college so funds are tight. I understand I could have gone to a public university but this school provides everything I need for my education in a double major of biology and marine science.


Well living on campus your first year with random people kind of sucks, but thats at all colleges. Well its really small, so we don't have a ton of places to eat.


The parking is the worst, spaces are hardly ever available. It also takes at least 15 minutes to walk from your car to class.


The worst thing about our school is that athletes do not have separate privileges. At most schools, athletes are allowed to register for classes before everyone else becasue of practice schedules and games. They should have that at our school.


The worst thing about my school is the unorganization of the admission and financial aid offices. In the past, they have failed to get documents and notices to me on time or at all. The admissions office neglects to include students in any academic planning and notifications. The financial aid office has misplaced some of my records and is often difficult and hard to reach.


I currently attend UMASS Lowell. I do not have much to complain about my school: the classes are fantastic, the professors are excited to teach, and my classmates have a lot of enthusiasm. However, my school doesn't have much to do around campus because it is primarily a commuter school. This school has all the potential in the world, but the lack of activities creates a cold atmosphere that drives students off campus. If UMASS Lowell made legitimate activites that were widely available, they would find that the student body would have even more school spirt.


The worst thing about my school could be its neighborhood. In the past year we have lost a student from a robbery. He was gunned down while walking in the area. The location is great for school because it is downtown Tampa which houses many of the larger business but the neighborhood around it is a poor neighborhood where robbery is common.


Although I love the overall experience as a student at the University of Tampa, I would consider the lack of available transportation the worst thing about this school. As a freshman from Ohio, I was not permitted to bring my car to Tampa with me and often find myself stranded on the campus with expensive taxi rides being my only option to leave. The lack of transportation also makes it impossible to have a part-time job, which makes the daily taxi rides even more of an impossibility.


There is nothing bad about the University of Tampa.


Everyone pretty much knows everyone. There is still drama like in high school.


I believe the worst thing about our school is there is a lot of peer pressure on you to go out and drink on the weekends. Since the school is in the city everyone wants to go to bars and clubs from tuesday -saturday and it is hard to stay focused on schoolwork. Also it is incredibly easy to get fake id?s, alcohol or anything else you want which leads many students down a wrong path; especially when they are new to the school. Because of the excesive partying many students GPA's suffer.


It is not too big so you feel as though you know everyone and there is no football team so there is a lack of school spirit


Overall, I am very happy and comfortable at my University. However, not many students respect the quiet hours policy, which defeats the purpose of trying to study in your dorm. The library is most conveniant when having to complete your work, but I do wish sometimes that I could actually study on my hall or in my dorm with friends without people being so nosiy.


Probably the fact that there are not enough classes offered in certain areas during a semester, so it is sometimes hard to fulfill all the requirements and very hard to be able to get a sit in a class especially when ur an underclass man, which delays your time of study and makes it much more complicated.


There are some very irrisponsible people, but for the most part I love my school!


I guess the worst thing is the drive over there it takes a hour and a half because of traffic not the school's fault.


The worst thing about the school is the tuition. The University of Tampa is a great university for academics. It's a great school, however, it is rather expensive.


The worst thing about my school is that it is considered a party school. Yes, there are a lot of people who drink here, but that is not the case with everyone. There are people who drink and party, and there are people who don't. People tend to focus on the party side of my school so much that they don't realize how good my school is. We have excellent professors, and our location in the heart of Tampa provides countless opportunities for jobs, internships, and community service.


Food selection is mediocre.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is that they don't engage enough in environmental maintenance. However, they are getting better at it as they install recycle beans all around the school.


1.) The class selection. Students can't get into classes that they need/want and it holds/may hod them back from graduating on time 2.) The Aademic Advising Office. Helping students with graduating their job, and they often neglect most responsibilties


The worst thing about my school is the lack of school spirit. There isnt a football team or any sport that allows students to get involved both on an off the field.


The worst thing about my school is that the tuition is rising and the books are expensive. Even with my scholarships and financial aid I still have to pay out of pocket for tuition and sometimes the bookstore will not buy back books because of new additions.


lack of support for greek life


The worst thing about our school is the lack of school spirit. Tampa does not have a football team so it is hard to have school spirit with such a spirited sports team not existant. However, there are many who fill our national championship winning baseball, and girls volleyball and soccer seats.


I think that in some cases class sizes are too small and the upper level courses are sometimes unavailable, making you to have to take summer classes or stay an extra semester.


I think that the worst thing about the University of Tampa is how difficult it can be sometimes to get into classes. Due to the small class sizes the classes fill up pretty quickly and it's sometimes hard to get the ones you want.


There is a very shallow atmosphere at my school. It kind of reminds me of high school, with the obvious cliques, and so much racial segregation. I also feel that the professors don't genuinely care about the success of the students. I'm unlike the majority of the student body because I'm African-American, low-income, and married with two children. Many times when I tried to explain a dilemma I may have been having to a professor, they encouraged me to simply drop their course rather than offer any type of advice on catching up.


I think the University of Tampa's reputation is very deciving and that it sets it up to be an easy party school. I am in the Business College and my classes are anything but easy. Sure, there is a great party scene in Tampa but the Business school is very serious and students cannot just breeze through.


Students have few moral values, spend there time drinking, partying, having sex. Most have too much money for their own good.


The fact that there is no football team. it is a great university to attend, however it lacks a unifying body such as a football team which makes the school spirit extremely low at UT. There are students from all over the world who come from different backgrounds, and it would be helpful to blend unify all of the different cultures by increasing school spirit with a football team.


The library does not have many resources. The professors have actually told us to go to the public library or USF library for projects.


the guidance department, it is hard to find your way


Too much administration. President and upper staff doesnt focus on interraction with students. Its a pretty small school and Ive never seen the President on Campus, nevermind heard him speak.